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If you are looking forward to purchasing a laptop for the family’s senior members, then certain things need to be analyzed. Buying a laptop for youngsters is much easier than the elders because they are more specific in their choices, and it needs to be perfect. Even though the elders have a limited number of requirements, you need to choose the right laptop for establishing comfort. Finding an ideal laptop for the elders is a tedious job, and it requires a lot of analysis. After continuous research, we have found some of the specifications that the elders prefer to have on their laptops. Most of the elders use the laptop for watching videos, having video chats with their distant relatives, writing an email, and also for Surfing the internet. Some people also use laptops for reading books and listening to songs when they are relaxing. So having a basic level laptop with minimal functions is more than enough for them. Purchasing an expensive laptop is unnecessary because of their Limited requirements and hence deciding on a budget before buying the laptop is essential. So finding the right laptop is more important than the budget. Let us now see in detail the things that need to be taken into account while purchasing a laptop for the senior citizens in your family. The senior citizens of the family or not continuously exposed to the technology of the world. Hence, it is essential to purchasing a laptop with software technology that allows them to operate freely without worrying about them. So the laptop’s technological aspects should be to a minimum so that it would be easier for them to surf through the laptop without worrying about getting help from other people.

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The brand is more important for senior citizens because when you purchase a laptop, the brand should offer some of the simplest designs available in the market. For example, buying an Apple brand computer will not be suitable for them because there are certain technological specifications in Apple Laptops that will prevent them from surfing through the internet freely and downloading books or other items. So purchasing a normal brand like HP or Dell, which are user friendly with an operating system that can be for the elders to operate it, is most preferred. So when you are buying a laptop with a specific brand, make sure that the laptop’s operating system is simple, like Windows 10. Try to purchase a device that is simple with minimum pop-ups and navigations. 

Touch screen or not

When you are purchasing a laptop for the elders, you should keep in mind that they are like the kids in your family. They will be more attracted to the laptop with touch screens, making it easier for them to operate than mouse-based operations. Using the touch screen will be more comfortable than the keyboard. So purchasing a laptop with a touch screen will allow them to navigate freely and also use the keyboard when required. The elders have a low attention span, and hence having a touchscreen will allow them to interact with the computer with interest. Purchase a touchscreen laptop with a 360-degree rotation capacity that allows them to sit on a chair in a relaxing posture and use the laptop without any difficulty. 

Screen size and display

Most senior citizens have issues in their eyes, and they will be wearing spectacles for viewing and reading. So you must choose a laptop that has a perfect display. The brightness is not an essential factor here, but the picture provided on the screen should be sharp with perfect viewing angles, and the colors should be perfect. 

The first concept that you need to note down while purchasing a laptop is the screen size. Screen size should be perfect for having a good video chat and also for watching movies. When the screen size is larger, it would be easier for them to enlarge the font size and view the letters and words at a bigger size to support their eyesight. So purchasing a laptop with a screen size of 15 inches or more will be suitable for your requirement. Having a touch screen is an added advantage. If the elder is homebound, then purchase a normal laptop with 16 inches screen size. But if the elder moves around a lot, then choose a simple one with a 15-inch screen so that it will be compact and useful.

After selecting the screen size, the next thing that needs to be taken care of is the screen’s resolution. The screen should be off of LED quality with high definition pictures appearing on it. The color and details on the screen should be sharper and have a good viewing angle. Using an OLED screen will be more useful, but they are a bit costlier. If you are a constraint on your budget, then purchase a standard LED screen with UV protection so that their eyesight will be safe and Secure.

Weight of the laptop

Some laptops are extremely heavy, which does not sit well with the elders because they are used to carrying light things. So if you are purchasing a laptop for the elders, try to buy the smaller, thin model laptops that are easier for them to carry around. Also, while purchasing, make sure that the battery is good. It wouldn’t be possible for the elders to carry the battery everywhere they move and charge them in the outer places. Having a good battery power that will last for at least 10 hours will allow them to take the laptop alone and work in a park or any other places they wish. The charger should also be properly insulated to prevent accidents. The safety of the elders is more important and hence takes care of that. Try to purchase a notebook model for the slim model laptops that are more famous these days. 

Keyboard model

The next important thing you need to look at while purchasing a laptop for the elders is the keyboard models. The elders are not usually used to typing, and hence having a modern technology keyboard will be a bit difficult for them. So, purchase a laptop with an ergonomic keyboard with all the controls in a bit larger size and type easily. This feature will be easier for them to type emails and surf the internet. The keys should be made up of feather touch Technology so that they can type for long hours without any pain on the hand. 


