Can I Charge Car Battery With Home Inverter?

Does your car battery need to be charged? Do you have a home inverter that you want to use to charge the car battery, but you are in doubt? Or are you a person who loves reading about new things? Whatever it is, just stop and read because this article is hat all you need.

Who in this world doesn’t know what a car is? It has made our daily life super easy. But with the service that the car provides us comes the big responsibility. 

The responsibility of taking care of a car that normally many people take for granted. A car battery is supposed to be charged in time because if it will not, then to your car, you might have to say goodbye. 

So, should you charge the car battery with a home inverter? It sounds easy and appealing but aren’t you curious to find out if this is the right way? What if you use it on someone’s suggestion, but the plan backfired? You don’t need to worry about it. This article will answer all your queries. Read to find out everything. 

Can I charge car battery with home inverter? 

The answer is a complete yes. If anytime your car’s battery becomes low, you can instantly charge it by using a home inverter. This is because car batteries are usually rated at 12 volts, and in the same way, home inverters are rated at 12 volts. 

But if the car battery is dead completely, in that case, it will not be charged, considering that the battery has lost all the energy to be charged again. Also, it requires a DC Voltage to be charged, which is not available in a dead car battery. 

How can you charge a car battery by using a home inverter? 

You can easily charge a car battery by following the simple steps given below. 

  • The first step has to be setting up a connection. You have to connect the negative port to the black wire and the red wire to a positive port. 
  • After ensuring that the wires are properly connected, the next process is to connect power to the power socket. 
  • In the end process, you have to leave the car battery to be charged for two to three hours maximum. 

All the things you should know and consider while charging the car battery. 

Charging a car might seem like an easy process, but safety should be your number one priority always in life. 

  • You have to check properly that the wires are connected in the right place because if they are not, it can create a big problem by causing an explosion. 
  • You also have to check the voltage because it is a fact that if the inverter has a high voltage in comparison to the battery, it will charge fast. 
  • Car batteries contain a lot of current inside them, so if not taken care of, it can cause heavy destruction. 


In the end, you can use a home inverter to charge the car battery without any worry. But, you have to make sure to take care of all the points given above as you will lose your car battery and home inverter or even other things surrounded at that time to an explosion. You can also consider using a car battery or taking your car to the car servicing place. I hope this will be helpful to you. 

Thank you.