What Are The Specifications Of A Good Laptop?

The entire world is now turning into a digital media nowadays. From the invention of computers, the growth of digital media has been impeccable. Computers have emerged to a greater level, and now they are available in the transformed form of laptops and other devices like tablets and mobile phones. Though people have stopped using desktop computers, they still prefer using laptops because of their efficiency and quality. From small businessmen to the people having international firms, everyone is nowadays interested in owning a laptop for carrying their activities. The laptops have become an essential part of, and without them, the world will face a considerable loss. But purchasing these laptops is not easy work. It requires a lot of research and knowledge about the concept. When you are purchasing a laptop, there are many things to consider. All the things need to be perfect for a good laptop, from the outer cover to the internal parts. It does not matter whether you are purchasing a laptop for music recording or designing because all the purposes require a perfect laptop design with convenient features. If the laptop’s internal parts are not good enough, then the laptop’s quality will be poor. So to obtain a perfect laptop, there are certain features that you need to check in detail. Let us now see about them, in fact. 


The first important thing that you need to consider when purchasing a laptop is the brand. Even though they do not belong to the laptop specifications, a brand can determine the laptop’s quality to a greater extent. A good branded laptop is directly proportional to the quality of the laptop. The branded companies do not produce a laptop just for prophet purposes, but they also consider the users’ requirements and their profession before designing every single model. So choosing a branded laptop can be useful for getting the specifications right. For example, selecting the gaming model laptop will allow you to enjoy all the specific features for a gaming system because the brands spend a lot of money on such designs. So choosing the required model from a particular brand will make your work easier. The extra additional advantage you receive from a branded product is that it has established service centers that allow you to submit your laptop in case of failures and issues. Having a good branded laptop is essential for your requirements while using it and taking care of it.


The processor is the most important specification that you need to concentrate on while purchasing a laptop. The model of the processor determines the speed of the computer and its ability to withstand the software. Some of the latest model software is not compatible with the old processes like Intel Celeron. So having a good processor that will be compatible with your software is essential. Since the software is responsible for processing all the inputs and commands that go within the computer, you must purchase a design that will be suitable for the pressure you are going to put on them. There are various processors in the market, but choosing the best model that goes with the laptop, and the purpose is a difficult job. Show to select a processor, and you need to understand it in detail.

Intel Core i3 processor – The core i3 processor is the primary model processor. This processor is used by the people who do not require the laptop for high-end usages. They use the laptop just for basic requirements. The price of this particular processor is affordable, and they can increase their performance under certain circumstances. But they are not suitable for gaming applications and other intensive applications like animations and graphic designing. The hyper-threading technology present within this processor allows it to be mixed and intense pressure for a specific time. Still, the lack of super cache Technology prevents it from the excess download. So if you are purchasing a laptop for basic requirements like watching videos, performing accounting, and other necessary activities like creating projects, this i3 processor will be suitable. 

Intel Core i5 processor – Some professional people use the core i5 processor because of his ability to withstand the pressure without hyper-threading technology. The processor usually comes along in a quad-core model. Hence a load of works is sent directly to the core present in the processor. This design is the most standard processor suitable for gaming applications and other types of products to software like programming language tools, graphics, and designing. The price of the laptop is reasonable, and they are much more advanced than the i3 processors. 

Intel Core i7 processor – The core i7 processor is suitable for extreme applications. They come with quad-core and octa-core technology that can be used in video editing. They have more number of cores, which allows it to withstand heavy pressure from the software and also can store a lot of caches. This particular processor comes with integrated graphic Technology that will enable you to use them for an intensive gaming process. 

Depending upon your requirement, you can choose the best cores available in the market. The Core i3 processors are of the low price, but if you have to make a common choice, the core processes are the best option. If you are going to use the laptop for high-end purposes and require maximum performance, then the core i7 processors are essential.



The next important feature that you need to look for while purchasing a laptop is the screen size. Having a good screen size is essential for a laptop. The laptops are available in varying sizes, and hence using one among them can depend on your requirements. 

Size < 14 inches – These laptops are mainly used for domestic purposes. The screen size is small, and hence the letters appearing on the screen will also be small. This particular screen will be suitable if you are going to use only one file at a time. They are not eligible for multitasking, but they are portable and can be carried anywhere easily. 

Size 14 – 16 inches – These laptops or generally used for basic purposes. This screen size serves as a perfect middle ground between the low and high sized laptops. The students and programmers can use them, and they allow you to open at least two files at the same time. The portability is also possible, and they can be placed within a bag before carrying them everywhere. 

Size > 16 inches – Designers and gamers mostly use these laptops. The large screen size provides a perfect theatrical effect and allows you to view all the features at the right size. These laptops are suitable for programming and or hackers who need multiple windows to be open simultaneously. As the size of the screen increases, the prize of the laptop will also increase. 


