Can I Wash Comforter in Washing Machine?

Comforters are a part of regular lives, nothing can make you more comfortable than your own bed and your own comforter, but your comforter needs to be clean and fresh, for you to have a good nap or to feel relaxed.

However, it’s not necessary to wash your comforter daily like you wash your other clothes, 2-3 wash a year can do the work. A good wash of the comforter can remove all the dirt and dust that might irritate your skin or disturb your sleep.

Now, the most important question is can you wash the comforter in the washing machine? 

The answer is Yes, you can wash your comforter in the washing machine, but make sure it is not mentioned in the label of your comforter to clean it only through the dry cleaner. 

Some fabrics have specific requirements for washing and if that includes only being washed through dry cleaning, then you shouldn’t attempt to wash those comforters or fabrics in the washing machine. Generally, it is mentioned on the instruction label of those comforters. If the instruction label states any specificity about washing in the washing machine, then follow them as well. 

Cleaning the Comforter in the washing machine is simple and convenient, and it is not very different from washing clothes in the washing machine. 

However, you need to ensure that the washing machine that you are going to use to wash the comforter should be of appropriate size, it should have some extra space after putting the comforter into it to have perfect washing. 

It would be nice and better if you put the comforter alone in the washing machine and not with any other cloth or fabric,  to get better results after washing the comforter. 

You also need to take care of any stain or tear that is there on the comforter. It would be prudent of you to remove any stain that is there on the comforter with a stain remover before putting it into the washing machine. To impede the further tearing of your comforter you need to take care of any tear on the comforter too prior to machine washing. 

Use the right type of detergent to clean the comforter and set the washing cycle to gentle. Kindly do not use very harsh detergent containing harmful chemicals or ingredients to wash the Comforter to avoid any damage. Furthermore, please ensure that you are using water at an appropriate temperature to wash your comforter as it is mentioned in its instruction label. Follow all the instructions of washing given on the instruction label of your comforter, as different fabrics have different requirements. 

After complete washing, put your comforter into the dryer and then give it some time to get completely dry, and remember like the washing machine should have extra space after putting the comforter into it, the dryer should have that extra space too to work properly,  and try to ensure the even drying of your comforter. 

Dry the comforter at a particular temperature specified on the instruction label for a particular amount of time. You can put a tennis ball into the dryer,  it will help in ensuring even drying of the comforter and you can also try fluffing the comforter several times in between the drying cycle to achieve perfect drying of the comforter. 

Now, after cleaning and drying your comforter, you can take a nap in the clean and fresh comforter, or you can just relax a bit after a busy day. 

I hope you got the answer to your question and also got an idea about how to wash your comforter and what are the things that you need to consider while washing the comforter. 

All the best!