Can You Put Air Max 97 In The Washing Machine?

Have you ever thought of washing your Air Max 97 in your washing machine? Can washing machines wash Air max 97? To know read this blog completely.


“Oh My God! My Air Max 97 got tangled”. It can occur when you put the shoes inside a washing machine for cleaning. Certainly, washing machines are typically exerted for cleaning material that is not rigid and soft. Air Max 97 has a hard soul, and it’s made of a leather and foam mixture, which makes it harder than most other items used for washing machines.

It is of utmost importance that before you think of committing such a sort of decision of putting your Air Max 97 into the washing machine, you must carefully take a look at the instructions provided along the product to ensure the probable damages likely to happen in case the activity is initiated. If there exists such caution, then it’s better to stay off the course.

Adversities of Putting Air Max 97 in Washing Machine

If you contemplate that it will save your efforts of the hard toil of scrubbing off the hard dirt from your Air Max 97, but it can end in an unworthy result. The paddles of the washing machine can damage the layer of the shoe grievously and make the look of the shoe distorted and unattractive for its manufactured by a reputable brand.

So unless you are making a YouTube video where you scrutinize the unbelievable possibilities, you should refrain yourself and the Air Max 97 from going into the washing machine.

Requisites to Use Washing Machine for Shoe Cleaning

If you ask me if there exist any possible substitute methods of putting the Air Max 97 in the washing machine, I would say Yes. Even so, it may not be ascertained that it would not prevent the Air Max 97 from getting wrinkled or other foreseeable mutilation. It would be better if the shoes are inserted along with other soft cloth material and detergent so that the shoes can refrain from direct exposure to the machine paddles.

It is better to take off the laces of the shoe before inserting it into the washing machine because the laces can get tangled up more easily while the machine is running. Then, they can be cleaned separately.  Also, it is advisable to take out the insoles before washing because water can get squeezed into the soles, and it shall take a while to dry them up.

Most importantly, if you notice that there is too much slime or hard mushy dirt on your shoes, you must scrub that off without depending on the machine. It can make the machine dirty and the chance of water clogging the exit pipe of the machine.

This approach is not totally untethered from causing damage since the intensity at which the machine works is rigorous. Still better than coming under the direct exposure of damage, this approach is quite safe and less inadvertent. Also, putting the Air Max 97 within a cotton pillow cover and then inserting them into the machines can prove to be of utility for the purpose of cleaning the shoes without hassle.

The machine must be ascertained at a slow spin process and regulated with cold water wash, and liquid detergent is much more preferable than powder which can get dissolved properly.


So it is evident that there is a scope for using the washing machine effectively for the cleansing of Air Max 97 shoes; however, you must be aware of the possible damages which might arise in the course of the action. However, if it is properly done by ensuring the proper procedure, it might be effective.