Which Peripheral Port Provides The Fastest Throughput To Laser Printers?

Printers come with different kinds of ports like serial port, parallel port and USB port. Here in this article, we will tell you which peripheral port provides the fastest throughput to laser printers.  But before we get into the details, you should first understand what is peripheral. 

Whenever we work on a computer, we attach several devices to the computer to increase work efficiency. For example, an external hard disk is connected to the computer to increase its storage space. 

Similarly, a printer is a peripheral that helps us take hard copies of the data produced and stored in the computer. These peripherals are connected to a laptop through ports. A port is something like a plug point where the peripherals are connected. 

Types of Ports

As mentioned earlier, there are different kinds of ports in a computer that helps you attach external devices. The throughput of devices like laser printers dramatically depends upon the port it is being connected to.

Serial Port

Serial ports used to be in old computers. It allows you to transmit data one bit at a time. Previously you could connect the modem, keyboard, and mouse to a computer using the serial port. The serial cables used to connect these devices are comparatively cheaper than other devices.

USB Port

With time technology advanced, the Universal Serial Bus, also known as a USB port, came into existence. The USB port is multi-purpose ports that have reduced the number of ports in a computer. It allows you to connect several devices to the computer. 

Some of the widely used machines related to computers using the USB port are external speakers, pen drives, laser printers and external hard disks, apart from mouse and keyboards. 

The biggest advantage of the USB port is that you can turn off the devices while the system is on and still connected to the computer. Today even televisions and music systems have USB ports. 

Parallel Port

The parallel port is similar to serial ports. Still, the only difference is that the parallel port allows you to transmit 8 bits of data simultaneously, making the devices connected to the port smoother and faster.

If you plan to get a desktop at home, you might be wondering which port to consider while purchasing the computer. We suggest you should opt for a laptop that has either a USB port or parallel ports. 

A USB port allows you to connect multiple devices to your computer and a parallel port transmits 8-bit data at a time, which makes the machine connected to it faster and smoother.

If at all you are thinking of connecting your printer to the computer. In that case, we suggest opting for a parallel port because a parallel port is mainly used to connect printers to the computer, especially if it is a laser printer.

Final Takeaway

Therefore to conclude, it can be said that a parallel peripheral port provides the fastest throughput to laser printers. It allows you to transmit 8-bit data simultaneously, which helps your laser printer operate at lightning speed. So, the next time you are thinking of connecting your printer to the computer, make sure your computer has a USB port or parallel ports.