Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing Machine Review

SINGER has again proved to be the boon to the sewing world, by launching the Singer quantum stylist 9960 sewing machine! It is the perfect blend of creativity and speed.

SINGER has again proved to be the boon to the sewing world, by launching the Singer quantum stylist 9960 sewing machine! It is the perfect blend of creativity and speed. It comprises of the easy-to-use features making it the exact sewing partner you always dreamt of. The machine consists of a wide variety of presser feet and stitches which make it versatile. The LED light above the needle makes it more relieving for your eyes while you work. All your sewing work can now be computerized with Singer quantum stylist 9960 sewing machine. As this is an automated machine speed control adjustment to fulfill your requirement is given. It not only meets your basic needs but also helps you explore more and more in the creative sewing world.

Components and Accessories

Along with the Singer quantum stylist 9960 sewing machine, there are a bunch of other accessories which are included within this combo. The combo includes a pack of needles to change if necessary; there is a separate description of changing of needles given further. A pack of bobbins, that is the “class 15 bobbins”.  A spool pin for the spool of thread, spool felt and a spool cap. A lint brush to get rid of the lint on the fabric or cloth you are using or stitching. A wide variety of presser feet, a more detailed description is given ahead. A shank for presser feet. Screwdrivers to mantle and dismantle the parts whenever necessary. Quilting bar, clearance plate, and a seam ripper. 

So, let us begin with a detailed description and use of all the components on the machine.

Power control, Foot control & Hand-wheel

To begin with let us first know about the most crucial part of the machine, the power control, and foot control. The” sew master” needs the electric excitation to work, a power switch with a suitable cord is provided. Whenever you wish to switch on the machine just attach the cord it to the power supply and the other end of the cord to the machine port. Make sure that the switch is off while you carry out the activity. Turn on the power supply and the small power switch later. Also, this machine has a foot control socket. Following the same instruction as of the power, control inserts the cord and you are good to go. Above the power switch is the handwheel. The handwheel is used to Raise or lower the take-up level or the needle while you sew for the thread adjustments. The foremost thing to note here is the hand-wheel must always rotate towards you or in the counter-clockwise direction. The activity of raising and lowering is done by rotating the wheel in the same direction.

Carry handle, Thread winding stopper, Spindle & Tension disc

The foldable Carry handle helps you hold the whole machine in a hand and carry it wherever you want to. When you open the flap on top of the machine there are Thread winding stopper, Spindle & Tension disc. Thread winding stopper is the rod-shaped structure, The Thread winding stopper comes with a slider mechanism. This is used to wrap the thread around the class 15 bobbin given to you along with the machine. A spool pin is nothing but a cylindrical structure that holds the spool of thread. The spool pin is made available for you to select and change the thread of your interest as and when required. Before inserting the spool of thread on the spool pin place a spool pin felt on the spool pin to give support the spool of thread you are going to place on the pin. And place the spool cap once you have paced the spool of thread on the spool pin. The crucial task carried on by the thread guide is guiding and directing the thread all the way to the needle. The tension control in the new Singer quantum stylist 9960 sewing machine can be controlled by giving the buttons below the screen. You may increase or decrease the tension either by the buttons or manually by opening the upper flap and adjusting the tension.

Basic control buttons

The machine has some basic control buttons to make it easier to use. The START/STOP button is pressed either to start or stop the machine after you have switched on the main button near the power cord. It glows green when on and glows red when off. The reverse button to stitch in the reverse direction, this is usually done to fasten the stitch on the start and end of the stitch on the cloth. The speed slider, which helps you adjust the speed whether slow or fast.The thread cutter which cuts the thread automatically after you are done stitching. And the needle UP/DOWN button to adjust your needle.

Screen buttons

The screen buttons are all around the screen. The vertical column of buttons near the screen are the buttons to select the stitches available on the Singer quantum stylist 9960 sewing machine. Once you press the button to select the stitch there appear various options related to your stitch on the screen. Below the screen are 5 buttons to set your required adjustment for the stitch. As you on it, there is a zig-zag pattern and a double ‘X’ structure. Once you select the zig-zag pattern the buttons work as follows: The first button on the extreme right is used to increase the stitch length, the second button is to decrease the stitch length. The third and the fourth button form right is to shift the needle position as per your need. And the last button is used to go back to from the current menu. On top of the screen, there are the presser feet you need to use for the stitch you have selected. So you can change the presser feet provided to you with the machine. And if you select the double ‘X’ you will be to handle the tension control on the thread of the machine. The thread control can be handled manually as well. 

