Can I Wash Upholstery Fabric In The Washing Machine?

Washing upholstery fabric in the washing machine can cause this to your machine, or it will make your fabric look like this. Read more to know.

Yes, you can wash some types of upholstery fabrics in the washing machine. It depends upon the fabric’s material and whether they can separate from the furniture or not. There are different fabrics in the market. In some, water can get used, and some are meant to be cleaned by solvents or by vacuum cleaners.

Upholstery fabric is a kind of fabric that covers your furniture and gives it a more classy look. Upholstery fabric does get dirty as people sit on them. Spots occur on the fabric as kids spill various materials on the fabric. There is a need for them to get cleaned so that they don’t get too dirty. Some upholstery fabric can’t get separated, like cushion cases, bedsheets, and some sofa covers. These you can wash in the washer without any hassle, but the sofa covers or ottoman covers that can’t get separated should be washed differently.

Ways To Wash Upholstery Fabric In The Washing Machine

You can wash this fabric in the washer by keeping in mind these few things:

Pre-Treat The Dust

Pretreat the hard stains on the upholstery fabric first, or if you have a vacuum cleaner, you can also use a vacuum cleaner to dust off the extra dirt from the fabric.

Toss It In The Washing Machine

Then you can put it in the washing machine, do not put a lot of load in the washing machine as that will damage the fabric.

Do Not Use Hot Water

You must use cold to warm water to wash the upholstery fabric but never use hot water as hot water will damage the cloth and lose its fuzziness.

Use A Mild Detergent

Use a mild soap or stain remover because the hard ones will lighten the upholstery fabric, and select a gentle and short cycle for washing the upholstery fabric because that will not damage the fabric.

Air Dry

Always air dry the upholstery fabric because spinning them in the washing machine can cause tearing, and the fabric may shrink if spun in the dryer.


So these are some proper ways in which you can wash your upholstery fabric. For the fabrics which are not separable from the furniture, you will have to go the other way because obviously, you can not fit a sofa in the washing machine as it will destroy your washing machine.