Singer 7258 Sewing Machine Review

Singer 7258 sewing machine is one of the finest and efficient sewing machines in the market. The Singer 7258 sewing machine is equipped with many features.

singer sewing machine sampleSinger 7258 sewing machine is one of the finest and efficient sewing machines in the market. It is suitable for both professional and home-based tailoring purposes. You can create stitches on all types of fabric including quilts and other tough materials. The stitches are evenly placed with proper uniformity and people can now create their own design and dress from their home. The Singer 7258 sewing machine is equipped with many features that allow you to stitch like a professional with ease. The machine comes with many free accessories that allow you to create fashion designs, decorative designs, quilting, crafting, hemming, and heirloom sewing.

Heirloom Sewing with Singer 7258

sewing machine sampleHeirloom sewing is a needlework technique that is similar to the French hand sewing techniques. When this technique was introduced during the last quarter of the 20th century a created a major change in the fashion industry and the technique has been under usage until now. With every beautiful technique comes the difficulty of learning it as these needlework techniques consume a lot of time and energy.
The singer 7258 sewing machine offers nearly 100 different stitches that allow you to create Heirloom sewing automatically at ease and any novice can easily master these techniques

without any problems. You can choose your own type of stitches using the digital manual present on the machine. To choose your own design, follow the steps given below.

  • Choose your design of choice in the manual attached to the body of the machine. 
  • Each design is accompanied by a number. 
  • Using the up and down buttons set the number of the design on the display. 
  • Along with the up and down buttons, there is a set of circular buttons. The up and down buttons in the circular format allow you to increase or decrease the stitch length. The left and right buttons on the circular format can be used to increase or decrease the stitch width. Adjust them based upon your requirements and start stitching different heirloom sewing designs.

Design your material using different feet

sewing tools sampleAlong with the all-purpose foot that comes with the machine there are some additional foot. that allow you to make different stitches in different materials. They include,
Satin stitch foot – This foot allows you to create satin and decorative stitches.

Zipper stitch foot – This foot allows you to attach the zipper. Piping and attaching zippers might be difficult for even experienced tailors. But now with this foot, everyone can attach a zipper or piping easily.
Gathering foot – Gathering foot can be used to perform gathering stitches in frocks and other materials. They can also be used to attach a gathering material to normal material.
Blind hem foot – This can be used to create hemming stitches that are practically not- visible to the naked eye.
Rolled hem foot – As the name indicates it is used for creating rolled Hem stitches.
Overcasting foot – This foot allows you to place overcasting stitches on the ends and close them.
Darning and embroidery foot – Machine embroidery can be quite difficult to perform and the accuracy might not be as expected and perfect as hand embroidery. But with the help of darning and embroidery foot, you can easily create freehand embroidery and darning.
Buttonhole foot – With the help of this foot you can easily create buttonholes at ease.
Straight stitch foot – They are used for creating straight stitches.


How to change foot in the machine

sewing tools sampleLike using this foot, changing them is also quite simple and easy. To change them follow the instructions given below,

  •  The all-purpose foot is attached to the machine’s presser foot holder. Push the lever present behind the presser foot holder and the all-purpose foot will pop right off the machine. 
  • Select the foot you want to place on the machine and place it below the presser foot holder. 
  • Lower the presser foot holder and the foot will automatically be attached to the presser foot holder.

Create beautiful embroidery designs and monograms

The Singer 7258 sewing machine allows you to create beautiful embroidery designs and monograms on all types of fabrics. Placing monograms have been a common practice right from the early stages of Civilization to personalize their items. Even the greatest designers use their monograms on the designs to personalize their designs. Now you can also personalize your

fabrics and clothing using this machine and the special embroidery foot that had been given along with the machine, that allows you to create free embroidery designs.
You can also perform automated machine embroidery by choosing any of the 100 designs given in the machine’s manual. Choose your design from the manual and enter the number into the machine. Then start stitching your own embroidery design. You can also combine two designs by overriding the stitches.

singer sewing machine sample


Create buttonholes at ease

Creating buttonholes had been a painful process with the old machines but the new Singer 7258 sewing machine allows you to create your own buttonholes within minutes without any hand sewing or cutting.

  •  First, select the type of buttonhole you need on your material from an array of designs present in the machine. We have bartack style, keyhole style, and the rounded style. 
  • After selecting the style to enter the number on the machine using the stitch selector button. 
  • Mark the button points on the fabric. 
  • Take the buttonhole foot and place the button on the top. It can be opened up by pulling the top. After placing the button push the top inside so the button fits perfectly in the holder. Make sure to place the correct button on the top to create a perfect buttonhole. Using the wrong buttons may create a buttonhole that is either too small or large.
  •  Attach the foot to the presser foot holder and lower the button hold lever. 
  • Place the fabric under the holder and make sure the markings line up with the red line on the foot. 
  • Start stitching. Once the stitching is completed, make an incision between the stitches to make a perfect buttonhole that will fit your button exactly.

sewing sample

Dimensions of the machine

This is a light machine with a weight of approximately 14.6 pounds, which performs the designs brilliantly. A portable handle is attached to the machine top for easy carrying. It is 14.5 inches long, 12 inches high, and 7.5 inches wide.

