Best Laptops For Writers On Budget For Writing A Book

When you are writing a book, you will face a variety of problems, including writer’s block. The writer should have a good source for writing all of his ideas. The recent modern generation prefers using laptops for writing a book. This technique is a much easier choice because they can be carried everywhere, and the writer can enter his thoughts freely without any interruption anytime and anywhere. But you cannot just buy any laptop from the market because, as a writer, certain features are essential for you. So searching for the right laptop for comfortable writing is necessary. Most of the writers will not have enough money to purchase a costly laptop. So searching for a laptop for a decent budget might be quiet tiring. As a writer, you might need a laptop with a decent budget and a laptop with a good screen and a comfortable keyboard that allows you to type at a faster rate. When you ask the salesman in the shops for a suitable laptop, they do not understand your requirements. For them, a writer’s laptop will be an ordinary laptop with MS Word installed in it. But it’s not just that. A proper writer’s laptop should have a good screen, ergonomic keyboard, UV protection, and a good battery. They should also be of low weight and have a sleek modern design for comfort. Let us now see the types of features that need to be taken into account before purchasing a laptop for writing purposes. You might have an inspiration anytime and anywhere. So you should be well prepared for recording your thoughts.

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As a writer, you will have only a limited number of resources, and if you are a budding writer, the money source will be limited. Writing on a paper and submitting your files are old age techniques, and the current technology requires a digital copy. Most of the publishing companies also accept only digital copies. So in such situations having a laptop is essential. If you are looking for a low budget laptop, then the suitable amount will be between rupees 30000 (408$) to 40000 (545$). Any laptop below that price will not be of the required quality. So purchase a laptop within the budget because your laptop needs to have some features that will be a bit costly. 


As a writer, the screen will be the most crucial feature that needs to be noted while purchasing a laptop. As a writer, you will be forced to write for 8-10 hours per day, which will create mental stress and other physical stress. Viewing the screen for such long hours can affect the quality of your eyes. So to protect your eyes and work comfortably, certain things need to be noted about the screen while purchasing a laptop.

Size: The screen size is more important because, as a writer, you will be forced to view the screen for several hours a day. If you have a small screen, then the screen’s content will also be short, which will create stress on your eyes. Even if you increase the font size, you will be forced to scroll the pages every now and then. So having a decent-sized laptop screen will be suitable for your requirement. A laptop with a screen size of 14 to 17 inches will be more appropriate. The screen should also be protected with the latest screen guard technology glass to prevent your eyes from getting exposed to harmful UV radiation. Having a screen with a right brightness level that can be adjusted will allow you to lower the brightness whenever you feel a strain on your eyes.

Resolution: As a writer, you will need a laptop to display the letters and images with perfect quality. So the screen you purchase should have a high definition quality. The HD quality is available on the LED screens and also on the OLED screens. The OLED screens are a bit costly, but you can automatically go for the OLED screens if you are willing to spend the money. In LED screens, a standard light is used to light up all the pixels while every pixel self lights in case of the OLED screens. At the same time, you can choose the type of resolution you want. Having. 720p resolution will be sufficient for a writer but if you’re going to have the best screen, then go for 1080p resolution. Some of the advanced laptops also come along with a view angle technology that will allow you to have a good view of the screen despite where you sit. If you are looking for a laptop within a decent budget, then go for a 1080p LED screen or a 720p LED screen. The color and the contrast of the screen should also be perfect, and the brightness should be so that it does not affect the eyesight of the person working on the laptop.

Touch screen or no touch screen

As a writer, the touch screen laptop will be useful if you can write directly on the computer screen. If you prefer using a keyboard, then you don’t have to purchase a touch screen laptop. But if you prefer writing directly on the laptop to convert them into two words, then you can purchase a touchscreen laptop with proper tools for writing directly. You have to remember with touch screen laptops that they need to be adequately maintained for an everlasting experience. When purchasing a touchscreen laptop, make sure that it has the required facility to write directly on the word document and create images on the paint document. Certain touchscreen models allow you to perform Windows related functions only while the rest needs to be performed using the keyboard. Also, touch screen laptops are usually costly, and they are available to fixed warranties. 


