Best Sewing Machines For Boutique

Looking for the best sewing machines for the boutique? We know searching for the perfect sewing for your boutique could be a daunting task.

Our regular or domestic sewing machines tend to give up when a large number of projects are thrown in regularly. 

Regular sewing machines aren’t made to deal with heavy-duty commercial work. Therefore, they create a lot of problems in heavy-duty commercial work. To cope up with the ever-increasing boutique sewing projects, one needs to have a sewing machine for the boutique to his rescue. 

This would not only give you the freedom to sew heavy-duty projects in a little but will also help you get better sewing results plus professional-looking clothes.

Sewing machines for the boutique are also known as industrial sewing machines or commercial sewing machines. These machines are made to stand the test of time and provide amazing results without jamming or breaking during the sewing process.

These machines are crafted by keeping in mind the ability to see through multiple layers of fabric and handle bulk orders with ease.

Many of the professional sewers rely on commercial sewing machines to get their boutique job done. 

Another reason professional sewers prefer heavy duty sewing machines over regular sewing machines is that the time they take to complete one project. Also, these machines can stitch in a straight line, which is desired by all the professional sewers. 

However, a regular sewing machine can lack that straight line desired consistency, which makes it less favorable among professional sewers. 

There is a wide range of options available in the market for the sewing machine for the boutique. To pick out the best sewing machine for a boutique that comes from a reputable brand is a daunting task. 

Therefore, we decided to help all the sewers looking to buy boutique sewing machines. Today we’ll talk about the best sewing machine for a boutique present in the market. 

The best sewing machines for boutique

Brother PQ 1500SL Sewing Machine

Brother PQ 1500 SL is one of the best old school sewing machines that come with traditional features which are loved by many professional sewers. 

The machine is straightforward to use and doesn’t create any mess even after missing out on many significant features.

It can easily deal with the toughest of fabrics out there. This machine can effortlessly sew stubborn fabrics like jeans and leathers.

This machine is specially crafted, keeping heavy quilters in mind. Name a quilting method, and you would effortlessly get that done on the Brother PQ 1500 SL.

Key Features

  • High-Speed Sewing

    This machine comes with a sewing speed of 1,500 stitches per minute. It's lightning-fast. But this machine uses a foot pedal to control sewing speed. The lighting fast sewing speed allows you to complete the project quickly, or move slowly to make sure that designs are carried out perfectly.

  • Auto Threader, Thread Trimmers, and Needle Positioner

    The Brother PQ1500SL machines makes quilting more convenient with the help of automatic needle threader, needle positioner, and thread trimmers. All of these features save you a lot of time.

  • In-built Knee Lever & Extension Table

    This is a valuable feature for any quilter. The built-in knee lever enables you to do hands-free lifting and lowering of the presser foot so that you can focus on removing or repositioning your fabric.

  • Feed Dog Height Adjustment

    If you like to do free motion quilting, then you'll fall in love with the feed dog height adjustment feature. It comes with four heights that can accommodate just any sewing project comfortably. It also has a pin feed mechanism, which lets you exchange the feed dogs for a pin. The pin enables you to move the quilt layer together easily, or lets you work with stubborn fabrics like velvet, without leaving feed dogs marks behind on the fabric.

  • Thread Tension Control

    With the touch of a dial, you can easily and quickly adjust the machine's tension level. Though some users have complained about tension issues, and this is likely because they did not thread the bobbin correctly. If the machine is threaded correctly, the adjustment dial will fix the tension issue itself.



Brother Designio DZ1500F Sewing Machine

Designio DZ1500F is one machine that makes every sewer happy in every way possible.

The machine can perform the high-end operation on stubborn fabrics with ease. Also, the price at which is available in the market is quite affordable. Working on heavy fabrics is an easy task using this machine.

The best feature of this machine is known as needle felting capability. For those who don’t know about the needle felting process, it is a method where one can create 3-d craft projects using wool.

Key Features

  • High-speed sewing

    The machines come with a speed of 1500 stitches/ per minute without breaking or jamming in between sewing. This is an incredible speed that helps in completing projects at lighting fast speed.

  • Pin feed system

    The Brother DZ1500F comes with a pin feed system that ensures smooth fabric feeding. And it also adds a lot of efficiency to the machine.

  • Automatic needle threader and thread cutter

    Automatic needle threader and thread cutter add a lot of conveniences, especially for beginners. This feature makes threading the eye of a needle very fast. Automatic needle threader and thread cutter save you a lot of time.



Juki DDL 8700 Servo Motor Sewing Machine

This machine for Juki makes it to our list of best sewing machines for the boutique for a reason.

Juki has been the worldwide leader when it comes to producing and manufacturing the best Commercial Sewing Machines. 

DDL 8700 is one of the best products from the renowned sewing machine maker Juki.

