How To Dispose Of Air Purifier?

Converting it to Compost

Composting is the best method of disposing of an air purifier. While using a conventional air purifier, use one of the best bio-degradable materials like cornstarch, rice, sawdust, wood chips, or newspaper. The process is quite easy and, after a few days, the toxins and particles would be completely removed from your home.

Letting it Die A Natural Death

The life cycle of an air purifier is very similar to that of a vegetable. Once the equipment is removed from its plastic casing, give it a little time. For about three weeks, let it breathe freely. The ideal temperature range for this process is 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Once this time period is over, let the air purifier die a natural death.

Landfill It

The other option of disposing of an air purifier is to send it to the landfill. The question here is, how can you tell an air purifier to be disposed of in a landfill?

For example, if your air purifier has been in service for over three months, it has emitted at least a certain percentage of particulate matter every single day. It means the air purifier is emitting particulates at a high rate every day, which eventually makes it full of harmful toxins. And these toxins are very harmful to people, animals and plants.

If your air purifier has been out of service for more than three months, you should also know that the less harmful particles are slowly leaking out of it. These pollutants might then cause problems to your home.

Pack It Up

Suppose you want to dispose of an air purifier in a very systematic and organised manner. In that case, you can also pack it up and send it to a recycling facility or collection centre. For this option, you need to wash the air purifier before packing it thoroughly. It is also advisable to leave a gap of at least one foot on either side of the body of the air purifier.

Use it as firewood

If the air purifier has been out of service for three months or more and you do not want to throw it into a landfill, you can use it as firewood. Just cut the filter and cut the internal parts, then smoke the air purifier. It is an eco-friendly way of disposing of an air purifier properly.

Refrigerate It

Lastly, you can use it as a raw material for some new products. Maybe you want to make a blender that will function on an air purifier. So, leave it out on a table and leave it at room temperature. You can also try other home appliances which can be made on air purifiers.

Easy and Long-term Solutions

The choice of disposal method depends on the air quality at your home and the kind of air purifier you have in it. Even though a certain percentage of the particulates are eliminated when you use an air purifier, the best solution is to get one certified by an organisation like HEPA.

If you have an air purifier, then you must know how to dispose of it. Before disposing of the air purifier, takes the following steps:

  • Use an air purifier filter after emptying it.
  • Now, empty all the dust, pollen and soot from the air purifier. The machine needs a few more hours to filter all the dirty air from the room. You should clean it with compressed air at least one time every year.
  • Dispose of the filter and dispose of it properly so that the unit does not catch fire and the user does not suffer. You can throw them in the wash with a bit of detergent or use them in the dustbin. You can also use them as paper towels and clean any grease on the walls.
  • You can even clean your air purifier with a damp cloth and then spray the machine with water to clean. Now, you must know about the time required to clean your air purifier. You must not use chemical products on the filter as it will only damage the machine. Instead, you can use mild soaps and detergents for it. The simple cleaning method will bring back the energy of the machine.
  • You can also clean the filters with minimal vinegar if you cannot remove them with mild cleaners.

I hope this article helps to dispose of the air purifier properly. If you have any query about air purifier, please ask in the comment section below.