Can We Wash The Blanket In The Washing Machine?

The first question that pops into each person who tries to purchase a washing machine is, “how to wash a blanket with that?” Usually, people consider that Blanket should only be washed by hand, but in reality, most washing machines are designed for washing such heavy blankets. 

Cleaning a rugged blanket can be pretty exhausting since its weight increases triple the time after being soaked in the water. So having a machine do the job instead of Hansa will be relieving and beneficial for most people. Some people even go to the lengths of dry cleaning their blankets since it might be difficult for them to hand wash. 

So to solve such issues, modern-day machines have been introduced into the market with the ability to wash blankets. Unless it is an electric blanket, you can wash any type and model using your exclusive washing machine. But before washing, there are certain things that you need to do to perform. This will allow you to maintain the machine’s quality and wash the Blanket thoroughly without any dirt. 

The capacity of the washing machine 

The first thing that you need to take care of is the capacity of the machine. When using a heavy blanket, it should be placed within a machine with at least 7 kg. Only then it will allow the drums to rotate freely without affecting the quality. 

There are various blankets, and some of them are light while some of them are thick enough. So always go for a machine that is 7 kg or more because anything less than it will not provide good quality. So if you are looking forward to using a machine for washing your Blanket, ensure that it is of a good capacity. 

Blanket mode 

Each clothing item requires the care they need. When using a blanket, you should ensure that the machine is used as a vital mode for washing them to remove all the tough stains and dirt present within them.

For example, washing a blanket in baby mode will not be suitable since they use soft washing techniques. But your rugged Blanket requires as much roughness as it can get and hence is sure that the machine you are purchasing has a blanket mode. Specific machines also have a robust mode instead of the blanket board, which can also be suitable. You can also go for jeans and hard clothing items mode. Whatever you do, select a proper mode before washing your blankets. 

Wash, spin and dry 

One of the main requirements of washing a blanket is soaking time. Each Blanket should be soaked for at least 15 to 20 minutes in stop water to remove the solid particles present within the internal layers. So when you are using a machine with proper soaking time, your blanket output will be sound. 

Purchase a machine that has a good soak, wash, spin and dry ode for better result. Some devices try to skip the soak mode. If that’s the case, you can always switch off the machine when the water fills in for the initial time. This will offer the soak time but has to be done manually. 

Whatever technique you use for washing your blankets, make sure that it is effective and allows you to maintain a good and clean environment. All the blankets can be washed in modern-day machines, and sometimes even the old missions have specific modes suitable for that. So, in reality, by following all the features mentioned above, you can wash your blankets in your machine with the same cleanliness as the hand wash offers.