It’s only the best sewing machine that quickly sews through any stubborn fabric without skipping any stitches.

Key Features

  • Motor

    One of the main reasons why this machine is the best selling machine is its servo motor. The 110-volt component is not noisy at all. As a result, this machine is best for residential areas, particularly for people who operate their boutique business from home. Furthermore, the in-built servo motor also provides adjustable RPMs, which provides the user with a wide range of stitching speed options. Therefore, this machine will let you slow down the speed if you're doing precise work.This machine comes with a maximum length of 6 stitches per inch. Moreover, this machine is capable of producing nearly 5,500 stitches per minute, making it the perfect machine for boutique use.

  • Needle

    The needle that comes with Juki DDL-8700 is the best you can find in the market - the Organ DBx1. These are similar needles to the one found in the Singer machines. But the needle variation options found in the Juki DDL-8700 are wider than those on any other sewing machine.

  • Sewing Right Away

    The Juki DDL-8700 features a fully assembled pallet, thus allowing you to start sewing right away. This machine is 20 inches wide and comes with a combined height and length of 48 inches.

  • Handles Variety of Material

    Juki DDL-8700 sewing machine can handle a variety of light to medium duty fabrics with ease. Though this machine is not suitable for use with heavy fabrics like canvas and leather. But many sewers haven't faced any problem sewing leather, upholstery fabric, vinyl, and other heavy-duty material using this machine.This machine can handle most of the sewing tasks you throw at it. But, this machine doesn't offer a wide range of alternative stitches. Its main design purpose is to provide users with straight and fast stitching.

  • Accessories:

    It comes with a bobbin winder and six additional bobbins, tools with instructions, machine oil, knee lifter, machine belt guards, V belt, 3-stand with sewing drawers, and tabletop plywood measuring 20 by 48 inches.



Juki DDL- 5550 Sewing Machine

The best part about the Juki DDL- 5550 machine is that it hardly vibrates even while sewing through the stubborn fabric at greater speeds. This is one of the most noticeable features of this fantastic machine.

The machine comes with a servo motor, which is known to pull less power and deliver great output while sewing.

Fewer vibrations mean overall less noise of the machine. Once users get known to this machine, they can get work done quickly on this machine. 

Whether it is a small sewing project or a task that requires you to deal with heavy, stubborn fabrics, the machine offers you all the basic features that you need to complete any project successfully.

Key Features

  • Servo Motor

    The essential feature of DDL-500 sewing machines is an incredibly powerful motor. This machine is crafted to reach a top speed of 5,500 stitches per minute without any noise. The sturdiness of the machine also helps in keeping noise and vibration down to the minimum. This machine also features a new model control box that helps in reducing power consumption during standby.

  • Sure Thread Trimming

    This machine comes with a thread trimming mechanism that trims accurately and evenly, even when it's stitching at high speed.

  • Responsive Mechanism

    As you'd expect from a commercial sewing machine at this price point, the DL-500 has incredibly smooth and even stitching - even at high speed. All this is possible because of the phenomenal responsiveness of the thread take-up and feed mechanisms. They've designed in a way to respond immediately to the changes in the material to ensure stitch consistency.



Tips for Buying Best Sewing Machine for Boutique

Look for a Sturdy machine:

 In a boutique house, a sewing machine is used by many hands. The majority of people handle machines roughly because the workers are in a hurry to finish their work asap. Machine maintenance is none of their jobs. Therefore, it’s pretty important that the sewing machine you go for has a strong metal body and is quite sturdy.

Spare parts should be available easily:

 If your sewing machine breaks down, the only you’ll want is that it could be fixed quickly and economically. 

If your machine stops working and parts aren’t easily available, then you’ll lose working hours plus money. So go for a machine with a sturdy body. Look for a machine whose spare parts are readily available. 

Sewing Machine for Boutique has to be a Workhorse:

Even if fashion designing or sewing is your hobby. Your customers would not wait too long for the completion of their orders.

With our own experience, we can tell you no matter how well planned or organized a customer is, most of them would probably approach you at the nick of time with their request. 

And you can’t risk denying them, especially at a peak season. If you say no to customers, there are chances they won’t come back to you ever.

So, you better go for a machine which can work non-stop for a long duration of hours.

Products Buying Guide:

Product Image Product Name Link To Check Price

Brother PQ 1500SL Sewing Machine

Brother Designio DZ1500F Sewing Machine

Juki DDL 8700 Servo Motor Sewing Machine

Juki DDL- 5550 Sewing Machine


So, all the machines featured on this list are among the best sewing machines for the boutique. Now that we know everything about the best sewing machines for boutique, all you need is now to write down your needs and select the best sewing machine for yourself. 

We hope our sewing machine for boutique review will help you cut down on the confusion.