Can Fleas Live In A Vacuum Cleaner?

Fleas are notorious insects that can cause massive damage and itchiness when they try to bite you. The common question among people is if they can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. This article will clear your doubts about cleaning fleas using a vacuum cleaner without any other extra chemicals.

No, the fleas can not live in a vacuum cleaner. Fleas are ordinary insects that are well known for living in beds and other parts of your home. They survive by consuming your blood, and these insects are often co wandered to be a form of disturbance. They are usually squashed or destroyed by insecticides. Among the various techniques available, we are now going to look at how the vacuum cleaner’s performance will be in case of a flea infestation and how you can do it by yourself.

Among the multiple techniques used for clearing out flea infestation. Vacuum cleaners are devices that are used for or absorbing the dust particles present in your home. Along with the dust, they also can absorb small insects like ants and fleas. If you are suffering from a heavy infestation, vacuum cleaners can be your aid. They are the best choice to remove such pests present within the room without chemicals. The vacuum cleaner uses serious suction power for absorbing the fleas. The corners of the brushes used in the accessories, along with the suction power, will immediately kill the fleas. 

Unlike ants, these fleas cannot be ignored since they absorb your blood and they can multiply within a short time. When there is a massive infestation, you cannot kill everything by hand, and using insecticides might be a bit inorganic. So to make it easier and quicker, the best option is the vacuum cleaner.  

The brushes used in the accessories are commonly light. But the external structures of the fleas are so poor that they cannot bear to survive their attack. So once they enter the pump, they die. They cannot live in a poor environment, and they need regular food to survive. So even if one or two survive, they might die within the cleaner filter. 


When compared to the bed bugs, these fleas can be easily absorbed by a vacuum cleaner. The insects are lighter and can be easily killed. So if you are planning on cleaning, follow these steps for good hygiene. 

  • Cover and block the area of infestation.  Later use your Vacuum Cleaner with the maximum suction power possible. This will ensure that the power of the cleaner will kill the fleas immediately on contact. After cleaning the entire area, remove the filter bag and dispose of them.
  • If you have any old filters, use them in your Vacuum Cleaner so that you can discard the bag immediately after cleaning. 
  • Unlike bed bugs, they do not live within the filter for a long time. So all you need to do is discard the dust particles into garbage directly rather than keeping them at home. Since most of them die when being absorbed, you do not have the reinfestation issue. But still, it is better to be safer. 

Since most of them die immediately after contact, you need not worry about them. There is no need for you to line the filter with insecticide or any other pesticides. A simple vacuum will be enough and maintain the infected area by constantly spraying insecticides for at least a month. Vacuum cleaners can be an easy solution for people who do not wish to use chemical pesticides and remain organic. They are both natural and hygienic without causing any allergic reaction.