Along with the size of the screen resolution is also important because if the images appearing on the screen is not clear enough, the size will not matter. The resolution of the laptop is directly proportional to the number of pixels present on the screen. Nowadays, most of the laptops available in the market come along with a primary LED screen. But LED screens have a familiar light on the background that lights up all the pixels. If you want a much more advanced version, you can go for the OLED screen where a separate light lights every pixel. Because of this, the entire screen is bright with a good resolution. The laptop models come along with a good resolution, and most of the basic models have a 720p HD resolution. But if you want an upgrade, you can go for the 1080p resolution. These resolutions should be combined with the perfect colors on the screen. Specific screens can produce some abnormal colors and fail to produce the difference between the color’s light and darker shades. So a good color based resolution is necessary when you are purchasing a lapto


The random access technology, otherwise known as the RAM, is essential for temporary memory storage. When a program is running, there will be many caches formed in the background. The caches are stored in the RAM. They remain there until the program is closed or until the laptop is shutdown. So when the running program emits a kind of cache, the RAM should be large enough to hold it. A 2 GB RAM combined with a high-end gaming software will result in the filling up of caches quickly. After that, the speed of the software or the program will be reduced to a greater extent. So if you are using the laptop for basic purposes, you can choose to have a RAM of 4GB. With the increasing strength of the software you use, you can choose the RAM size depending upon it. 

2 GB storage – Suitable for basic models. It is not suitable for running multiple applications simultaneously, but you can use some basic software like MS Office and video players on the laptop using this RAM. 

4 GB Storage – Suitable for medium-level models. They allow you to run some basic software combined with small range designer software like photoshop and video editors. 

Size > 4 GB – Suitable for high-end models with software like the animation software and other modern high storage software.


There are certain requirements that you need to consider when it comes to storage. Most of the laptops use a specific type of disk drive for storing the permanent data, including the information of the operating system and software. When you are trying to have a laptop for basic requirements, you need at least some storage, like the 60GB – 125GB. There are normally two types of hard disks in the market. 

Solid-state drive – The solid-state drive, which is otherwise popularly known as the SSD drive, is well known among the current generation and widely used in modern laptops. This particular storage device stores the data in the form of a flash. This storage allows you to retrieve the data at a faster rate. The SSD is of high price, but most people prefer this model drive because they can withstand pressure and allow proper retrieval when required. 

Hard disk drive – The hard disk drive, which is otherwise popularly known as the hard drive, has been under usage for more than two decades. The data within the drive is stored in the form of magnetic disks. Hence the retrieval takes a bit of time since the disc will be rotating at a 1200 RPM speed. These disk drives can be easily damaged, and therefore they are used for bulk storage only. The laptop cost is lower for this drive. 

Depending upon your requirement, you can choose the model of the laptop you want because laptop models are available with both the disk drives. But if you are using the HDD drive, always have a backup so that you will feel at ease.


The next important feature you need to consider while purchasing a laptop is the power of the battery. The battery is mainly responsible for keeping the laptop ON without connecting it to any power source. Having a good battery will allow you to have the laptop anywhere without searching for a power source. This feature, in turn, will increase the portability of the laptop. The laptop battery should have the ability to run for at least 10-15 hours without stopping in the middle. The battery that can produce 60W power will be a suitable choice as they can the entire laptop within 1 hour. So my choosing a battery is necessary for you to make a proper decision. 

Physical design

The next important specification that you need to consider while purchasing a laptop is the physical design. Buying a regular flip model laptop is common among the people, but some youngsters prefer the laptop screen that can be removed separately or the design that can rotate for 360 degrees. This feature is not one of the main specifications, but it should be considered while purchasing a laptop. Dera also other models available in the laptop like a normal laptop, notebook model, or a thin model. They indicate the width of the laptop and weight. If you prefer to have a laptop with good portability, it is essential to purchasing a thin or slim model laptop. So depending upon your requirement, you can choose a design that suits your needs. 


The keyboard is an integral part of the laptop if you are a student or a programmer. You must purchase a laptop with a feather touch technology-based keyboard. This feature will allow you to enjoy proper and fast typing. When you have a rough model keyboard, it will be difficult for you to type for long hours without damaging your hands. The keyboard should have a proper backlit technology if you prefer working at night. This feature will prevent you from straining your eyes and fingers. All the keys within the laptop should be perfect and strategically placed, allowing free typing. 

Web camera

A web camera is an essential tool if you have constant online meetings and video chats. They should be of High definition quality to produce a clear picture, and the web camera should have the ability to capture images such as the proper relay. Purchasing a 6 MP camera will be suitable for such requirements. The audio system, like the speakers and microphones, should also be perfect with surround sound technology. If you are purchasing the laptop for online video chatting and watching videos, you must have a good audio system with surround sound Technology. 

External ports

The external ports are a vital part of the laptop because it allows you to transfer the data to other external storage devices and share the device with other devices like the printer, scanner, and projector. Even though there are no specific data for these ports, it is essential to have 4 USB ports with an HDMI and Audio port for external connections. Having an SD card reader is also necessary to transfer your images from the camera to the laptop or other external storage devices. 

All these specifications are essential and should be noted while purchasing a laptop. Along with them, you should also see the internal operating system that is installed within the laptop for enjoying continuous service without any issue in the middle. The laptop should be of high quality, and the exterior should be perfect with the proper color. Most of the models come in various colors so that you can have a wide range of choices while choosing. Consider all the features before purchasing a laptop because you will be using them for a long time. Purchase the best model after making the final decision.