Best French Door Refrigerators In The USA

If you are looking for a French-Door refrigerator to give a high-end look to your kitchen and are confused about which model to buy, you have come to the right place. This article will guide you by listing the three best French Door refrigerators in the USA. If you are reading this, just make sure to stay tuned until the end to be well-informed about the models and then decide by keeping in mind the pros and cons of all the models listed here.

In today’s world, having preserved food is typical, so refrigerators have become a need rather than a want. French door refrigerator gives a royal look to your kitchen and has a lot of other amazing features like being spacious and stylish. Keep your food fresh as long as you want and enjoy having people visit your kitchen, especially to adore your fridge. 

How to Choose the Best French-Door Refrigerator?

A refrigerator needs to be beautiful and stylish, but it should also have some essential features to fulfill our basic needs. You should have a clear knowledge about the essential features of a French Door Refrigerator before buying one for your kitchen. So here are some features that you need to look for.

  1. Size and Space- If you want to go for a budget-friendly option, you will get refrigerators offering 19-21 cubic feet of space that will fit into your small kitchen. These refrigerators will not be bulky for your kitchen and will give a luxurious look to it. However, if you have a large amount of preserved food daily, you can look at refrigerators offering 30 cubic feet. Now talking about the size, the standard size of French Door refrigerators is 36 inches in width, 70 inches in height, and 34 inches in length.
  2. Average Temperature- The default temperature settings of some refrigerators need to be changed after buying. Although the temperature is set according to the weather of the area, you can see if the default temperature is below or around 40. The temperature above this number can create a pesky hotspot, which is not good for your fruits and veggies. 
  3. Energy Efficiency-  Energy efficiency is an important feature to look for, not only for the benefit of the environment but also to save your electricity bills. The refrigerators that are energy efficient are “Energy Star” certified, and you can easily look for them in this filter. Most French Door Refrigerator brands are certified for being energy efficient by improvement in its insulations and compressors. Make sure to look for this feature while buying a Frech Door Refrigerator for your home.
  4. Cost- Your money should not be spent on something, not worth the cost. Not every brand can provide you with the best refrigerators at a worthy cost. But a costly French Door refrigerator is likely to have more features than a budget-friendly one.  

So these were the important features that every buyer needs to summarize before buying a refrigerator. Don’t worry; you don’t have to go from store to store to decide the best refrigerator. We have listed five best French Door refrigerators that have a fancy look and provide you with the best features at the same time.

List of best five French-Door Refrigerators in the USA:-

  2. Frigidaire FGHNB2868TF Gallery Series
  3. Samsung RRF26J500BC
  4. Daewoo RFS-26ABW
  5. GE Haier HRF15N3AGS


GE GWE19JGLBB sample

This is the best French Door refrigerator that you can get according to its cost. It has a beautiful black finish that makes your kitchen look fancy and royal. Not only does it have the best look, but also amazing features to help make your life simpler and easier. This GE model has been ranked as one of the best French Door refrigerators in the USA.


It has a total capacity of 18.6 Cubic feet- This refrigerator can give you ample space for all your veggies, fruits, and preserved food. For a family of 3-4 members, this capacity can serve all your preserving needs. 

It has a great fresh-food and freezer capacity- The product has 13.59 cubic feet of fresh-food capacity and 5.01 cubic feet of freezer capacity. This meets up the standard requirement.

It is Energy Efficient- This model is certified as “Energy Star,” which indicates its energy-saving feature. This can cut your electricity bills and save the environment.

It has easily removable door gaskets- This refrigerator model has a durable, finely finished, and an easily removable door gasket.

It has Fixed Fresh Food Door Bins- The door bins are fixed to the door and are adjustable with gallon storage. They have a clear look and are comfortable with the food you keep there.

Adjustable cabinet shelves- The French Door refrigerator has quick space, and split adjustable shelves. They are made of total glass, which gives a nice look to the inside of the fridge.

It has an amazing water filter facility- The GE company has put its water filter (XWFE Filter). The filter even has an indicator light to keep you updated about the filter level.

