Can You Wash A Blanket In A 6kg Washing Machine?

Do you need to wash your blanket, but not sure about whether you can wash it in a 6kg washing machine or not? If yes, read the full article to find that out.


Whether you can wash a blanket in a 6kg washing machine or not depends upon various factors such as the type of fabric that blanket is made of, the size of that blanket, how heavy that blanket is, etc. 

Before attempting to wash your blanket in a machine, you need to be confirmed that you can wash it in the machine as you wouldn’t want to ruin your beautiful blanket or the washing machine. 

Now, let’s get to the point, and see what’s the answer to your question. 

Is a washing machine of 6kg fine to be used for washing blankets

The answer is Yes, but make sure that the instruction label of your blanket allows you to wash it in the washing machine, and the blanket can fit appropriately into the washer. 

The size of your blanket should be such that if you put it into the drum of the washing machine, it could easily accommodate inside the machine, and also leave some extra area for the machine to work properly. Your blanket should not be too heavy to put an extra load on the washing machine. 

You should always check the instruction label of a blanket before deciding to wash it in a washing machine. If the instruction label of your blanket states that there is no problem in washing it in the washing machine then you’re good to go, but if it states otherwise then you should not wash it in the machine, and go for other ways of cleaning a blanket as stated in the instruction label. 

Points to remember while you wash your blanket in the washing machine

If you are done with all the steps of checking and ensuring that you are allowed to wash it in the machine, then here are a few points that you need to follow.

  • Use cold water as hot water can damage the fabric of the blanket, and always use a delicate cycle for the blanket.

  • Pour a very little amount of detergent into the machine. Always use mild detergent for blanket washing.

  • Put the blanket into the washer, and properly spread it for perfect washing.

  • Now, start the machine, and stop it in mid-cycle or after a complete cycle according to the fabric that your blanket is made of.

What if the blanket doesn’t fit properly into a 6kg washing machine

If a particular washing machine is not large enough to accommodate a blanket perfectly, then you shouldn’t attempt to wash the blanket in that washing machine, instead look for a  machine with a bigger drum capacity.

Overloading a washing machine can damage both the blanket and the machine, so it should be avoided.

If you have a larger or heavier blanket then you should wash it in a bigger drum capacity washing machine, which can properly accommodate it.

Always consider drum size before buying a washing machine. If you live in a large family, and usually many clothes for washing then a wa a bigger drum size washing machine would be appropriate for you, but if you live in a family with fewer members, and you need not wash many clothes, a smaller drum capacity washing machine can do the work.


I hope that this article has answered your query regarding blanket washing in a 6kg washing machine. I expect you to keep all the points in your mind before washing your blanket in the washing machine to avoid any damage to the blanket or the washing machine. 

Thank you