Can A Ceiling Fan Fall?

It is unlikely that a ceiling fan should fall based on the predominant make and established support on which it is based. It would be astonishing if it falls. However, it would be hazardous if, in a domestic household, the same happens. It would be kind of a surreal question to ask can a ceiling fan fall? 

Unless if a reference to a horror movie is made, the question of a ceiling fan falling would be freakish. Technically speaking, from a realistic point of view, if by any chance a ceiling fan falls, what could be the consequences of that event. Indeed, one among the most apparent possibilities could be physical damage.

Uncertain Probability

This is depending on the primal structure of the fan. Considering it of a typical assembly, there can be several instances when due to non-maintenance, the fan gets rusted and sapped with time. As a result, it gets ripped off from the supporting hinge on the ceiling and falls. Concurrently, if the blades of a fan get damaged due to some instances, the contrary force caused can let it fall. 

The most intriguing question of the time could be, can a ceiling fan fall and kill someone? Rationally some clinical facts are to be determined in this scenario which is to be diagnosed while answering a question like this. The two most important factors would be the weight of the fan and the place where it hits the body of a person. 

If the fan falls directly on the head, there are high chances that a person would die. Are they coming back to our specific topic, i.e., can a ceiling fan fall? It falls back to the foundation part of the material with which the fan is attached to the ceiling. If the ceiling is vulnerable, the support of the fan can become vulnerable too. 

Technical Hindrances

The motion of spinning of the fan can also act as a profound indicator of the probability of the fan falling. The faulty and awkward oscillation is also a prominent indicator of the fan’s uncertain future. It all comes back to the main thing the installation of the fan. A wrong installation of even the smallest part, which could be a bolt or screw, can cause massive devastation. 

Installation of fans sometimes seemed in such a way that it looks cogent but, it doesn’t because something is missing, and by the time it comes to notice, it might have been too late to realize. Falling fans hardly give a chance to realize the discrepancy. 

Often fans are attached to such wires, which are not competent enough to hold the voltage capacity of its more than the gan requires. As a result, there can be a possibility of a probable short circuit occurring at the wiring mechanisms and cause the fan to break apart from its support and fall.

Technical or Abstract Phenomenon

Even though sometimes we try to blame human errors but not everything is dependent upon humans to ratify. An astringent earthquake can also cause a ceiling fan to fall. Nevertheless, it’s evident that most things apart from the fan would be ripped apart, but sound engineering and technique can prevent anything. 

Science has developed at such a stage where many mechanical peripherals are working on automation, and this will develop in the coming days, but what science cannot control is the fallacies that human technology occurs. The ceiling fan falling off is such kind of a phenomenon. Hence, it is something that entirely depends on probabilities that luck chances which create uncertainties.