How To Put A Thread In The Sewing Machine?

Looking for the best way to thread a sewing machine without leaving any step, then read more this article for the complete guide.

Threading a sewing machine seems like one of the most intimidating tasks to an absolute beginner. However, it is one of the most uncomplicated processes, only if you know the correct steps to do it. Following the right steps can offer you a fruitful result. Also, it is essential to practice stitching to improve your abilities. However, many different types of sewing machines are available in the market, but most of them look likewise. So, following the instruction manual will help in the best possible way to operate your sewing machine. It is crucial to understand the architecture of the machine, the positioning of the sewing machine parts, and their mechanism. It is a vital step to thread a sewing machine to achieve a perfect stitch carefully. Before learning how to thread a sewing machine easily, you must know, the size and the type of the sewing machine do not affect the threading mechanism.

How to set up your sewing machine?

There are two basic ways to set up your sewing machine; it is either on a sewing cabinet or a cabinet table. It is best to have a sewing cabinet, as it will provide you with additional facilities like storage space and drawers along with comfort and room for sewers. However, a sewing table can prove to be handy for those who don’t like to compromise their comfort. Furthermore, sewing tables are portable so that you can place them anywhere as per your ease. It has a main compartment with a proper area to place the sewing machine and one drawer.

How to set up the machine on the sewing table?

A sewing cabinet comes with the benefit of easy installation, where all you have to do to place the machine on the cabinet, and it might take time to set up the sewing machine. Before you set up, you need a few basic tools like a screwdriver, screws, sewing machine with mounting holes, power drill, and of course, a sewing machine. Once you have prepared the table, then align the sewing machine with the table mounts just by matching the screwed holed in a sewing machine to the mounts on the table. It is quite vital to properly align the table mounts with the sewing machine, to get a proper hold on your sewing project. If in case the mounts on the table are not as per the size of the holes of the sewing machine, then it is best to use a drill machine and drill them accordingly. Then, remember to fix the machine on the table with the help of screws and a handy screwdriver. 

Key Points:

  • Make sure that the table is right as per the weight and the dimension of the machine before you decide to buy it. 
  • Also, ensure that the mounting hardware is available with the table. 
  • It is best to have a helping hand while fixing the machine with the table.
  • Ensure to buy the machine that has holes for the screws at its back; if not, then look for an alternative. 


The steps involved in threading a sewing machine:

  • First of all, make sure that the sewing machine is off. It is best to unplug it and to remove all the wiring connections.
  • Then pull the presser foot in the upward direction and then feed a spool of thread on the spool holder.
  • Look for the tension mechanism, then draw a spool of thread towards the tension mechanism and then slip the thread in the middle of the metal disk. After that, push the thread back towards an upward direction.
  • Spot the take-up mechanism, which is mostly in the front of the machine. It mostly moves and down with the movement of the handwheel. Then, feed the thread through the lever, which will go downwards to the left of the lever.
  • Thread according to the guides of the sewing machine. Then, go all the way down to the needle of the sewing machine. It is best to know that every different fabric requires a different sewing machine needle size.
  • Now is the best part, here you need to thread the needle. And if you find it difficult, then use the following way: hold the thread close to the needle with your left hand and slowly turn the handwheel with your right hand, and it will do done.

Summing Up

If you find the thread flapping or waving around, then you must look for the missed thread guide of the sewing machine. It is the best way to thread a sewing machine without leaving any step, but you might face issues in the first few times, but with you’ll catch up on it quickly. Use the following method to make your sewing experience fun. Keep sewing!