Can I Wash Wool Blankets In The Washing Machine?

It all depends on what the instruction label says, if the manufacturer has mentioned that it’s machine washable then you can surely wash it in the washing machine, if not then you should go for any other type of washing such as dry cleaning or washing it with your hands. 

Either way, it is very important to handle and wash your wool blanket cautiously to avoid any damage or harm to the blanket.

Generally, blankets do not need regular washing, but washing them once in a while is important. Cleaning or washing a wool blanket is necessary to eliminate all the dust and microbes that have been residing on it for quite some time.

However, if you don’t want to wash your wool blankets or don’t have time for washing it, then you can just agitate the blanket and hang it on in open air or open space, that could help you a little.

If you want to properly wash your wool blanket then after agitating it and leaving it for some time in the open air, brush the blanket with a soft bristle brush and a light hand to get rid of incorporated dust particles.

The next step towards proper washing of wool blankets is to treat the stains that are there on the blanket. You need to treat the stains before tossing the blanket into the washing machine for better cleaning and good results.

Now, you need to drench the blanket in cold water with a wool friendly detergent for some time. You shouldn’t use warm water as it may cause the wool to shrink. 

After that, set the washing cycle to a delicate cycle and wash the blanket for some time. After completing the washing cycle and rinsing the blanket properly. Roll the wool blanket into a soft towel to remove all the excess water from the blanket.

The last step is to keep the blanket in open air for air drying, but don’t put it into direct sunlight as it would damage the blanket. Also do not try to dry the blanket with a dryer or denying the machine as it would be harmful for the blanket.

If the instruction label on your blanket advises you to not wash it in the washing machine, then you should give it for dry cleaning or you can ask the professionals who have experience in washing wool blankets to handle the same.

It’s always better to stick by the instructions that come with your blanket as crossing it can cause some damage to your favourite wool blanket.

After proper cleaning and drying your wool blanket, if you are not using it daily, you can just store it in a place that is humidity-free and pests free, and also put your blanket in a protective bag which can provide an extra protection layer to your wool blanket. 

In addition, there are several ways to keep your wool blanket pests free and smell free, you can search out for those ways and give them a try, which might make storing your wool blanket even more manageable.

It’s very important to give a proper wash and to store your wool blanket properly, to enhance its shelf life and keep it damage-free. 

I hope now you got your answer and you know how to wash your wool blanket without causing any damage to it. I would advise you to keep all the above-mentioned points in your mind before washing your wool blanket and try to follow all the points mentioned in the instruction label as well.

All the best!