The keyboards are the most essential requirements for the writers. When you are purchasing a laptop, you have to make sure that it has a good keyboard set. The keyboard should have soft keys with bouncy nature. The essential keys like Control, Shift, and Alt should be placed together in such a way that they can be easily reached without any strain. They should have a good feather touch technology that will allow you to type on the keyboard without any strain on the fingers. Some of the advanced models have the keyboard with backlit lighting Technology that will enable you to type quickly even under the dark. This feature will prevent you from straining your eyes and type at a faster rate without any discomfort. The backlight Technology keyboards will have a light eliminating in the background of every key. Along with the keyboard having a Feather Touchpad will allow you to scroll through the pages easily without the requirement for a separate mouse.


The next important thing that you need to note in any laptop is the processor. The processor is responsible for the input and the output functions of the laptop. Having a good processor will allow you to access the files immediately and perform all the tasks faster. The intel core i3 or i5 processor will be suitable for such speed, but choosing a regular Pentium or AMD processor will also be sufficient if you are looking for a normal budget. Having a good processor will ensure a smart function within the laptop. You can also choose the i7 processes, but they will not fall under your budget. Simultaneously, the i7 processors are mostly used for some of the high-end professional laptops that can be used for hacking and for developing programming languages. So choosing an i3 or i5 will fall under your budget. These laptops can be used for graphic designing and other functions also when required. If you want a laptop with a much lesser price, you can go for the AMD processors.

Disc drive and RAM

As a writer, you might be forced to download many reference-related files and save your writings safely on your computer. To have proper storage space, you can use two types of disk drives available in the market. The SSD disk drives are the latest models but are available only up to 500 GB memory capacity. They are costlier than the other industries. But people prefer using this disk drive because of their ability to access the files immediately without you searching for them. Also, can withstand pressure and certain damages. So if you want to save your files with a perfect storage facility, then the SSD disk drive will be suitable. But remember, the laptop can only be used for storing your writing files. Keeping other video files like movies and clips will reduce the storage space to a greater extent within a short period. The next type of storage devices available in the market is the hard disk drive, which has been known for a long time. Hard disk drives can store a lot of data until 1 TB. But they require some time to access the file because of the disk storage model. Also, they can be easily damaged, significantly when you drop your laptop. 

There are particular laptops with a combination of both disk drives. If you prefer, then you can purchase them. Otherwise, you can choose a laptop for your wish. The RAM or Random Access Memory is essential for storing the data temporally when the software is running. Having a RAM will speed up the loading of the applications and also while running the applications. So as a writer, you will have the requirement to browse through multiple documents simultaneously. During those times having good RAM storage will allow you to move faster. You can also open and operate various files at the same time. So purchasing a RAM of 4 GB or more will be suitable for your requirements. Getting a 2GB RAM computer will not be ideal for current trends because even mobile phones nowadays use the 2GB RAM card. Along with these temporary and permanent memory cards, other separate graphic cards can be added along with the computer. The processor comes along with an integrated graphics card, and if required, you can purchase the one with the extra graphic card. But as a writer, you will not require the graphic card because the laptops with the additional graphic card are suitable for the animation creators and game developers. 

Audio system

The laptop comes along with an integrated audio system that comprises of a set of speakers and microphone. By purchasing a laptop, make sure that both the microphone and speaker are of perfect quality. The microphone should have the ability to record the voice without any distortion, and the speaker should have the ability to provide sound clearly with proper background effect. As a writer, you will have the requirement to record the audiobook and also your ideas. Recording and hearing the audiobooks can be more comfortable with good quality laptops. The laptop should also have the ability to record voice-overs and hear them regularly. The laptop should also have the facility use the essential recording software that is professional along with the recording ability. 

Web camera and other facilities

Even though you don’t need the advanced web cameras, you still should have a primary web camera that can be used in case of an urgent meeting with the Client or publisher—purchasing a laptop with a primary web camera of 2MP clarity. The next important aspect of any laptop is the battery. Having a battery that can last up to 8 hours with fast recharging capacity will allow you to enjoy working on the laptop without thinking about recharging the battery now and then. Now you can carry your laptop to the office and every other place without worrying about the laptop’s charge. The laptop should also have a perfect set of USB ports for connecting external storage devices like pen drive and hard disk along with these features. The laptop should also have proper Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection facilities so that you can transfer the files quickly without any wire connection. Purchase the laptop with all these features and enjoy them for a lifetime. Along with the description, we have also given below some of the models suitable for a writer. These products are available on online websites like Amazon. You can either purchase a model given below or buy any other model that will suit your requirement. Sometimes getting a laptop with all the features will be a bit impossible. So we have combined all the best model laptops that will be suitable for the requirement.