Can I Wash Shower Curtain In The Washing Machine?

Washing your dirty shower curtains is easy and simple. Do not worry. I will tell you the quick ways to wash your shower curtains at home. Read more to know.

Yes, a shower curtain can get washed in the washing machine. Shower curtains exist in different types of qualities such as cloth, plastic, and nets, now. For shower curtains, mostly all types of them can be washed in the washing machine. 

A shower curtain is a one-piece curtain that is hung near the showering area. It gets dirty by time as it goes through steam, water splashes, and it also develops soap scum at the bottom of its length as the bottom remains in the water for a long time. If they are not washed for a long time, they can catch fungus due to moisture, affecting your hygiene on many levels. It can also cause skin diseases, so that is why you need to wash shower curtains once a month.

Cleaning Of Cloth Shower Curtain In The Washing Machine

You can see washcloth shower curtains like this:

Empty The Load

Wash the shower curtain alone with no load in the washing machine so that the shower curtain does not get damaged.

Use Hot Water

You can use hot water to clean them because this shower curtain can withstand washing with hot water.

Do Not Use Bleach

Please do not use any bleach in washing the cloth shower curtain as it will fade away the color of your curtain. Use a softener while washing the curtain to retain its soft texture.

Prefer Gentle Cycle

Prefer washing on a gentle cycle and wash it for a short time.

Air Dry

Air Dry them because spinning them in the washing machine can cause damage to them.

Cleaning Of Plastic Shower Curtain In The Washing Machine

Mostly, the procedure is the same, but you need to keep in mind a few important things like:

Do Not Use Hot Water

Make sure not to use hot water while washing plastic shower curtains in the washing machine because hot water can melt the plastic of the curtain, which will harm not only your curtain but also the washing machine.

Put Some Clothes

It would help if you put some clothes like towels etc. along with your plastic curtains now what these towels will do is that they will scrub the curtain so that it gets cleaned easily.

Air Dry

You can air dry them, or you can hang them in their usual place. They will get dry easily.


Here are some ways to wash both your cloth type and plastic type of shower curtain. They should be cleaned once a month to get rid of the soap scum and dirt from them.