How to use a hand sewing machine: A step by step guide

Looking for the information on how to use a hand sewing machine, then this blog is for you? It is a step-by-step guide for you to understand.

Why do most people love using a hand sewing machine? Portability is the most obvious answer that you’ll get. Because of the compatible size and functions, people often face issues while using a hand sewing machine. Even the person who’s pro in using big size sewing machine may struggle when it comes to using a hand sewing machine. Today, in this article, we’ll tell you how to use hand sewing machine step by step guide, so that you can ensure effortless sewing even on those little beasts. Let’s proceed with this blog to get more information about the hand sewing machines. The Utility of Hand Sewing Machine

Keep one thing in mind before going for a hand sewing machine that it is not a replacement for a full-size sewing machine. You may have seen ads where a lady is sewing almost anything on a hand sewing machine. Well, remember this is just an ad. A hand sewing could come in handy for some repair job, but it’s not fully fit for this job too. Below are some goods and bad’s of a hand sewing machine-



These little beasts are nearly five-ten times cheaper than a regular size sewing machine.


Well, you need to find an electric socket to use it. Therefore, they’re very convenient to use. 


You can carry this machine in your bag and sew it at any place you like. 


Hard to use

You have to learn how to use a handheld sewing machine. Using them is not as easy as using a regular machine.

Lower Tension

Like a regular size expensive sewing machine, a hand sewing machine cannot produce higher tension. Therefore, it may result in uneven stitches. 


Hand sewing machines are unstable as compared to regular sewing machines. Consequently, it might result in zigzag stitches. 

From the above good’s and bad’s of a hand sewing machine, it’s pretty clear that most people use a hand sewing machine because of the reason that they are easily portable. Therefore, even though the sewing quality is not as good as a regular sewing machine and the sewing is not as convenient as on regular sewing machines, people still use a handheld sewing machine.

How to use a handheld sewing machine

Below we’ll tell you how to use a hand sewing machine in our step by step guide for a hand sewing machine. 

Step 1- Setting up the batteries

To get the hand sewing machine ready to use, you need to set up its batteries. Yes, the handheld sewing machine run by the battery while the regular size sewing machine needs electricity to run. Therefore, getting the batteries installed should be the first step.

Step 2- Setting up the bobbin

A handheld sewing machine has only one source of thread, i.e., bobbin. You can find the bobbin at the side of the machine. All you need to follow is pull the bobbin holder and spring and slide the bobbin in its right place.

Step 3- Threading

Now it’s the time to add the thread. Follow the complete pass-way of the thread from the bobbin Threading Pass-way: Bobbin>>First Thread Guide>> Needle Arm>> Tension control>> 2nd Thread Guide>>Needle Eye.

Step 4- Sewing

The trickiest part of using a hand sewing machine is threading, and the most interesting part of using a hand sewing machine is sewing. After sewing is done with threading, they need to lift the sewing plate and insert the fabric. Now, sewer has to hold the machine by their right hand and the fabric by their left hand. Now, point the fabric where you want to sew. After you power on the machine, the fabric will be fed to the machine automatically.

Step 5- Stitch securing

After completing the sewing, the seamstress should seal the thread. The securing process is not the same as the regular size sewing machine because the hand sewing machine doesn’t come with reverse sewing. Therefore, the sewer needs to lift the fastening plate and then pull the treat and cut it. 

After it’s done, turn the rotary wheel to create a loop at the end of the fabric, where you wish to secure the threading. This is a sought of handheld sewing machine manual process, but this is the only way sewer can secure the stitch in a handheld sewing machine.

Final Words

Learning how to use hand sewing machines is not an easy job, as most people think. But this article will surely help you in learning how to use a handheld sewing machine. Many people get confused about a mini sewing machine with a hand sewing machine. As we told earlier in the article, a hand sewing machine is best for everyday mending and repair tasks. It’s the most portable sewing machine. It can also save you from any trouble caused by cloth tearing. But don’t think that this machine is suitable for big sewing projects. For a big sewing project, you need to have a regular size heavy duty sewing machine. Hope you understood the details about the hand sewing machine, and next time you will be able to use it well for your sewing operations.