How To Fix a Spool Pin On A Sewing Machine?

If you are looking forward to learning uses and repairing methods of a spool spin of your sewing machine, then have a look at the following article.

Thread is the most crucial item for the proper functioning of a sewing machine. But sometimes, we tend to overlook the parts of the machine, which helps the thread to run smoothly. One of the most critical parts of the threading process is the spool pin of the sewing machine. However, their design, appearance, and position might differ from one machine to another, but the function of the spool pin remains the same. Have a look and learn more about this small appendage in the sewing machine. 

What is the purpose of having a spool pin?

A spool pin has the most critical purpose in a sewing machine. 

  • A spool pin holds the thread spool in the exact position for a smooth thread feeding mechanism. 
  • It ensures to provide stability to the thread spool without giving any pressure on the reel for its smooth mechanism. 
  • It turns the thread spool to unreel it while sewing. 
  • It keeps the spool from snapping out of the machine by the forces of the tension mechanism. 

How to spool pins look like?

  • Spool pins are mostly of metal or plastic.
  • Its width is mostly like that of a pencil.
  • The spool pin in use is mostly of 2inch to 4inch in length.
  • Its design allows the spool to spin freely.
  • The directions of the spools might vary from machine to machine as some might have a vertically pointed spool, and others might have it in the horizontal direction.
  • Vertical spool pins do not require a cap; however, a horizontal spool requires a cap to hold the spool in place.

What is the location of the spool pin in a sewing machine?

Spool pins are mostly on top of the machine or the back of the right-hand side of the machine. It allows the thread spool to stay outside the inner mechanism of the sewing machine while being easily accessible for the users. And if a machine has more than one spool pin, then the machine is most likely to use more than one needle at a time. 

Which pin direction must you consider?

Both the spool pins, vertical or horizontal, works equally best, so it is entirely in the hands of the user. However, there are a few things that you must consider before making your choice. Vertical spool pins allow more movement of the spool, but the tension mechanism compensates it while a horizontal spool pin is best to place the spool’s notched end and secures the thread tail closest to the pin’s base. This way, the thread is less likely to inadvertently stay in the notch and prevent the proper feeding of the thread. 

How to deal with the few minor issues in the spool pin?

  • How to fix a spool pin on a sewing machineSometimes the glue from the thread spool labels is left on the spool pin, which makes it sticky and hinders the free spinning movement of the thread spool. The solution to the spinning problem is the removal of the glue residue from the spool pin with some rubbing alcohol and cotton. 
  • Sometimes the spool cap on the horizontal spool pin slips off, making the thread spool to slip off the machine. The spool cap problem can be solved by getting a new cap or by using a rubber band. A rubber band must be tied on the spool pin, but after the cap is put back on it, to keep the cap from slipping. 

How to fix a loose spool pin?

A wobbly or loose spool pin won’t allow the thread to spin smoothly, which might hinder your sewing practice. The spool pin tends to get loose with time, and sometimes pins might get bent because of pressure or a hit. Both the issues are quite easy to solve without even taking your machine to the mechanic. But you must know that you can easily avoid the bending of the spool pin by removing it during shipping. On the other hand, the wobbling or the loosening of the spool pin can be easily mended by tightening the spool pin. However, the last option remains in your hand is to replace the spool pin on the singer sewing machine or any other sewing machine.

Winding up

The spool pin plays a significant role in the smooth functioning of the sewing mechanism. Thus it is best to ensure their correct position and must rectify its problems so that you don’t have to face any difficulty while sewing.