Singer Start 1306 Sewing Machine

Singer start 1306 sewing machine comes in the genre of automatic fashion maker machines of Singer that are perfect for beginners.

Singer Start 1306 sewing Machine sampleSinger start 1306 sewing machine comes in the genre of automatic fashion maker machines of Singer that are perfect for beginners. If you are planning for a good start, this is the best choice you could ever have. With its unique features of 6 inbuilt stitches, four basic, one decorative type, and one buttonhole, pre-set stitch length, and width and various other features, the machine overall displays an outstanding performance. It renders a comfortable working environment while dealing with your day to day sewing needs. The device is lightweight and is even portable. Let’s explore the field of sewing with this super friendly tool.

A short glimpse on Singer 1306

Six built-in stitches

Singer 1306, which is precisely meant for beginners, is loaded with six inbuilt stitches, which includes four basic stitches, one decorative and one buttonhole stitch. The stitches cover a range of various stitch types such as straight for regular sewing, Zig-zag for hemming and finishing of edges, Scallop, and satin stitches. The 4 step buttonhole makes the task of stitching buttonhole relatively simple and straightforward with a minimal execution in just four steps. The machine will let your creativity embellish with its novel design and features.

Free arm and removable extension

Singer Start 1306 sewing Machine sampleThe removable extension will serve you the purpose of stitching handcuffs, hemming trousers, Pants, etc. with the help of its tubular built. The removable compartment can also be used as an accessory storage tray to store tiny equipment or requisites that are necessary to establish sewing operations while working on Singer 1306. The cover can be removed whenever needed and can be attached according to one’s convenience.

The utility dials and reverse lever

Singer Start 1306 sewing Machine sampleSinger 1306 is provided with two dials on its surface. The thread tension dial helps in monitoring the thread tension required and the pattern selector dial for pattern selection. The system will pre-set the length and width for perfect sewing without the need for any manual intervention. There is also an option to customize the thread tension if needed, with the help of the tension dial. The reverse lever will aid you in securing the ends of the fabric for straight as well as Zig-Zag stitches.

Heavy built body and LED lights

Singer Start 1306 sewing Machine sampleThe great advantage of singer 1306 is its metal frame that is of higher strength and excellent durability. The perfect design of the metal frame will let you enjoy skip-free sewing and will make sure that the fabric stays intact to the machine while sewing. The Led lights in the machine will help you to have a clear view of stitching while dealing with sewing purposes in a dark room or where ample light isn’t available. This feature will take away the risk of straining your eyes while sewing. Make sure that the LED lights are functioning well while switching on the machine.

The three Presser feet

The three presser foot available with the Singer 1306 includes general-purpose foot for all stitching applications, Zipper foot for sewing zippers for fabrics or bags and Buttonhole foot which will let the stitching of buttonholes that are consistent and are a perfect size for fitting the button inside properly. All you need to do is adjust the stitch length by choosing the button stitches in pattern select and continue stitching with the foot.

Automatic tension adjustment

The machine comes with an inbuilt system to adjust the thread tension required for perfect sewing. Once you thread the machine with the aid of the thread guide, there is a need to monitor further the
thread tensions like the other type of sewing machines. The automatic system will fix the tension accordingly for the pattern selected.

Dual spool pins

The Singer 1306 is equipped with double spool pins. The spool pins will let you have parallel rows of stitching while doing hemming or decorative stitches. You may use any spool pin for attaching your thread spool for ordinary stitching needs.

Singer Start 1306 sewing Machine sampleNeedles, 4 transparent bobbins, buttonhole foot, general purpose foot, zipper foot, Screwdrivers, seam ripper, softcover, bobbin cases, Spool pin felt, foot controller.

Working with Singer 1306

Connecting to the power supply

Plugin the power chord given to the socket available and the foot controller to the socket situated at the down end of the machine and switch on the power supply and light to start using the machine. Make sure that the plug is connected to a polarized power supply to ensure there are no electricity supply issues to the machine. It is always advised to use a polarized power supply.

Setting the bobbin for sewing

Singer Start 1306 sewing Machine sample The primary task that is to be carried out before sewing is winding the bobbin. To wind the bobbin, first of all, take the spool of thread and place it over the spool pin. Drag the thread end to the adjacent guide and rotate it anticlockwise on the tension disc, pull the thread a few inches more and insert it through any one hole provided on the surface of bobbin. Pull the thread end through the hole and place the bobbin on the winding spindle and depress the foot controller. Make sure to hold the other end of the thread to ensure even the winding of thread on the bobbin slit. Once done, the bobbin can be released from the spindle, and the thread can be cut out. Take the bobbin and place it in the bobbin case and pull the thread through the slit available at the side of the bobbin case. Make sure to hold the hinge of the case and ensure that the bobbin thread is rotating in a clockwise direction. The bobbin within the case can be launched in the shuttle by opening the hinged cover of the shuttle. This can be executed once the free arm is removed. For the tasks carried out with bobbin, it is mandatory to ensure that the needle is always kept on a raised position. 

