Can Fleas Escape Vacuum Cleaners?

The fleas are insects that can affect the hygiene of the home environment. Some people prefer using high-quality vacuum cleaners for cleaning their infestation. So let us now discuss the possibilities of such effective cleaning.

No, the fleas cannot escape the vacuum cleaner. These are some of the common doubts faced by the people in relation to and we have answered it for you. Getting your house infected by small insects is quite common, and among them, certain insects like fleas, bed bugs and ants are pretty persistent. 

Even though hiring an infestation control contractor will be the first Instinct for most people, the best option is to clean them by yourself if the area is small. Among the various techniques, cleaning using a vacuum cleaner is quite common. But using a vacuum cleaner is not relatively easy, and there are specific challenges you need to face. Among the multiple questions available, one of the most common questions is if the flea can escape the vacuum cleaner after the cleaning process. 

As mentioned before, it cannot escape. Let us make one thing clear. The fleas are very fragile insects, and they cannot survive the section of the vacuum cleaner. Along with the suction, when you use a brush for cleaning the infestation, then the fleas will automatically die by contacting the hard layered brushes. 

Very few of them make it out alive with the vacuum cleaner. But the environment within the vacuum cleaner is pretty much closed, and it makes it difficult for the fleas to live for a long time. So even if they are stuck in any part of the vacuum cleaner, they might die immediately. 

Usually, you can remove almost all of the fleas present in the infected area when you use a vacuum cleaner. But sometimes, there might be a constant recurrence of the issues due to eggs and other minor bugs that the vacuum cleaner might not attract. To avoid it altogether, the best option is to use pesticides or insecticides to clean the infected area thoroughly. Using petrol for wiping the site or any other alcohol will also remove the infected part. 

Some people prefer going organic since they are allergic to the pesticides available in the market. Under such conditions using a vacuum cleaner can be quite effective. But before using them, there are specific steps that you need to follow, and let us now take a look at them. 

Lock the area that is infected entirely from the other rooms of the house. For example, if your bedroom is infested, please lock the bedroom doors and the gaps below the doors and windows. Once everything is sealed off completely, you can directly use the vacuum cleaner for removing the fleas available in various parts of the rooms.

After cleaning the infected area, make sure to clean the entire room to show that there isn’t any single particle left. Once everything is swept off completely, you can buy the room surface with a disinfectant solution or alcoholic solution. This will ensure that any lagging fleas within the room will die. 

After a complete cleaning, you can open the room and keep it aerated for a few hours. Similarly, if you have used pesticides or any other chemical for removing the infection, make sure to keep the room open for at least 24 hours and then re-clean the affected area with hot water to remove the excess pesticides. But instead of wasting your time and money, you can easily clean everything using a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is the best organic technique available that can make your cleaning process easier and quicker.