Can We Run A Water Pump On An Inverter?

Are you surrounded by questions regarding running a water pump on an inverter? Do you want to know which inverter will be best for running a water pump? Then you are at the right place. This article will provide answers to your questions and relief to your worries.

Water pump provides the practical technique through which water can be moved or thrown from one place to another. But, this technique requires the correct energy for application.

And what’s better than an inverter to provide this service? To better understand inverters, the simplest way to define them is to convert direct current into an AC. 

But is it possible to run a water pump on an inverter? Of course, you have to be sure about this before buying an inverter; otherwise, it will be a waste of fortune. But don’t worry, as the answers to your questions are given below. 

Is it possible to run a water pump on an inverter? 

As important as the water pump is to Indian agriculture and mainly for irrigation purposes ,this question holds many hopes for our respected farmers who want to know the right information to avoid the wrong purchase. The answer is yes, without any doubt. There are three basic types of pumps including Axial flow pumps, Positive displacement, and Centrifugal.

The most important use of a house power is to provide the power to the water pump. The basic application of water pumps consists of water supply systems, Pressure systems, Irrigation pumps.But, you have to take care of many factors when choosing the right water pump inverter. 

The water pumps that run on inverters are installed in both homes and farms, making it more obvious to find the right inverter. 

The proper selection of the inverter is the main requirement, and many more are given below-

  • A 3KW inverter would be an ideal choice to run a water pump. 
  • An outback inverter may also work, but it is important to know that they would work on Batteries. 
  • You can also use solar energy to charge the battery bank in many cases. 
  • As there are inverters made for different purposes, it is always safe to first select an inverter designed for water pumps. 
  • You should also give sufficient time to recharging of batteries. It may vary from one to two hours before usage. 

Benefits of a water pump that runs on an inverter you should know:

  • By reducing the speed of a pump inverter, you can save up to 50% of the battery. 
  • You can also use the pump-clean features in areas where there are regulations to save Fish. 
  • You can also use the soft fill option to reduce the water hammer. 

What size inverter is recommended for a water pump? 

The whole circuit must be able to handle the starting load and other loads at the same time, or it can also become a reason for the inverter being shut down. 

  1. 5hp will be equivalent to 970KW, and a 2.0hp other pump is equivalent to 2650KW. According to the above-mentioned hp, the size of the inverter can cause dim lighting in the beginning but will not cause any harm. 


I hope this article will be helpful to you to understand if a water pump can run on an inverter. And if this all is expensive for you, you can also use a lower power solar pump which is also an efficient source. Other than that, this article tries to put all the information in the simplest way. 

Thank you.