Can I Wash My Gucci Bag In The Washing Machine?

Different fabrics or materials have different washing requirements, so whether it’s washable in the washing machine or not depends on the fabric or material your Gucci bag is made of. 

Can you wash your Gucci bag in the washing machine?

I won’t suggest you risk washing such expensive bags in the washing machine. It would be a wise decision if you would choose not to wash your Gucci bag in the washing machine.

But, cleaning once in a while is necessary to keep your bag free from dirt, dust, or microbes. A good bag needs good care to last longer and to be in good condition.

Now, the question is if you can’t wash your Gucci bag in the machine, then how should you wash it? Let’s find that out.

How should you wash your Gucci bag?

As I mentioned before, different materials or fabrics have their specific washing instructions or requirements and those instructions should be followed while washing them to avoid any damage. Gucci bags have mainly three types of materials and those are Canva, Fabric, and Leather. Let’s see how you can clean those Gucci Bags having these three types as their material. 

The first one is Gucci bags having Canva as their material, for cleaning such bags you need to moisten a cloth with mild soap plus water solution, and then softly remove the soap from the bag. After cleaning, take another piece of cloth to dry the bag.

Another material that is widely used in the Gucci bag is Fabric. For bags with such material, take a brush with soft bristles, a sponge, and a mild soap water solution. Wash the bag softly to avoid any damage to the bag. After removing all the dirt, dust, or any stain from the bag, leave the bag for some time to dry.

Another type of Gucci bags have leather as their material and what you need is to keep those bags away from the water and avoid any chemical or anything that is not approved of use for leathers. What you can do is search out for a cleanser that is specifically for leathers and could not cause any harm to your bag.

If you want you can also attempt to wash your Gucci leather bag with a solution of water plus dishwasher using a cloth, and then clean the soap solution and dry the leather bag with another soft piece of cloth.

Try to wash the bags as softly as you can, and always use smooth cloths to avoid any scratch or tear on the bag.

Another important point to take care of is to always dry the bag properly after cleaning it. Never leave it without drying or with incomplete drying as it may damage the bag.

In addition, you need to make sure that you properly empty all the pockets and pouches of your bag before attempting to wash it to avoid any risk of damage to your products or the bag.

How to store Gucci bags after washing

After cleaning and drying the bag properly, what you can do is, store it in a bag or something if you are not using it regularly, doing so would prevent it from dust or dirt, and try to store it in a humidity-free location.

You can also remove all your stuff from the bag and then store it to avoid any odor or smell in the bag.


If you don’t wanna risk washing your Gucci bag at home, you can ask professionals who have some experience in washing luxury bags to wash your bag and you’re done.

I hope this answer would help you in having some idea about washing Gucci bags properly, and what things to avoid when washing such bags.