Singer FM 1409 Electric Sewing Machine

Singer FM 1409 electric sewing machine is one of the singer's lightest weighing designs that is focussed on beginners with a lot many essential features.

sewing machine sampleSinger, a brand leader in the manufacture of sewing machines has come up with yet another design to compete in the market. Singer had always been a preference among the fashion makers because of the impressive quality it offered. The brand topped in bringing up a lot many variations in the culture of sewing with the introduction of extra functions in their prior design of sewing machines. 

Singer machines had always been at our disposal to create a wide range of fashion accessories upon our fingertips, making it a better choice over the past years. FM 1409 is another impressive product from the singer.

Singer FM 1409 Electric Sewing Machine

Singer FM 1409 electric sewing machine is one of the singer’s lightest weighing designs that is focussed on beginners with a lot many essential features to have a comfortable fabric design. The superior features such as an automatic buttonhole, simple stitch selection, darning plate and a lot many other features make it an apt choice for any project that requires perfection and a well-monitored execution. The lightweight feature makes it the best option if you are aiming to carry the machine wherever you wish to. 

The FM 1409 has a motor of 70W available for its better functioning. It has got the features of easy threading and automatic bobbin winding as an added extra. The fabric designs processed by the singer 1409 are more appealing compared to the competitors in the market. It can be comfortably used for the traditional stitching, decorative stitches, hemming and alterations of apparels

Key Features

Varieties in stitches

sewing machine sampleSinger ​1409 is capable of serving a variety of decorative stitches. There are inbuilt nine stitches in the machine, which includes center and right precision straight stitches, Zig-Zag stitches, blind hem stitches, multiple Zig-Zag stitches, and an automatic four-step buttonhole. We are also provided with the choice of combining stitches to execute our project with the required perfection.

Happy stitching

sewing machine tools sampleThe 1409 singer offers trouble-free stitching; the pattern selector dial feature helps in choosing the stitching style. The length of the stitches can be adjusted with the help of changing the stitch length style dialer to the required value for preferably straight stitches.

The pattern selector can be turned in any direction, and the machine also offers the feature of reverse stitching, which will reinforce the stitches with a single push. The free end arm helps in stitching even harder clothes like denim. It can also aid in handling arm and neck stitches or alterations of stitched clothing that are hard to get stitched on a straight platform. The possibility of the fabric getting stuck is uprooted in the novel design .

Heavy-duty metal frame

sewing machine sampleIt has got a sound design with components kept intact to make it compact and easy handling. The heavy-duty metal frame is designed to have skip-free sewing and hold clothes tight to the machine to create ordered stitches that are neat and perfect. The machine’s internal structure is robust, and it provides appreciable durability.

Removable extension

The sewing machine 1409 comes with a removable extension. The drawer can be pushed off from the device for free arm stitches, which helps in stitching hard to reach areas. The inside of the drawer can be utilized for accessory storage to store bobbins, needles, etc.

Darning plate

​It is an additional accessory offered by the singer in the design of 1409, which can be utilized for free-motion sewing. For regular sewing, the darning plate can be removed. The darning plate helps, particularly in freehand embroidery works. It prevents the fabric from being tugged during sewing.

Foot attachments

The machine is provided with 4-foot accessories Zig-zag foot, zipper foot, the button stitch foot, and the buttonhole foot to make the work of dealing with button stitches. It holds the fabric under the needle while it is being sewed.

Lighting features​-


sewing machine tools sampleThe lighting features of the singer are quite attractive and useful. The Led light offers better visibility during sewing and helps to see the readings clearly. It gives an indication while switching on and off and helps us to work comfortably even in dim light.

The ease of putting thread

sewing machine tools sampleThe new singer model allows you to have a front end loaded bobbin case making it easier to have the bobbins in place outsmarting the traditional way of putting bobbins inside the machine, which were dreadfully tedious. The new design makes the process hassle-free.

Extra-High pressure foot lifter and twin needle

The feature helps in stitching materials that are bulky such as stitching layers of fabric, saree borders, etc. The presser foot can be raised to convenient positions while dealing with bulky clothes. The twin needle top offers precise topstitching functions.

Model Name
FM 1409
34 cm x 21 cm x 41 cm
5.85 Kg
Available stitch types
Buttonhole styles
70 W
Sewing speed
700 SPM

Additional Accessories
With the machine. Singer offers other accessories that are required for the functioning of the machine which includes standard and additional accessories

Standard accessories​: Zipper foot, Button sewing foot, Buttonhole foot, Zig Zag foot, needles,3 Bobbins, spool pin felt, Ripper brush, Oil bottle, Screwdriver, Darning plate, Power cables, Foot pedal, Instruction guide, Dust cover

Additional accessories: The additional accessories aren’t available with the machine but you may avail the same from the dealers in the market. It includes Quilting foot, Hemmer foot, Overcasting foot, Blind hem foot, Embroidery foot, and Satin stitch foot.


Getting acquainted with FM 1409 electric sewing machine

Power connection and start-up:​ 

sewing machine tools sampleSinger 1409 is provided with a polarized plug that is supposed to be connected with a polarized outlet. To start the machine, press the main switch (A) and (I) for light. To control sewing speed, a foot control pedal is available that can be pressed according to a person’s convenience.

