Can We Use Bore Water For Washing Machines?

Bore water is hard water with high mineral solvents; hence, it can damage your washing machine and your clothes when you use bore water in your washing machines. Normally we should use soft water in our washing machines, but due to the pollution and increase of heat, water has been scarce from which as a result, we are only getting hard water for our home use.

Borewell water can damage our clothes in the long run. Due to the high scarcity, the color of the clothes may fade. They can shrink and even get torn. Hard water or bore water contains a high amount of salt, which can settle any place in your machine, making your washing machine dirtier day by day until it spoils.

Using bore water in the washing machine can damage both the washing machine and the clothes. But nowadays, when we don’t have many options, we should always take precautions: if you are using the bore water, you must use a fabric softener to protect your clothes. You can also invest in washing machines which can withstand the bore water. As we know, today technology is at its high, so we have washing machines with numerous settings and modes which can convert hard water into soft water.

Some washing machines can automatically convert bore water into soft water. While some washing machines have magnets in them to convert bore water into soft water, the magnets can absorb the minerals and unwanted crystals and dissolve them to make the water soft. 

Bore water can clog the drains of your washing machine and damage the resin beds, so keeping this in mind, either you should thoroughly clean your washing machine at regular intervals, or you can switch to the latest technology washing machines which can either convert or withstand the borewell water.