Can I Wash Suits In a Washing Machine?

Suits should be dry cleaned as they have sensitive fabric and inner linings, which can get damaged if you wash them in the washing machine as in a regular washing machine, clothes get crumpled and tangled with each other. Plus, if you give your suits for dry cleaning, your suits will get washed with various cleaning solvents such as high-quality detergents and even some petroleum solvents. The dry cleaners use the product, keeping in mind the material of your suit. These steps are not on mind if you are washing it at your home by yourself as you won’t have the products that would match the ones with dry cleaners. 

As everyone understands that in this pandemic and lockdown, most services are not available, so that leaves you with only one option: to wash your suits by yourself. Now it is not impossible to wash your suit by yourself, you can, but there are some do’s and don’ts you should keep in your mind while washing them in your washing machine. Some of them are discussed below, and you should follow them to keep your suits in good condition. 

There are several layers of construction in your suit that will get destroyed if you wash it in the machine.


There are various things you should keep in mind while washing your suit by yourself, such as:

  1. Insert your suit inside out in the washing machine; in this way, you will avoid getting the fabric torn, and it will come out as new as just brought.
  2. Do not put other clothes along with your suit, and you should do this to avoid tangling the clothes and maintain the proper color of your suit. 
  3. You must select the gentlest mode of washing on your washing machine as suits are very gentle and they can get damaged if they are washed harshly.
  4. Choose a mild detergent as the strong one can damage the fabric of your suit.
  5. Do not spin your suit in the washing machine, and you should always let it dry outside in less sunlight. 
  6. Choose the short washing cycle, let’s say like 30 minutes.
  7. Always wash your suit with normal water, don’t use hot water as it can fade the color of your suit.
  8. Take your suit out of the washing machine as soon as the washing ends, don’t let it be in the washing machine for much time.


  1. There are things which you should avoid while washing your suit in the washing machine. 
  2. Such as you should avoid using old washing machines as there may be rust in those machines. 
  3. The fabric may develop unwanted rags, and also the fabric may shrink, which will only result in damage to your suit. The choice of your detergent, washing machine setting, water temperature should always be kept in mind. 
  4. The suits must go to the dry cleaners, but if you are washing your suit in the washing machine yourself, you should keep the above points in your mind to avoid any damage.