Other exclusive features you can enjoy

  •  The storage box – The machine comes along with an external storage box that allows you to store bobbins, needles and other accessories like screws and foot. The free accessories allow you to create more designs and aid you in stitching. The storage box can also be removed to stitch freely especially for hems and cuffs.
  •  Free accessories – The sewing machine come with 4 bobbins, 10 types of presser feet, Needles set, spool caps, lint brush, manual, foot pedal and dust cover. Along with it, it also contains some extra accessories to aid in stitching like seam ripper, screwdriver, darning plate, and spool pin felt.
  •  Bobbins – The machine allows you to use class 15J bobbins. The bobbins can be placed with the machine by sliding the glass frame present on the surface of the machine. Slide the black switch near the glass to remove the glass frame and then place the bobbin inside. The glass frame also allows you to keep count on the bobbin thread supply. You can also thread the bobbin using the thread spool and bobbin holder present at the top of the machine.

sewing machine tools sample

  •  Automatic thread inserter – The machine is fixed with the automatic thread inserter that allows easy fixation of the thread within the needle. The machine also has numbers placed on them that allow easy fixation of the thread just by following the numbers. Fix the threads and bobbins easily before starting your stitching.
  •  Built-in-stitches – The new Singer 7258 sewing machine allows you to select from 100 embroidery designs and button designs to design your fabric. It includes 9 styles of basic stitches, 8 types of stretch stitches, 76 types of decorative stitches and finally 7 different types of buttonholes. Each of these designs is numbered and by entering these numbers using the Stitch selector buttons given in the center of the machine, you can create innovative designs.
    These designs can be customized by placing them one over another or by changing the length and width. The circular buttons can be used to alternate the length and width of the designs.
  •  LCD screen – The LCD screen allows you to view the design selected and also view the length and width of the stitches. This is very useful while customizing the stitches.

sewing speed controler sample

  •  Speed control – The speed control lever allows you to control the speed of the machine. You can change to stitching speed according to the level of intricacy required and depending on your comfort. If you are learning stitching for the first time keep the speed slow, and you can increase the speed after becoming comfortable.
  •  LED Light – The sewing surface is illuminated with an LED light that allows you to view the stitches clearly. This bulb remains at the same temperature despite your hours of work.
  •  Automatic reverse stitch – To make reverse stitches press the reverse button on the machine and start stitching in the reverse direction. Keep pressing the button until you want the reverse stitch to continue. Release the button if you want a forward stitch.
  •  Easy needle changer – The needles can be easily changed in the Singer 7258 sewing machine. Loosen the screw on the side of the pressor holder using the small screw drive given in the accessories. After loosening the screw remove the needle and replace it with another needle. Hold it as high as possible and tighten the screw.


Design your own quilt

Designing and stitching a quilt can be a tedious process as it requires a lot of stitching techniques and powerful stitches to hold the quilt together. If your quilt materials have patterns or designs over them beforehand just join them together using the straight stitches and other stitching styles. People can also use the overcasting stitches to hold the fabric together on the insides and to prevent wear and tear in the future. If your fabric is plain you can choose from the 100’s of inbuilt -stitches to design your quilt and then stitch them up together. The special Zipper foot will allow you to stitch zippers for the pillowcases.

Mend your own clothes

  • Darning – Getting a tear or a hole in one of your favorite clothes is normal which can be mended by perfect darning. Place the darning plate on top of the stitching surface and start darning your clothes.
  •  Create an extra stitch – Sometimes you might find a need to place an extra stitch along the lines of the already present stitch in your new clothes to prevent a tear. Some ready readymade clothes also lack the overcast stitches which are essential for kids’ clothes. By using your Overcast foot you can place these overcast stitches yourself. Also, make sure to use the all-purpose foot for overlapping secondary stitches.
  •  Attach your own zippers – Malfunctioning zippers are common in most of the clothes and bags. Here using the zipper foot you can attach a zipper to the clothes by yourself. You can also attach Ping to your dresses ad pillowcases using this foot. The machine can also attach zippers to cloth bags.

Learn sewing easily

This machine is much more apt for people who are trying to learn sewing for the first time as it allows you to adjust speed based upon your requirements. Easily guided manual along with the numbers on the machine allow you to fix the threads and bobbins easily. The stitching process along with 100’s of inbuilt design allows you to experiment on various designs. You can create quilts, pillowcases, bags, clothes, table clothes and a variety of other designs using this machine. Carry this portable machine everywhere and stitch your clothes easily without any issues. The manual can be used for guidance and is available in many languages including English.