Along with these basic screen buttons you have the stitch types buttons to select a particular stitch from the various stitches mentioned on the flap above the machine which is classified under the type of stitch you selected. The scroll button to select stitch type in the second row also makes it easy for you to select your favorite stitch among so many stitches. Also, the buttons in the first row are to select your choice above the button while selecting a stitch or pattern. And to select the choice on top of the basic choices the third-row buttons can be used. The edit button is to change the stitch length or width and also to change the tension, in short, to edit the basic requirements for your stitch. The ‘ABC’ button is used to stitch letter and patterns by selecting the appropriate choices.

Needle, Bobbin & scale

The needle is placed right on the edge of the arm of our Singer quantum stylist 9960 sewing machine like all the traditional heavy sewing machine. The needle can be replaced if needed. Below the needle, it has an all-purpose presser foot, which you may use the majority of the time. Another important feature is the built-in needle threader. Besides all of the above is the button-hole lever. Below the needle is a transparent plate where you can see the bobbin, its transparency makes it easy for you to know the thread available on the bobbin. As mentioned below about the accessory tray, when you take the accessory tray off there is a lever with some markings above it. This lever is used to raise or lower the feed teeth. This is mostly used when you have to stitch buttons and similar evelavted stuff. On the accessory tray is the scale which again makes it easy for you to measure the cloth length without wandering to search you measuring tape! 

Accessory tray

On the lower horizontal section of Singer quantum stylist 9960 sewing machine is the removable storage compartment – the accessory tray. This makes it super simple or you to store all the primary things required for your stitching journey. Just be careful when you remove the removable storage compartment as there is the needle which may cay a mishap. The compartment is appropriate for storing things like needles, threads, all the presser feet, lint remover, and the seam ripper.

Threading the machine

As the Thread required for stitching is the one which comes from the spool of thread and the thread from the bobbin. But unlike the spool of thread, the bobbin is not wrapped with the thread you need to do this yourself every time you want to use the thread of your favorite color. And the best part is our Singer quantum stylist 9960 sewing machine makes it super easy to make your bobbin ready to place in the bobbin holder. To start with raise the presser foot by lifting the presser foot control, slide the black button near the transparent plate towards the right and remove the transparent plate to take the bobbin out of the bobbin holder. The spool of thread you want to wrap on the bobbin and place it on the spool felt and place the spool cap on it and now place the spool pin down. Ensure that you are using “class 15” transparent bobbins. Take the thread and put in under the plastic white part and through the thread guide. Hold the tip of the thread and place it in one of the holes on the bobbin.

Now place the bobbin on the bobbin winding disc and slide the winding disc towards the right. Start the machine so that it wraps at least 5 to 10 rounds of thread around the bobbin. Once done cut the extra thread coming out of the hole and continue to wrap the thread according to your requirement. Remove the bobbin by sliding the winding disc to left and check that the direction of the thread is counterclockwise, place the bobbin in the bobbin case and put the transparent plate. Bravo!! You have now completed a major task, next comes the upper threading. Take the thread from the spool of thread and follow the numbers and the arrows to direct the thread all over the machine till you reach the needle. Another very handy feature of this machine is the needle threader. Place the thread through the thread guide near the needle and in the automatic needle threader. Take the thread under the hook and then over and then between the spongs and then leave the automatic needle threader. This will take the thread in the needle eye forming a loop, so take it out to release the loop and like all other machines take the thread under the presser foot. And finally, you are ready with your threaded Singer quantum stylist 9960 sewing machine.

Changing needle

If in case there is an issue with the needle, you may change the needle very easily without creating any issue to the new needle. AS the old needle may break or may become blunt which may reduce the efficiency and accuracy of your work. For this use, the screwdriver provided with the accessories. Above the needle is the needle clamp screw, now loosen the screw with the help of a screwdriver and remove the old needle. Now place the new one and tighten the screw. But while replacing the new needle with the old one remember that the flat side is facing the back of your machine.  

Presser feet and Stitches

The Singer 1304 Sewing Machine provides you with a wide range of stitches and the necessary presser feet required for the stitches. To change the presser foot according to your need just press the black button behind the needle, this makes the earlier presser foot to leave its place. Now to put the other on the place the presser foot below the needle and lower the presser foot lifter to attach it. That simple it is!!

 Now, that you have gained all the necessary information you needed to start your journey with Singer 1304 Sewing Machine, you are ready to explore the creative and colorful world of stitches, patterns, and embroidery on your clothes, curtains, scarfs, pillow covers, etc. I hope you enjoy your experience with this computerized tailoring master.


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