Steps to change light bulb in the Singer sewing machine

Are you looking for an article to replace Singer sewing machine bulb. Read this article to learn the complete steps to replace bulb.

Steps to change light bulb in the Singer sewing machine SAMPLELight, light is essential to see. In sewing machines, light bulbs often burn out. When this happens to your singer machine, you may need special instructions on how to change the light in a singer sewing machine. Well, the light bulb holder in a sewing machine is not exactly the most convenient of the locations.
Changing the light bulb on the Singer sewing machine: To change a sewing machine light bulb, you need a couple of tools. For the featherweight sewing machine series, the main tool is the plastic tubing that is required to grasp the lamp and get a firm grip. After that, it’s just a simple twist and pulls operation.

To know about all the facts about changing the light bulb on Singer sewing machines, continue reading this article. In this article, we’ll tell you steps for changing the light bulb in singer sewing machines.

Tips for Changing light bulb on the Singer sewing machine

  • The first tip is that most Singer sewing machine parts are not screw-in type. This is one very common mistake made by many people who have not had any prior experience changing the light bulb.
  • Tip #2 You need to know about changing the light bulb is that all the light bulbs are not the same size. One size doesn’t fit all singer sewing machines.
  • Tip #3, never use your fingers while replacing the bulbs. Not only can the bulb break easily, plus the oil on your fingers may damage the new light bulb.
  • Tip #4 when the space is small, don’t use your fingers. Slip plastic tubing or some soft firm long handle tool over the light bulb and try to push and turn.
  • Tip #5 don’t forget to unplug your sewing machine from the electric socket. Shocks can happen, so you need to be careful.
  • Loosening the light assembly will give you more space to work and will make work quite safe for you. Additionally, be more careful while removing the light bulb that has been in a machine for years because the light bulb will be fragile, stuck, and brittle.

Changing the light bulb on Latest Singer Sewing Machine

Steps to change light bulb in the Singer sewing machine sample

  • The compatible light bulb for the latest Singer sewing machine is the push and turn model light bulbs. If you own one of these latest machines, then you’ll already know how hard it is to get into the light bulb assembly and remove the bulb.
  • There’s a little trick that can help you, and it involves a plastic tube and a nice box cutter or a knife. For the best access, you’ll need to turn the sewing machine of its handwheel end. This position will let you see what you are doing much clearer than any other position.
  • To protect your finger, we recommend you use a ¾ inch diameter plastic tube that is 4 or 4 inches long. After you have cut the tube to size, use a knife to cut some slits about ¼ to ½ inches long on one end.
  • The slits make it quite more comfortable for the tube to expand and slip over the light bulb. After the tube is over the light bulb squeeze the tube and push it down. Then turn it counterclockwise to move the knobs into the removal position.
  • While holding the tube over the light bulb, pull out the bulb. When that part of the exchange is complete, the next step is to place a tube over the new bulb and reverse the whole process. After changing the entire process, now flip the sewing machine back up, and you’re done.

Changing the light bulb on older Singer Sewing Machine

  • As we have mentioned above, old Singer sewing machines may have light bulbs that were first put in them when Thomas Edison was alive. This means that you have to be more careful while trying to remove the light bulb.
  • The bulb will be very brittle and might break easily. We have seen people who got their fingers injured while doing it. The initial step is to make sure you unplug your machine from the electric socket. The other injury that could occur is a slight electrical shock when people are not careful and haven’t unplugged their machine.
  • Now, to get better access to the light bulb, loosen up the light assembly area. If the light bulb is not stuck after being there for many years, then you might be able to turn it and unscrew it slowly.
  • Some of the old singer sewing machine models, if not most, use the screw in versions like series 99 and 185. If the bulb doesn’t turn, then you have to push and turn the bulb at the same time. Or you can use a plastic tool, cloth, or whatever that fits best and then clamp it over the glass bulb and remove the light bulb. 

Final Words

When the light bulb is working, it may just feel like a simple item, but when it doesn’t work, then you’re able to notice the difference. Knowing how to change the bulb of your Singer machine will save you time and money. Just keep in mind that not all sewing machines are the same and that they all don’t use the same kind of light bulb. One way to cut down on the bulb exchange process is to upgrade the light bulb with an LED bulb. LED light bulbs are supposed to last for a long time and can also simplify your sewing life.