Can We Run Washing Machines On Inverters?

As we all know, inverters are devices that convert DC ( Direct Current) power into AC (Alternating Current ) power.

So, the answer is Yes! But with few exceptions.

Make sure to buy an inverter according to your usage, like using a laptop, charging a mobile, or using a toaster.

You can’t run all these appliances together when there is no power this way, and you’ll exhaust your inverter battery within a nick of time.

Before running a washing machine, keep in mind what size of inverter you need to run a washing machine. You should not select a cheaper inverter with less Watts.

As washing machines are frequently used household items; and they are known for their extensive energy use.

It would be best if you run it on an average of 30 minutes a day.

If your inverter is only 250 Watt, you will surely damage your inverter and the appliances.

A washing machine usually takes 2200 Watts to run. So you should check the Wattage rating label of your inverter as it lists the appliances with their Wattage requirement.

Modern washing machines are compatible with inverters but do not load them fully to run as they require more energy.

If your inverter is 3000 Watt, you don’t want your machine to get burned or the inverter to get drained.

You can run many household appliances on a 3000 Watt inverter. Make sure not to run other things while running a washing machine.

So keeping the load within limits will not affect other appliances.

Keeping a 3000 Watt inverter can run an appliance with a heap of around 2400-2500 Watt.

In some cases, you can’t run your washing machine on an inverter like some old model machines, which takes a heavy start.

I’ll explain some of the modern machine types and their power consumption below:

  1. 6.5 kg of Simpson Ezi takes only 106 Wh on one full load.
  2. 7.5 kg of Fischer and Paykel Smart Drive Excellence takes 140Wh for one full load and 80 Wh for a smaller load.
  3. 5 kg of LG -Model Fuzzy Logic t takes 36 Wh for a smaller load and 54Wh on a big load.

Inverter Technology in Washing Machines

Each year washing machines are coming up with upgraded technology now it has come up with a feature of inverter technology.

Do not get confused that Inverter technology means you can wash your clothes during a power cut on an inverter. No, that is not what an inverter washing machine is. It doesn’t run on your home inverter.

 Inverter technology specifically means that the machine will take less energy to start, the accelerator will go slow, and easy will only take a significant amount of energy.

On the other hand, a conventional washing machine takes up more power to start. Even for a small load or a big load, it runs on the same power.

Inverter technology washing machines help in optimizing the energy power. It reduces the noise and vibration of the machine.

The inverter washing machines work on the sensors and will let you know when the load is more. Thus, an inverter washing machine is better than a conventional washing machine.