How To Hem Jeans With A Sewing Machine?

Are you looking forward to learn simple hacks of sewing the hems of your jeans at home? If yes, this is the information for you!

Jeans are considered a wardrobe staple for most of us. It can be worn in any situation with complete comfort. They look good, and the durability of the jeans fabric is fantastic. But finding the pair the fits you right is a great challenge as not every brand has a perfect size for your body type. Thus, sometimes to make your jeans fit you right, you might have to go to a tailor to get it altered. In case you have multiple pairs of jeans then, it might cost you a lot. But obviously, you don’t want to look unflattering and uncomfortable; thus, you might learn some tips for hemming jeans with a sewing machine.

So get into this article to learn a few easiest ways to hem jeans at home. 

Supplied required for hemming your jeans at home:

  • You must have all the necessary sewing tools.
  • You must know about some basic sewing stitches.
  • Also, you must have some knowledge about the sewing terms. 

Steps for hemming jeans with a sewing machine:

  • No matter what way you use to hem your jeans, it is first necessary to measure it correctly. 
  • Find the inseam – then measure the distance between the top of the crotch and the bottom of the jeans. 
  • Once you have the measurements and then subtract that from the current inseam of your jeans. To learn how many inches are to be cut or fold from the original size of the jeans.
  • You need to mark the measurements using a ruler and chalk.

How to do hemming of the jeans with a sewing machine?

The quickest and easiest method for hemming jeans is with a sewing machine. The entire process doesn’t take more than 30 minutes. If you did your jeans well by using the correct stitch, then it can withstand wear and tear for many washes. 

  • After you are done marking and cutting the extra part from your jeans, you must stitch the edges to prevent fraying. You can do this by using the zig-zag stitching style of your sewing machine. This way, you can hem your jeans without losing the original edge.
  • Then, pin the edges of the jeans with a ½ inch seam allowance on both the legs to make your jeans ready for sewing.
  • Use straight stitch of medium length with a similar thread color to sew around both the legs of the jeans.
  • Ensure to do backstitch at both the beginning and the end of the sewing process.
  • Trim all the extra threads, and then you are good to go.

How to hem your jeans without using a sewing machine?

How to hem jeans with a sewing machine?It is a precious time way of altering the length of your jeans. This process might take around one hour or so; it depends on your speed. For this, you will need a medium length heavyweight hand sewing needle. 

  • Firstly, follow the same measurement steps as above and then cut or fold the extra fabric. 
  • Invisible backstitch is the best stitching style for hemming your jeans with hands. It will not be visible, so it is not necessary to be perfect in it. It is a sturdy stitching pattern that stands up for a long time. 
  • Ensure to work on both the sides of both the legs of your jeans. 
  • Use more stabilizing stitches at both the beginning and the end of the stitching process. 
  • Cut all the loose threads and then iron it to get a perfect result. 

How to hem your jeans with its original hem?

The hand sewing method is the best method for hemming pants with the original hem. It won’t make it visible that your jeans or pants have ever been altered. This method helps you to hem your pants without cutting the excess fabric from it.

  • Take the seam already on the jeans, and then fold it to match the new hemming line, use pins to put it in place.
  • Then, follow all the steps of hand stitching methods to get the best hemming results.

It is the perfect hemming jeans hack for the beginners because, in this case, there are no chances of any risk. You don’t have the risk of ending up ruining your jeans with the improper cutting the excess from it.

Best way to hem your skinny jeans:

It is a little bit different from hemming skinny jeans with a sewing machine then your other normal jeans. The inseam of the jeans has to be a little bit shorter to make it sit right at the ankle (keep this in mind while measuring it). If it is stretchier than the standard denim, then it is best to hem stretch jeans with a sewing machine using a stretchy thread.