Can I Wash Hats In The Washing Machine?

Yes you can wash your hat. Here you will get to know the Steps to wash hats in the washing machine. Easy way to wash all types of hats without harming them.

If you are a hat junkie, you might have had this question in your head: can I wash my hat in the washing machine? After wearing all your fancy hats, what’s the answer to this? 

Yes, you can wash hats in the washing machine but remember there are exceptions with everything.

Hats That Can Be Washed In A Washing Machine.

Hats do come in a lot of different shapes and a variety of fabrics. From these varieties, some you can wash in the washing machine, and for some, you will have to go a different way. 

Cotton Hats:

You can wash the normal, that’s, or baseball hats in the wine as they are not that delicate. They often get cleaned easily, and also cotton is a tough fiber that can withstand machine wash.

Bandana Hats:

Bandanas can be washed in the washing machine as it is just a simple piece of cloth with not much expensive fabric.

Bucket Hats:

Bucket hats can also be washed in the washing machine as their fabric is not delicate, and they can also remain in their original shape after the wash.

Hats You Should Never Wash In The Washing Machine:

Some hats are a bit more delicate, and their shape can get ruined if you wash them in the washing machine.


It would be best to wash berets in the washing machine because berets have a very delicate shape and are woolen, and their shape gets damaged very easily.

Straw Hats

Don’t wash straw hats in the washing machine because it will ruin your hat.

Wool Hats

Choose not to wash wool and hand-knitted hats in the washing machine because it will stretch the wool, fade the color and destroy the hat’s shape. Wool hats are meant to be washed by hands so that they don’t get damaged. 

Proper Ways To Wash Hats In The Washing Machine.

If you are going to wash your hat in the washing machine, then there is a proper way to do it, even if they are washable hats.

If you follow these simple steps, then you can wash your hat properly without ruining them. 

  1. Wash your hat with less load in the washing machine because if there are more clothes, then the hat can get tangled up, and that can ruin the hat.

  2. If the hat is too dirty, you can first wash them in the tub by hand and then in the washing machine. 

  3. Use a softener while washing a hat in the washing machine because it will retain the smooth fabric of the hat.

  4. Choose the normal water temperature mode on the washing machine because hot water can damage the cloth and shape of your hat.

  5. You can choose the washing cycles which are of short duration so that the hat does not go round and round in the washing machine for no reason.

  6. Select a soft detergent that is not bleached. The ones with bleach will fade the color of your hat.

  7. Put your hat on a pillow cover so that it won’t get much damaged. 

  8. Ensure the pillow cover is sealed well so that the heat does not come out of it in the middle of the cycle.

  9. Air dry your hat because spinning them in the washing machine can cause damage to their quality.

So, now that you have an idea of how to wash your hat in the washing machine the correct way, you can go and give it a try without worrying. These steps will let your hats remain in the same condition as new ones.