Can I Wash Converse In A Washing Machine?

Can I put my converse in the washing machine? What will happen if you will put bleach while washing your white converse? Read more to know the steps of washing converse.

We are not going to throw our favorite pair of converse after the mud splash! When they are white, it is more concerning to remove their dirt as the converse easily catches up the dirt. It’s time to clean up your converse shoes to give them a new look again. I have the easiest way for you to wash your converse in the washing machine.

Yes, you can wash your converse in the washing machine with these easy steps without damaging your shoes or the washing machine.

Precautions To Be Taken Before Placing Your Converse In  The Washing Machine

Please remove The Shoelaces

Do not put the loose laces along with the converse inside the washing machine, as it will get tangled. Tie the shoelace in one shoe’s eyelet or put them in the net bag to get washed properly along with the shoes.

Brush Off The Excess Dirt

Do not place the muddy converse directly into the washing machine. Completely dry them check to remove any grass or stones in the shoes. Brush off the dirt before placing them in the washing machine, as the dirt will clog your washing machine.

Pretreat The Stains On Converse

Suppose you have hard stains on the converse like oil or food, mud, anything, use stain remover or a washing detergent. Take any piece of cloth applies the stain remover on that, and gently rub on the stains. Or you can use a toothbrush dipped in a detergent and brush off the stained area; it’s the quickest way to remove the stains.

Place Your Converse In The Mesh Cloth

It’s better to place your converse in the mesh cloth or a soft pillow cover before placing them into the washing machine, as it will protect your shoes from any damage during the wash.

Do Not Put Bleach While Washing

Bleaching your converse will fade their color. If it is white, it will turn yellow, and it may damage your converse. 

Wash Converse Separately

And do not wash converse with other clothes. Washing alone the converse as washing it with other clothes will dirty your other clothes and will increase the load. You can just place a towel with your converse.

Steps To Wash Your Converse In The Washing Machine

  1. Select a gentle cycle to wash your converse.
  2. If the converse is extremely dirty, then you can choose the warm water cycle. Else it’s completely fine to wash converse in a cold water cycle. Please do not use hot water to wash converse shoes.
  3. Do not exceed the water temperature above 40 degrees C. Hot water might sound a good idea, but it will loosen up the glue of your shoes.
  4. Take one scoop of detergent to wash off your converse shoes. A normal washing detergent will work on converse.
  5. Air dry them naturally. Do not tumble dry your converse.


You can wash your converse shoes in the washing machine. Keeping all the above steps in mind will increase the life of your shoes without damaging them. You can often wash your converse monthly or quarterly and do not dry them in the direct sunlight as it will loosen up the glue or may shrink. Allow them 24 hours to get dry completely in a dry ventilated place.