Can Alexa Control The Ceiling Fan?

Alexa has been the most fabulous product of amazon to date. It has proven to be helpful to several people across the globe. May It be kids, adults, or grandparents, all of them find Alexa to be their helping hand. Alexa has been helping everyone with various things. Not only in answering the questions asked to it, but it also does follow your commands.

For example, if your house is a smart home with all the smart accessories and smart appliances, Alexa helps you control them very easily by sitting in any corner of the house. Now the question arises many times whether Alexa can control a ceiling fan as well. This article will solve this query and provide you with a perfect answer. 

Can Alexa control the ceiling fan?

The answer to this question is Yes. Yes, you can control a ceiling fan in your house by Alexa. The only requirement is that it should be a “Smart ceiling fan.”  Here smart indicates that the fan is such that android devices and remotes can control it; Alexa is one of them. Hence if you require Alexa to control the ceiling fan in your house, you need to purchase a smart ceiling fan directly from the store or online, whichever may be comfortable to you, or even you can turn your existing fan into a completely new smart ceiling fan by doing some basic electrical alterations.

Why is a smart ceiling fan required for Alexa?

To control your fan with Alexa, a smart ceiling fan is primarily required. All smart devices, including the smart ceiling fans, connect to any local network or the internet.  Hence by connecting this ceiling fan to Alexa, you can have complete control over it, and hence you can even schedule the timing of how and when it should operate in a day.

It is also found that running a ceiling fan and your air conditioners reduces the power consumption to a lot of extents. Hence these days, air conditioners are mostly manufactured as automated. Hence, having an automated ceiling fan enables you to control them with Alexa with just a single command.  

How is the installation done?

Installation of a smart ceiling fan is super easy if you buy a new one from the store. The ceiling fan itself comes along with remote, Bluetooth connections, and the other various features, and hence it is just required to be installed and connected to Alexa at your home. 

But in contrast, if you want to change your existing regular fan into an automated one, this requires installing smart fan control switches and some DIY electrical alteration that might consume some time. Hence, if you want an easy and comfortable installation and a smoothly working ceiling fan controlled by Alexa, then buying a new completely automated one is the best choice since any extra alterations or adjustments won’t be required. 

Which other devices help in connecting the ceiling fans?

Other devices help connect your ceiling fan to Alexa BOND, being one of them, which is a product of amazon itself. It is a router that helps connect all the devices across your home to Alexa and enables you to control them by phone or by giving a voice command.

Why is the Alexa control beneficial?

Alexa always proves to be helpful in all kinds of situations. It keeps your home safe and secure by ensuring that all your devices are switched off when you are away from home. Similarly, you can also put off your fan if you are in the other room or even if you have left your house. You can also switch it on when you are about to return home so that your entire room is cool as soon as you arrive.