How to thread a sewing machine needle?

Want to know how to thread a sewing machine needle without any hassle? Read more and get the smart tips to thread the needle of your sewing machine.

Bored during this worldwide lockdown? Everyone is, it’s kind of hard to stay in, but we gotta stay in for our and other people’s safety. Being bored during this lockdown is very common, maybe you have watched everything on Netflix. Now, you are looking to do something new, something that will interest you a lot. Here is the best idea to remove your boredom and brush up your hidden talent. If you ever wondered about using a sewing machine, then we have all the information for this. It’s time to get your sewing machine out again and start sewing. Yes, it’s a great idea, you love sewing, and it’s the time to get back doing what you love. But how long ago did you last used your sewing machine, and do you remember how to thread a sewing machine needle? To proceed with the sewing, one must be familiar with the process of threading a sewing machine with safety. 

We have added all possible points to give you the best information about threading a sewing machine. If you have ever sewed, then you’ll already know that the sewing machine correctly is the basic starting point. So clean up your sewing machine, pick yourself up because it’s the time to do what you love, get ready to start sewing again. Today, we’ll tell you how to thread a sewing machine needle!! We’ll also share with you some smart tips to make the process much easier for you, and these tips can make all the difference to your relationship with your buddy sewing machine.

Steps to thread a sewing machine needle

  • Firstly check your sewing machine manual if you still have one. It will give you instructions on how to thread a sewing machine. If somehow you have lost your sewing machine manual, then you can easily find it on Google.
  • Select the color thread you’re planning to use and fill the bobbin. You can use any color thread as per your choice.
  • Always go for a high-quality thread such as Coates, Gutterman, or Rasant. Additionally, your thread also should be suitable for your fabric choice.
  • Now, let’s talk about some general rules in the sewing machine manual, that you should follow while threading your sewing machine!
  • Don’t turn your sewing machine on while threading a needle, especially if you’re just learning how to use a sewing machine because there are chances that you might start sewing and get injured. Keep other light sources near((like a torch) so you don’t need to light the in-built light bulb in your sewing machine. But if you know how to sew, then you can keep on while threading the needle. Some high-end sewing machines may require you to turn it on for threading.
  • The thread should always go from front to back through the needle, and it shouldn’t be twisted.
  • Next, still, raise the needle to the proper position because it’s easy to thread the needle if it’s in an upward area. There are some modern computerized sewing machines where you just press the up/down button to raise the needle.
  • Either take away the presser foot or lower the presser foot – by doing this, you will have much more room to move around the needle.
  • If you have good vision and own a vintage sewing machine, then it’s a straightforward way to thread a needle, same way as your grandma did. Just make sure you have cut the end of the thread with a scissor. Licking the thread will also help. Now, hold the thread as close to the end as you can. But you need good eyesight and steady hands to thread the needle this way.
  • Today’s tech-savvy world is full of helpful gadgets, and the sewing world is no exception. So there are many special needle threader for sewing machines that you can get separately.
  • Modern computerized sewing machines come with in-built threaders. Check if your machine comes with in-built threaders. This is a small thing, but it’s so helpful.
  • Firstly, make sure your needle is in the upward position and put the threader lined up with the eye of the needle. You can do this step manually with the handwheel or press the needle up/down button if your machine has one.
  • Now, hold the thread to the needle’s left side. With some tension, draw the thread down around the thread guide or the prong and bring the thread from the left side to in front of the needle. Now you have to depress the threader knob down as far as it can go.
  • You will notice a tiny hook coming out through the eye of the needle, the back toward the front.
  • Next step, place the thread below the hook while keeping the thread parallel to the sewing machine table.
  • Now, release the threader knob quite slowly and hold the thread end using your hand simultaneously. After that a loop of the thread will be pulled through the eye of the needle. Remove the threader loop and pull out the end of the thread through the eye of the needle, and you’re done.
  • The in-built needle threader is such a wonderful invention, but make sure you’re gentle with it because they can break easily. 

Final words

These were steps to thread a sewing machine needle. Now, you can easily thread your sewing machine no matter whether it’s a vintage machine or a modern computerized sewing machine. Now you know how to thread a sewing machine needle. Have a beautiful time sewing!! 🙂