What Is A Low Shank Sewing Machine?

What is a low shank sewing machine

Have you found yourself in the situation where you wanted to use a specific sewing foot and realize that it is not compatible with your machine? It is a common scenario to happen because of the shank of the sewing machine. While most high shanks are high shank machines are incompatible with a variety of presser feet available, a low shank machine is something you need to change your sewing machine foot to work on different projects from time to time. 

Low shank sewing machine

A low shank sewing machine comes with a smaller rod between the presser foot and the attachment screw. The length of the low shank sewing machine is approximately a three-fourth inch, and it offers many options to hobbyists when it comes to changing the foot. There are also plenty of foot options for low shank machines, so if you are a designer, tailor, or a hobbyist and want to invest in a good sewing machine, it is better if you consider a low shank sewing machine from a well-renowned brand. A low shank sewing machine is also a valuable tool for beginners because of its high and flexible, versatile techniques.

Difference between a low shank and high shank sewing machine

If you would like to understand the difference between both high shank and a low shank sewing machine, you need to understand what does shank means. Well, a shank is a metal rod in your machine that holds the presser foot. In a low shank sewing machine, the rod is small; this is why the distance between the attachment screw and presser foot is just about 3/4th inch or even less while a high shank machine has a rod of 1 inch or more. This is true that some machines with the latest designs have omitted shank in their design. 

Types of sewing feet in the low shank sewing machine

If you are looking for sewing feet in the low shank sewing machine, here is the plethora of sewing feet in a low shank sewing machine for various purposes.

  • Zipper foot

You can use a zipper foot if you want to sew closely to the zipper coils. Indeed, you’ll get a neat appearance with an improved zipper function. 

  • Buttonhole foot

The buttonhole foot will help you to repeat the pattern quickly and help to keep the buttonhole in proper shape and size similar throughout the project.

  • Blind Hem Foot

A blind hem foot comes in handy if you try to create a nearly invisible hemline for dresses, garments, or skirts.

  • Jeans foot

This type of foot allows you to sew rigid materials like corduroy and denim with ease.

  • Piping foot

If you want to create neat piping at the edges of your fabric, a piping foot will allow you to do that. Piping can be done at the neckline, sleeves, and hem.

  • Darning foot

As the name suggests, a darning foot helps to darn a torn fabric. This type of foot is designed to stitch tight, delicate stitches to help you save fabric from going into the dustbin. 

The above listed are a few essential presser feet that you can use with your low shank sewing machine. There are, however, uncountable types of the foot that come in handy for different scenarios but the above listed are the most compatible ones with low shank sewing machines.

Benefits of using low shank sewing machines

Now when the low shank sewing machines are most common for regular use, especially at homes, you will find the most brands sell low shank sewing machines in the market. But before you purchase a low shank machine, know its benefits so that you’ll get a better and comprehensive idea about the product you are going to buy.

  • Perfect for use at home

There may be many benefits involved while you buy a low shank sewing machine, but one of them is that it is readily available and work with most types of presser feet. 

We know home sewing has always been more versatile than industrial sewing because you can create your designs. You can mend or hem your jeans in your way and stand out from the crowd. So investing in a low shank sewing machine for home is perfect if you are interested in sewing.

  • Beginner’s machine

These machines are best for beginners because they can work great for different kinds of sewing. Many beginners look for a machine that can meet several to a few needs, especially if you consider that more of them want to start by mending the clothes of their friends or children.

  • Low budgeted

Because of the wide variety and popularity of these sewing machines under different brand names, they come at the most affordable prices. 

  • No upgrade

Even if you end up buying a sewing machine and use it for less time, you can still use it even after years, and there is no need to upgrade it or get the advanced one. All you need to buy is more presser feet for different stitching works. 

  • More precise

The essential requirement for hemming is to be accurate, and the same applies when you want to add a fold to a garment. So with one of your hands guiding the fabric, you can easily follow fold while keeping a straight line. All you need to do is choose the right presser foot for the job, and you are done.

Low shank sewing machine attachments

With low shank sewing machines around, there are also many attachments of low shank machines available that you can add to your machine and create specialty projects. We have listed a few examples of attachments that you can add to your sewing machine while working on specialty projects.

  • Ruffler Attachment :

If you are planning to sew dresses, skirts, or any other garments that require pleats, then you can consider this attachment. The ruffle attachment can be used to create spaces pleats. This works best with medium to lightweight fabrics.

  • Embroidery Attachment:

If you plan to create stylish quilts and want to add fancy designs like thread painting, monograms, or more, then you can consider this attachment. Embroidery attachment can help you to add embellishments and beautiful designs to your garments.

  • Hemming attachment

If you are planning to do some touch-ups and  (as the name suggests) want to add hems to the garment, then you can consider this attachment. 

Wrapping up

Like we have mentioned all through in this article that the low shank sewing machines are the best when it comes to beginners, and the reason is that they are versatile and can perform various jobs in comparison to the high shank. We hope this article has all the information you needed about the low shank sewing machine, and your questions about ‘What is a low shank sewing machine’ no longer exists.