Can I Wash A Tent In A Washing Machine?

After your camping, your tent got dirty and stinky, time to wash it, do not think to wash it in the washing machine; otherwise, it will cause this. Please read it.

No, a tent should not get washed in the washing machine as it is made of mesh cloth, which is why you should wash it by hand.

After a long camping trip, the tent might get very dirty as every camping site has dirt and sand around it, so there is a need to wash the tent to clean it. You can not wash a tent in the washing machines no matter how dirty it is, and a tent is meant to be washed by hand so that it doesn’t get spoiled.

Drawbacks Of Washing Tents In The Washing Machine

There are several drawbacks of washing tent in the washing machine, such as:

  1. The tent can tear down if you wash it in the washing machine.
  2. The tent is very big, so it might be a hassle to wash in the washing machine.
  3. The tent has little wires and rods to keep them secure, and it’s quite impossible to wash them in the washing machine.
  4. If you spin the tent in the washing machine, then it will tear and shrink.

Proper Steps To Wash Tent

If you wash a tent in the washing machine, it will surely damage the tent as the tent’s fabric is very delicate and thin, and it will be good for the tent if you wash it like this. 

These are few things that you should keep in mind:

Take Out The Dirt From The Tent

First, take a broom and dust out the tent. Take the dust in the dustpan from the floor. Grab the sides of the tent and shake the fabric to remove the extra dust from it. Brush off the bottom of the tent by lifting it from your hand.

Wash The Tent Thoroughly

Fill a bucket with cold water and non-detergent soap. Take a soft rag and dip it in the soap solution. Then gently wash the sides, inside, outside, and the floor of the tent.

What To Do If The Tent Has Mildew?

If your tent has mildew, then clean it with an enzyme-based odor remover so that all that mildew gets away.

Dry And Disassemble

Dry the tent away from the direct sunlight. Disassemble your tent and hang it on a clothesline to make sure that the bottom of the tent is dried completely. Pack your tent only when all equipment is dry. Please place it in a cool and dry place to avoid mildew from growing on your clean outdoor bungalow.


So now you get an idea that you should never wash a tent in the washing machine as it will surely ruin it and you won’t be able to take it to your next camping site. It would help if you washed your tent by hand to protect it from mildew and different types of fungus. Also, place it where there is no moisture and dust.

It would help if you washed your tent, keeping in mind these few things to save it from any damage. These steps will keep your tent new, and you will be able to take them camping for a longer time. You will not have to invest in any other tent if you take care of the one you have right now.