Threading the device

Singer Start 1306 sewing Machine sampleThreading must be done with utmost care to avoid malfunctioning of the sewing machine. Improper threading can also result in equipment repair and loss of money. Before threading, always make sure that the needle is in the raised position. To raise the needle, rotate the handwheel so that the needle ascends. To begin with, threading takes the spool of thread and place on the spool pin. Drag the thread through the adjacent guide towards the tension disc. After rotating about one time on the tension disc, guide the thread towards down. You may simply follow the thread guide, which will let you have a smooth threading operation. After the vertical threading is done, take up the thread towards the top and guide it through the lever and again descend the thread down to reach the needle clamp. Insert the thread from back to front through the needle slit and cut the thread out after pulling it a few inches away from the equipment. To pull the bobbin thread out, descend the threaded needle towards the feed dog with the help of handwheel, the needle will come up taking the bobbin thread along with it. Once you get hold of the bobbin thread, drag both the thread together to a little distance.

Pattern sector dial

Singer Start 1306 sewing Machine samplePattern selector dial will help in sewing various patterns on the fabric surface. What you need to do is just select the pattern to descend the presser foot down and turn the handwheel to depress the needle down. Once done, step on the foot controller to start sewing, the more you depress the controller, the more the sewing speed will be. To secure the end, you may press on the reverse lever and sew a few reverse stitches on the cloth. After sewing, lift the lever and then the presser foot to release the fabric. The inbuilt stitches patterns in the machine will let you choose many stitches, such as satin-type stitches, straight stitches, zig-zag stitches, etc. The available stitches can be referred from the stitching dial icons. To adjust the thread tension, you may use the tension dial. There is no need to adjust the bobbin thread. To carry out regular sewing, it is best to rely on the default tension set in the machine.

All about buttonhole foot

Singer Start 1306 sewing Machine sampleThe 4 step buttonhole foot will help you stitch a perfect and consistent hole for your button. To start using the buttonhole foot, remove the general purpose foot by pressing at the side of the foot to disengage the foot from the machine with your needle kept in a raised position. After the foot is removed, replace the foot with the buttonhole foot. Ensure to fit it properly to the clamp available. Once completed, descend the foot and place the fabric to stitch the perfect buttonhole for your fabric. It is required to mark the buttonhole size on the fabric to make a perfect fitting buttonhole. Make use of the stitches available on the dial to adjust the size of the buttonhole foot. Release the fabric off from the machine once the buttonhole is perfectly stitched. Cut the inner portion off from the fabric to insert the button. The length of the buttonhole can be controlled by adjusting the buttonhole foot.

Zipper foot

Zipper foot is to be attached to your machine if you wish to stitch zippers. The general purpose foot can be removed to attach the Zipper foot intact. Place the fabric with the Zipper above it and sew on the fabric with the help of the foot. Secure the end with the help of reverse stitches to avoid the fabric gets pulled off from the Zipper. The three available foot on the machine will help you deal with your ordinary stitching needs, whereas if you wish to have more advanced stitching operations, you may have to access the necessary accessories from the retailers who will supply various other stitching foot that is prominently used in decorative stitching needs.

The removable extension

Singer Start 1306 sewing Machine sampleThe removable extension is found on a wide range of singer products. These are designed to carry out stitches in hard to reach areas. The free arm will help you to stitch handcuffs, Skirts, plants, etc. on its tubular surface, which is more comfortable than carrying it out on flatbed. The extension can be pulled off from the machine if there is any need for such stitches. The inner draw of the removed extension serves the purpose of storing accessories such as hooks, screwdrivers, needles bobbins, etc.

The two-step presser foot lifter

The presser foot lifter is another critical component of the machine that will ease your sewing. You may press the lifter to lift the presser foot while releasing your fabric and placing your material. For the material of higher thickness, it is always best to raise the presser foot to the next level rather than pulling off the fabric from the plate. This will make sure that your clothes aren’t getting faded while pulling and dragging it out of the space between the foot and bottom

Optional accessories

Other than the normal accessories available along with the machine. You may obtain the needed, optional accessories from the market from singer retailers. However, it is always recommended to stick to using the recommended accessory with the machine to have a better functioning of the device. The Singer 1306 is a beginner machine that gives all the quality output it promised. It will be a negative impact to add advanced foot accessories to establish higher-end features in the machine, which exceeds its functioning limit. The machine comes at affordable prices in the market. If you wish to have Singer Start 1306 in your home. You may avail it from various e-commerce sites such as amazon. The link to purchase is provided here. For consumers outside India. You may better login to to complete your purchase and receive the product at your convenience. Click here to access Purchase link