Like the youngsters these days, the elders also lack the patience to wait for the technology to respond. So having a slow process will irritate them and prevent them from using the laptop constantly. So while purchasing a processor, make sure that it is of high technology that provides fast responses. Some of the processes like Intel Core I3 and I5 models will allow them to Clock faster responses from the laptop and work freely without worrying about the loading time. Purchasing a laptop with quad-core or dual-core technology will provide you a much faster response. This feature will allow elders to operate on multiple projects at the same time. You can also purchase the latest model AMD Ryzen model that is also suitable for the family’s seniors. Their system’s software will be simple, like video software and other basic software like MS Office and browsers. So having a high Technology like i7 or i9 is not essential. 

Random Access Memory

The Random Access Memory is responsible for storing the details temporally and not permanently. When software is running, all the software and operating systems’ details will be stored in the RAM. Having a good quality RAM with proper storage ability of 4GB will allow you to operate on multiple software simultaneously without worrying about the speed. You can also use the laptop with a higher RAM storage space. Having a good RAM storage space will allow you to operate all the software at a different speed, and it will reduce the waiting time, which will be more convenient for the elders in the family. 

Disk drive

The next important option that you need to consider while purchasing a laptop is the size of the disk drive. Generally we have two forms of disk drives available in the market. The first is the solid-state drive, which is more popular nowadays because of its ability to access the data faster. The solid-state drive is also well known for its ability to withstand intense pressure and external damages. So when your laptop is exposed to physical damage, your data will still be safe and easily retrieved. But the one disadvantage with this particular disk drive is that it is of high price and not suitable for low budget laptops. If you choose an SSD drive for your laptop at a low budget, then the storage space will be below. So if you are looking for a quality laptop, then choose the SSD drive with 500 GB for a greater price. The other option available in the market is the hard disk drive, otherwise known as HDD drive. This drive is available for space up to 1TB. Retrieving the drive data takes some time because they use a magnetic disk, which can be damaged easily through external pressure or accidents. Their price is low, and storage is high. If you are not going to save important data on your computer, then you can purchase the laptop with a hard disc drive for a low price.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

The elders are not used to the technological aspects and hence have good Wi-Fi technology to connect to the internet easily without worrying about other aspects. Similarly, having a good Bluetooth technology will allow them to easily connect the system to their headsets and with the above all phones without connecting them through the wires. Along with that, make sure that the laptop you are using has a good quality of integrated ports that can be used for connecting the laptop to other external devices like pen drives and hard disks. If required, they can also be used for connecting the laptop to the microphone and webcam depending upon the requirement. All these extra accessories are essential for the elders to have a relaxed time. Some elders will prefer to hear songs in the evening time, and hence having a good set of integrated speakers within the laptop will be sufficient for them. Purchasing a laptop with a good quality Dolby speaker will allow them to enjoy the music without privately purchasing any extra set of speakers. 

The same thing goes for the microphone as they constantly have video chats with the relatives residing in other locations. If there is no well-integrated microphone, they will be forced to purchase an external microphone attached to the computer through the ports. So along with these accessories having a good quality web camera will be useful for them. The web camera should have the ability to record the video with perfect quality, and it should be at least 2MP resolution. You can also go for laptops with a higher resolution of 8 MP or 12 MP, but their prices will be higher. So instead, you can purchase a normal laptop and buy a separate web camera for video chat, which is more simple and budget-oriented.


The most important thing is the budget for the laptop. Keeping all the mentioned features in mind, you have to decide on a budget that will work well for you and the elders. Usually, the house elders will not prefer spending a lot of money on these technology-based products. Having a budget of rupees 35000 (477$) to 45000 (613$) will be sufficient for their requirements. This budget allowed them to have a decent-sized laptop with features that will help them access the world’s content and enjoy their life with minimum technology.

All the features mentioned above are essential while purchasing a laptop for the elders. Along with these features, make sure that the laptop is made up of high-quality plastic and can withstand pressure. Purchasing a laptop with minimum waterproof technology will also be efficient as the elders, like the children, tend to drop things and face accidents commonly. Having a good quality laptop with a decent design is more suitable for elders who are regularly in touch with the latest technology. Instead of having a password typing laptop, you can purchase the one with a fingerprint scanner that will allow them to log in to the laptops easily. The facial scanner baster laptops will also be suitable for the elders. They will have a sense of protection and feel well oriented with the technology in these kinds. All the software within the laptop should be user friendly. 

Given below are some of the models that are commonly available in the market. You can purchase the laptops that we have selected or choose other models that suit your requirement. We have taken some of the most required features for elders into account before listing them below. Most of the products given below are available for sale on online websites like Amazon. They are all within the budget and have the features mentioned above.

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