Can I Keep a Washing Machine In the Bathroom?

Can I put my machine in the bathroom? Where I can place my washing machine? Best places in the house to place your washing machine. Read More to know.

I would say No. Bathroom is not a place to place your washing machine there.

As the bathroom is mostly steamy and potentially damp, which is never good for electronics.

For instance, if you place your washing machine in the bathroom, then it will erode your washing machine as in the bathroom. Only water does its work.

Drawbacks Of Placing A Washing Machine In The Bathroom.

There are several drawbacks of placing a washing machine in the bathroom, such as:

  1. If the bathroom is on the second floor and the washing machine floods it with water, the room’s ceiling below will get damaged. 

  2. A bathroom is a place where everyone works with water, so keeping an electrical appliance there will increase the danger of short circuits.

  3. Children also go to the bathroom, and if they touch the washing machine with wet hands, they can get a shock.

  4. If you have a small bathroom, it can get congested if you keep the washing machine there.

  5. Usually, when the washing machine drains the water, it goes everywhere in the bathroom, and sometimes you can slip and cause an injury.

  6. It becomes a hassle to find an electric socket as normally there are no electric sockets in the bathroom for safety purposes.

  7. Keeping the washing machine in the bathroom can corrode your washing machine as in the bathroom, the machine will get the water splashed on its surface almost every time.

  8. The elderly can also bump in the washing machine while in the bathroom, and that will cause them pain.

  9. The washing machine can also get imbalanced if the floor of your bathroom is not even.

Where Should You Place Your Washing Machine? 

Now, the first thought which comes to our mind is the cooking area. Yes, usually people consider the kitchen to place their washing machine because the kitchen has proper shelves for everything so that you can fit your washing machine on one of those shelves with a proper drainage system. Keeping the washing machine in the kitchen will also secure it in one place that means your machine won’t lose its place even if it gets a little imbalanced.

You can also keep your washing machine outside your bathroom so that you can easily create a drainage system and have access to all the toiletries. Or you can even place your washing machine in the galleries, which are normally present outside your bathrooms. 

Hey! You can also place your washing machine in the pantry it’s a good option to keep washing machines if you have two of them, then you can carve out the vertical space in the pantry and place one washing machine on top of the other. 

Many city apartments come with hallways, where usually people don’t keep much stuff, so that’s also a good place to keep your washing machine because no one will disturb them over there. 

You can also get a cabinet made inside which you can keep your washing machine, that will also add a beautiful element to your home and won’t look like the washing machines are kept in the middle of the house.

Some people even separate one whole room for the washing machine and call it the laundry room. They put washing machines, all necessary toiletries, ironing tables, and rods to dry their clothes, so this option is available. 

So, now that you have read this, you may have gotten a little idea of where and where not to keep your washing machines. Keep these things in your mind and do the right thing.