Best Fitness Watch For Women

There are a variety of watches in the market. From water-proof watches to the costly Rolex watches, there are a variety of designs and models. Every watch has a different feature within them, and recently the watch with certain fitness features have been gaining more popularity in the market.  These fitness watches are available for both men and women. But based upon the movement women are more interested in these watches than men because of their interest in staying fit all the time. These fitness watches can be used to track your movements, your exercises and your health throughout the day. With the help of these fitness watches, you can also calculate the calories you have burnt per day and exercise accordingly. Using a fitness tracker watch will not only help you in your health, but it will also allow you to feel motivated and perform more exercises than the normal. So while purchasing a fitness watch, make sure to look for all the features like tracking, GPS and designs.  Every fitness watch has certain features within itself that makes it unique and separate from the other watches available in the market. So before you purchase a fitness watch, take a look at the features and buy the one that suits you the most.


One of the most important things that you need to take a note of is the brand of the watch. Brands are essential while buying a watch because they mean quality. Purchasing a cheap fitness watch for a low price will result in poor performance and quality. But by buying a branded watch, you will be able to experience accurate calculations and the perfect design to go. Most of the branded watches have a longer life span when compared to the other cheap watches. They also come with a reasonable warranty period and normal price. 

Good tracking abilities

The next important thing that you need to note while purchasing a fitness watch is that it is to make sure that it has excellent tracking abilities. With proper tracking ability, the watch will be able to count the number of steps you have travelled and how many you need to move more to complete your goal. The latest model watches come along with the embedded GPS tracker that will allow you to track the amount of distance moved in the form of kilometres. The help of you can meet your daily goals of 1000 or 10000 steps, and if you are lagging, you can also make it up the next day or during your free time. 

Sleep tracker

The fitness watch comes along with a sleep tracker that tracks the amount of time you have been sleeping. It can also determine your various cycles of sleep using your pulse rate and inform you how much sleep you need further. These sleep trackers are mainly used for people with Insomnia problems, but normal people can also use them, especially when they have exam related problems that prevent them from sleeping for a long time. This watch will warn you when you lack sleep, and they are useful for long hour workers. 

Exercise tracker

Some of the watches that are available in the current day have certain facilities like exercise tracking devices embedded within them. These watches have a special sensor module that will track the exercise that you are performing, whether it is cycling, push-ups, skipping, jogging or running. Depending upon the exercise you are doing on time taken to perform the particular exercise the watch will calculate and present you with the number of calories that you have burnt in that single day. If you are a heavy fitness freak, you can go for this watch as they will be useful for maintaining a proper nutritional balance within your body. 

Design of watches

There are many designs of fitness watches available in the market, but most of them are unisex. If you are looking for a beautiful fitness watch that can also go along with your designer dress, then certain branded watches can be purchased for your requirements. These designer branded fitness watches are beautiful, and by purchasing them, you can match them with your outfit. You can choose to be fashionably healthy with these watches. 

Heart rate monitor

The next most important thing to consider while purchasing a fitness watch is to make sure that it has the proper heart rate monitor. With a perfect heart monitor, you will be able to maintain the intensity of your heart rate while performing cardio exercises. You can also check your heart rate from time to time if you have any cardio-related ailments. Also, with the help of your heart rate, you will be able to calculate the number of calories burnt. You can purchase a watch with a perfect heart rate monitor and one that also displays the number of calories consumed per day. 

Free features

Nowadays a watch is not just a watch. It is also being used for various other purposes. So if you are looking forward to purchasing a fitness watch that has other good positive attributes like sending a text and controlling your music, there are many designs available in the market. So why purchasing for a watch? Take a deeper look at its features and make sure that they are useful for you. The only disadvantage with these advanced watches is that they have a slightly large screen so that it would be easier for you to send text messages and make a connection with your smartphone through applications.

Smartphone connection

One of the greatest advantages of these fitness watches is that you can now track the fitness of your family as well by connecting their watches to the application on your mobile phone. You can now take a look at the distance they are travelling and how their heart rate is whenever required. They also send you a message when there is an emergency like a low heartbeat. These features are useful for people with heart-related ailments and other diseases like diabetes. These smartphone applications can also be linked with other nutritional applications to monitor your food intake and manage exercises according to it. 


These fitness watches can also be connected to your coach and used for tracking your movements. When you are an athlete looking forward to shining in the field, your coach can guide you to maintain a fit and healthy body by using this application. We can also calculate the number of exercises he can give you based on the calories you intake.  These watches are also used for other types of training, including swimming. 

Strong straps

Even though this seems like a simple requirement that what you are buying should have a perfect strap because you will be wearing it when you are performing exercises, the watch and the belt will be exposed to both water and heat. So they should have the efficiency to withstand heat and have a water-proof strap. They should also be comfortable for wearing around and not feel the itch.


These features are the most important things to look for while purchasing a watch. If you are looking for a watch, also make sure it comes from a good brand. Also, try to buy a watch with water-proof technology. This will allow you to wear them while swimming and perform other water-related exercises. You can use your watch for different purposes like GPS tracker, Exercise tracker and also for sending text messages. Buy a watch with the right brand name and warranty.

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