The art of threading: ​ 

Sewing is a simple task that must be carried out with utmost care because if not done properly it could result in many sewing issues and machine repairs. Initially, the needle must be raised to a higher position by turning the handwheel counterclockwise until the needle slightly descends. The disc tension is released by raising the presser foot. Place the thread and spool pin felt onto the spool pin. Later, draw the thread from the spool to the upper thread guide. When it reaches the top, pass the thread from the right to left through the slotted eye of the take up guiding downwards. Pull the thread behind the thin wire needle threading the needle from back to front. Pull the thread a little far beyond the needle eye so that it doesn’t get detached from the needle hole. Trim the thread with the help of a thread cutter. And for more details about threading see the video by clicking here

Dealing with bobbins

​While removing and putting bobbins the needle should be kept completely raised. Open the hinged cover and pull the bobbin case out. Insert the bobbin in the bobbin case in such a way that the thread runs in a clockwise direction. Pull the thread through the slit provided leaving a little inch tail of the thread. Hold the bobbin case and insert it into the shuttle. The bobbin thread can be raised by turning the wheel towards our direction parallelly holding the thread in your left hand raising the needle out.

Monitoring thread tensions​

sewing machine tools sample The required thread tensions can be executed by the basic thread tension setting. To increase the thread tension the dial can be turned towards up and to decrease to a normal value, it should be turned down. There is no need to monitor the lower thread tension because it is already been adjusted accordingly in the design of the sewing machine

Pattern selector and stitch length adjuster 

The pattern selector dial can be simply turned to select the required pattern. The Singer FM 1409 comes with 9 stitch types that include utility stitches and decorative ones. The length of the stitches can be customized after selecting the type of stitches with the help of the adjacent dial. The function can be used for Zig-Zag stitches and straight stitches. The dial when turned to zero the length reduces and it increases by turning it to the value of 4. The availability of stitch length selection helps us to have lengthy stitches that are convenient for denser fabrics and short ones for lightweight fabrics. A demonstration of stitches is shown here. ​

Reverse stitching

sewing machine tools sampleSinger 1409 has its attractive function of reverse stitching to secure the end stitches. The reverse sewing lever has to be pressed down to start the function After having a few reverse stitches, release the lever and sew forward again to obtain intact ends of clothing.Reverse stitching lever is shown here where the arrow mark indicates the direction to which it must be pressed to operate.

Sewing; a fun

Sewing becomes easy and comfortable with the advanced singer FM 1409 model.

For straight stitches, keep the fabric under the presser foot with the fabric edge lined up correctly with the guideline on the needle plate. Lower the presser foot lifter and start the foot controller to start sewing. Once done, turn the handwheel towards you and bring the thread by lifting the lever. Lift the presser foot to release the fabric and pull it away from the machine slowly. Cut the thread with the thread cutter. A perfect straight stitch is all done.

For blind hem stitches which is for curtains, trousers, couches, etc, turn up the hem to the desired width and press it. The fabric needs to be folded back in such a way that the top end of the hem extends about 7 mm. Stitching can be done gently making sure that the needle touches the folded top catching one or two threads of the nearby fabric piece. Once the hemming is completed you may unfold the fabric. This will give you a decent look for skirts, trousers, etc with the least effort.

Sewing buttonholes can be done hassle-free with the help of the buttonhole foot in singer 1409. Make sure that you obtain a proper idea of the width of the buttons that are to be stitched. Mark it over the fabric to avoid messing up. Place the foot by taking off the all-purpose foot. Once the center hole marked in the fabric is aligned accurately with the buttonhole center, lower the foot and start sewing. To adjust the density of the stitches adjust the stitch length dial properly. For more visuals for a perfect buttonhole stitch click here

Sewing of buttons can be done by installing the darning plate. Change the all-purpose foot by a button foot. After keeping the button in the desired position, lower the foot to start sewing. The button sewing can be done by selecting the Zig-Zag stitch and adjusting the length with the length adjusting dialer. Make sure to stitch the front two holes and then proceed towards the next at the back by pushing the fabric off. Once completed secure the buttons by tying it in the backside. For shanks the darning plate can be placed on the top and sewing can be done accordingly.

All about an optional accessory: The optional accessory of the darning or the embroidery foot is used to have decorative stitches. To work on it, the presser foot must be removed and the darning plate must be attached to the presser foot bar. Make sure that the level should be behind the needle clamp screw. Press it firmly and tighten the screw. Always work from left to right. Stitching upon the previously done stitches can also be done by turning the fabric over 90 degrees. A darning loop can be used for easier sewing. Artistic curve stitches can also be made by setting it to straight stitches.To see the wonders of embroidery work in singer click here

The removable extension table:

sewing machine tools sampleThe removable extension table offers free arm stitching. The extension table can be pushed off from the main body of the machine. The extension box has a storage draw inside where you can store bobbins, needles, and tiny accessories of the machine. etc.

Pressure foot shank: The pressure foot shank can be attached to the machine by raising the pressure foot bar with the pressure foot lifter. Lower the pressure foot after attachment until the cut outfalls over the pin and thence the pressure foot will engage automatically. To remove, raise the pressure foot bar by raising the lift and then the foot automatically disengages. To know more about foot click here. 

FM 1409 singer is there in the market with it’s impressive features. To know more about the model and its price range, click here.