Which Printer Gives Very High Quality Output?

If you are confused about which printer works better, laser or inkjet, you can read this article. A lot of people prefer inkjet printers over laser printers. Because inkjet printers are old technology and very few people are aware of the advantages of laser printers.  

If you ask us which printer gives us a very high-quality output, we recommend using laser printers over inkjet printers. Even though laser printers are a little expensive, there are many advantages to using laser printers.

Advantages of laser printers

Here are some key advantages of using a laser printer

Laser printers print at their full resolution.

Unlike inkjet printers, whose resolution varies depending upon the printer’s speed, laser printers print at their full resolution every time at 600 dpi. To make an inkjet printer work at its most, the rate needs to be regulated and slowed to increase resolution. 

The colours of a laser printer stay 

Even though when it comes to colour printing, several people prefer using inkjet printers because inkjet printers have a wide variety of colours, unlike laser printers that contain colour cartridges that comprise only four colours. Cyan, Black, Magenta, and Yellow. The colours that come out of an inkjet printer always have a risk of getting smudged. This is because inkjet printers contain a set of ink cartridges that are filled with liquid colours. These specially made colour dries when they are poured on the sheet. But there is always an outside chance that the content might get smudged. This does not happen with laser printers. 

Laser Printers work on any paper

When printing anything on paper, a laser printer works better than an inkjet printer because laser printers can print on documents with inferior quality.  Whereas in an inkjet printer, the paper needs to be thicker than the usual papers. So that the paper holds the ink firmly until it is scorched. So, if you are running an office where you have been cutting costs on paper quality, it is advised to invest in a laser printer instead of an inkjet printer. 

Laser Printers save space

Inkjet printers are bulky and take up space when placed in an office.  This is because it comes with 12 ink cartridges. It is also heavier than laser printers, so you need to be careful while shifting the inkjet printers from one place to another. On the other hand, laser printers are sleek and light in weight. They take up less space compared to inkjet printers. So, if you are renovating your office space, replace your old inkjet printer with the latest laser printer, which will give your workplace a corporate look.

Final Takeaway

If you don’t mind investing a considerable amount on printers, we suggest opting for laser printers instead of inkjet printers. They might be a little costly, but they turn out to be cost-effective in future, especially if you are printing in bulk.

Most importantly, laser printers are faster than inkjet printers, and there are lesser chances of the published materials getting smudged when rubbed before drying.  They work best if you wish to print in grayscale and can be used on any paper. So the paper cost also decreases massively if you are using a laser printer instead of an inkjet printer.