It has the feature of digital temperature display- This product has a digital temperature display, and you can easily manage it according to your needs. The upfront electronic temperature controls help you to set an appropriate temperature for your refrigerator.

Has an alarm feature- The model has a door closed alarm feature which alarms you if you leave the door open.




Yes, this model has magnetic stainless steel. So, the doors are magnetic and easily close.

The dimension of the product is 31*32.75*69.88 inches. This is the average size of all French Door refrigerators.

The model is stainless- available in black. 

Frigidaire FGHN2868TF Gallery Series

The Frigidaire Gallery series French Door refrigerators have never failed to fulfill its customer needs. The product comes in with a set of amazing features to serve you and your kitchen at its best.


It has an above-average total capacity of 27 Cu. Ft. – The Frigidaire model has an above-average capacity of 27 Cu. Ft. which gives you more space to preserve your food. This space can easily serve a family of 4-5 members.

Great Fresh-Food and Freezer Capacity- It has a great Fresh-Food capacity of 18.93 Cu. Ft. and freezer capacity of 8.71 Cu. Ft. 

Effortless Glide Crisper Drawers- The humidity-controlled crisper drawers in this model are configurable. They can be stacked on top of each other or even kept side-by-side. You can easily arrange it according to your comfort

Ice & water filtration- Frigidaire has installed its genuine ice & water filtration ultra device. It makes your water clean and healthy to drink.

Adjustable temperature controls- The temperature controls are easy and can be adjusted according to whether. You can maintain an even temperature throughout the refrigerator.

Full-width cool-zone Drawer- This Frigidaire product has a full-width cool-zone drawer that can easily store any food thin or thick. The drawer extends completely and is spacious.

Adjustable Storage- An amazing feature of this product, which makes it spacious and worthy, is its adjustable internal storage. There are over a hundred ways to customize or organize this refrigerator.

Effortless Glide Freezer Drawers- The freezer also has effortless drawers that glide out smoothly and completely. This gives you easy access to all the food kept there.




Frigidaire has never disappointed its customers due to its quick customer care services and amazing products. So yes, Frigidaire is worth the cost.

The outer dimension of this model is 36*33*69 inches. It looks small in size but can hold a lot of products due to its customizable interior storage.

Yes, the Frigidaire gallery series is pre-installed with PureAir Ultra Filters, which keeps the air clean and healthy. This helps in keeping your food fresh for a long time.

Frigidaire refrigerators consume 673 kWh per year on average. However, the newer models are more energy-efficient than, the older ones.

Samsung RF26J7500BC

Samsung RF26J7500BC sample

Here comes one of the best French-Door refrigerator of a well-known and trusted brand. This Samsung model keeps perishable fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time. It has a twin-cooling plus technology that has independent controls for the fridge and freezer.


It has a large capacity of 26 Cu. Ft.- The product has a large total capacity of 26 Cu. Ft. It can store a high amount of groceries at the same time. 

Provides Optimal Temperature Controls- The CoolSelect Pantry in the refrigerator provides manageable temperature controls. It has three options, Deli, Fresh, and Chilled. This way, you can optimize the temperature according to your need.

Good Lighting Facility- The French-Door refrigerator has high-efficiency LED lighting in it. This helps to brighten every corner and to avoid overlooking items. The light emits less heat as compared to other refrigerators.

Good Storage Facility- The Samsung model has an adjustable shelf, which increases storage facility. The shelf can fit taller items with ease, and we can also flip it up to increase the storage space.

Water and Ice Dispenser- There are external water and ice dispenser with a large opening to fix long and fancy glasses. These water and ice dispensers serve you with filtered water, crushed ice, and cubed ice. 

It has Ideal Storage Space for fruits and veggies- There are two humidity-controlled crisper drawers. This not only provides ample space for fruits and veggies but also keeps them fresh. The drawers are fully expandable and spacious.

Fast Forward Feature- A unique feature in this Samsung model is that you can turn on the Power Freeze and Power Cool button when you want to chill your food/drinks fast. The button drops the temperature in each compartment within minutes to serve you chilled food as early as possible.

