Do Pickled Eggs Need To Be Refrigerated?

Are you stocking up on eggs? Have you tried pickled eggs before? Are you confused about whether to refrigerate pickled eggs or not? 

Well, the answer is YES. You need to refrigerate the pickled eggs to preserve and store them for longer. 

If you have a surplus of eggs and you don’t know how to use them, then you can try pickling them. 

Pickling eggs at home is easy and convenient, it can save you from wasting the extra eggs that you have, and there is no need for canning which makes it even more simpler.

All you need for pickling eggs are boiled eggs, salt, vinegar, and some spices,  though different households have different recipes for pickling eggs. It takes time for the brine solution to give out its complete flavour, so you need to leave the jar containing the egg pickles for some time. 

While preparing the egg pickles, some people try pricking the eggs, so that the solution could penetrate deeper into the eggs and make them more flavourful. However, doing so is risky, as it might welcome clostridium in your pickle and make you sick.

It’s better to avoid such risks and make them in a manner that is healthy for you. So, please try to find some recipe that is healthy, tasty and easy to prepare.

Now the question is why do you need to refrigerate the pickled eggs? Why can’t you keep it at room temperature? Why refrigeration is required for preserving the pickled eggs? 

You need to keep the pickled eggs in the refrigerator as no reliable homemade canning recipe for pickled eggs has been found yet.

Like meat, fish, chicken, etc. eggs are also low acid food which requires the killing of harmful pathogens using a proper processing technique with the help of a pressure canner, but home canners are not efficient enough to kill the harmful pathogens in the pickled eggs.

You should never try to keep your pickled eggs at room temperature as it can be hazardous to your life. The CDC reported a case where a man died because of having homemade pickled eggs which were stored at room temperature and caused botulinum poisoning. 

So, storing your pickled eggs at room temperature is a big No. You should always go for the refrigeration in order to preserve your pickled eggs. 

Botulism is a big risk to pickled eggs, but you can avoid it if you take proper safety measures, but how to do that or what steps to take to reduce the risk of botulism, is another important question. 

First of all, before starting the recipe for the pickled eggs, you need to wash and sterilize your hands, utensils to be used, jars, and the counter of your kitchen properly. 

You should completely avoid pricking the eggs as it might invite the risk of botulism, keeping the eggs intact is what needs to be done. 

You should never keep the pickled eggs at room temperature as it’s another major cause for botulism poisoning. Keeping the pickled egg in the refrigerator is what needs to be done. 

I hope you have now understood what pickled eggs are. What risks are associated with pickled eggs, and how you can avoid them. Why do you need to keep the pickled eggs in the refrigerator or why is it necessary for pickled eggs to be preserved in the refrigerator. 

I expect you to keep all the points and risks in mind, if you ever want to make homemade pickled eggs and eat & stay healthy. 

All the best!