Can You Wash Baseball Caps In The Washing Machine?

Are baseball caps washable? Can hats go into the washing machine? How often should I wash it? Read more to know the steps of washing the baseball cap.

Yes, you can wash baseball caps in the washing machine. Baseball caps are normal cotton cloth caps that can withstand the machine wash. 

Baseball caps are everyone’s favorite, whether you wear your baseball cap for work or to play or you are hanging out with your friends to protect your face from the sun.

If you are wearing your cap regularly, you need to wash it more often as it gets sweat up!

With time your cap has started showing some dirt.

Caps made before 1983 do not have a care label. Today baseball caps are usually made up of cotton and polyester blend or cotton twill.

These fabrics are strong and usually last longer.

Baseball caps are soft caps with a rounded crown area and with a bill projecting in the front. Baseball caps are also not made up of very high-quality fabric so that they can get washed in the washing machine. Baseball caps also don’t have a very delicate shape, so they will automatically mold your head’s shape if you wear them after washing.

Ways In Which You Can Wash A Baseball Cap In The Washer

It is not that tricky to wash a baseball cap in the washing machine if you remember a few things. You can wash them without damaging them.

Put Lesser Load In The Washing Machine

Please don’t put many loads while washing your baseball cap, as it can get tangled up and get damaged. You can put on 2-3 t-shirts while washing your baseball cap in the washing machine. Please do not wash jeans or sweatshirts with your baseball caps.

Choose Normal Water Temperature And Wash Cycle

Choose a normal or cold water temperature setting on your washing machine. Use a mild detergent because hard ones can destroy the fabric of the cap. Would you please not use bleach in washing the baseball cap as it fades away the color of the cap?

Pre-Treat The Stains And Use A Fabric Softener

Pre-treat the stains if they are too dirty. Put a fabric softener along with the detergent to retain the softness of your hat.

Place The Cap Inside A Pillow Cover

You can also put your hat in a pillowcase or a mesh cloth to save it from damage. Make sure that the pillowcase is sealed well so that hat doesn’t come out of it in the middle of the washing cycle.

Air-Dry Your Hat

Always air dry your baseball hats because if you spin them in the washing machine, it can cause the shrinking of the hat.


So these are the few steps that you must keep in mind to wash your baseball cap without ruining them. Spot clean the extremely stained area with a liquid detergent diluted in the water and apply it to the stained place. To retain the shape of your hat, hang it by drying it on a  round shape bowl in the ventilated area.