Energy Efficient- The product meets the requirements of getting “Energy Star” certifications. It has less heat-emitting LED lights, which further add up to the conservation of energy.




Yes, this Samsung French door refrigerator comes with a water filter indicator. The filter can be replaced after it loses its durability. 

This Samsung product is “Energy Star” certified due to its digital inverter, which saves up to 46.95% energy less than a motor compressor.

Most modern devices these days have an in-built stabilizer. This Samsung model also has one, and you don’t need to purchase a different stabilizer for it.

Daewoo RFS-26ABW

Daewoo RFS-26ABW sample

Having ample space, this Daewoo model also qualifies as one of the best French Door refrigerators out there. It has separated cooling zones for each section so that they can have the ideal temperature required. Daewoo provides you this model with a smooth door finish that can give an attractive look to your kitchen.


It has a capacity of 26.1 Cu. Ft.- This model has a total capacity of 26.1 Cu. Ft. which is enough to serve a family of 4-5 members.

Good storage facility- The storage facility of this model has been satisfying the customers at a wide range. The door bins are spacious and can fit jugs of water easily.

Air control- This French Door refrigerator has a feature of moist air control. This helps the air moist to be managed according to the temperature outside. So, the food remains fresh for a long period.

A differentiated place for every food- An amazing feature of Daewoo French Door refrigerators is that it has differentiated places for every kind of food. It has a dairy pocket, a vegetable case, a big gallon pocket, and a pantry drawer.

Auto pull-out freezer drawer- When the freezer drawer is opened, the auto pull out drawer comes out automatically. This gives convenient and easy access to everything that’s kept inside. 

Auto ice maker- The auto pull-out freezer drawer contains an auto ice maker. It operates automatically. This ensures easy and quick access to ice whenever needed. 

Covered Bin- The adjustable door bin of this French Door refrigerator also has a cover. This can be extremely useful for storing dairy products such as butter, cheese, etc. It can keep these items safe, healthy, and fresh to eat.

Standard depth- Unlike other refrigerators, this is not counter depth. It has a standard depth of 33.78 inches. 

Energy Efficient- The product is “Energy Star” certified. It saves energy, protects the environment, and cuts down your electricity bill.




Yes, the auto pull-out freezer drawer contains an ice maker. This gives easy and convenient access to ice whenever needed.

The model is “Energy Star” certified, and you don’t need to worry about big electricity bills. It consumes 685 kWh of energy per year.

This model does not have an in-built water filter. So no, it does not remove chlorine from the water. However, you can attach a separate filter to it.


Another GE model has made it a place to be one of the best French Door refrigerators in the USA. It is stainless steel and has an amazing finish. It has thick and strong glass shelves making it reliable and durable.


It has a total capacity of 15.3 Cu. Ft. – This GE model has a total capacity of 15.3 Cu. Ft, which would be perfect for a family of 2-3 members. It is not bulky and would easily fit into a small kitchen.

Uses LED lighting- The product has LED lighting inside it. It provides long-lasting, clear, and bright light making the food visible in every corner. The light emits less heat and is energy efficient.

Fast Forward Feature- The refrigerator offers quick cool, and quick freeze functions. This can fast-forward the cooling process and can give you chilled drinks or food as quickly as possible.

Easy temperature controls- You can easily increase/decrease 1 degree in each press through the buttons at the refrigerator door. This allows easy management of temperature according to weather and your needs. 

Freezer features-The freezer, along with having the quick freeze feature, also has an adaptive defrost technology. This helps the evaporator and the refrigerator by preventing them from being blocked by frost.




The GE Haier is 68 inches tall, 27 inches wide, and 27 inches deep.

No, the model does not need a stabilizer. It has stabilizer free operation.

This GE French Door refrigerator has a voltage of 115 volts. 


Now that you know the pros and cons of the best five French Door refrigerators, you can decide which one to buy according to your needs. The French Door refrigerators make your kitchen look incredibly fancy and provides you with a lot of unique features. Make sure you match all the features with the size of your kitchen, the number of members in your family, and your daily needs. Then you will be able to choose the Best French Door refrigerator for yourself.