Best Laptops For School Students [Secondary School Middle School & High School]

The usage of computers has always been increasing rather than going the other way. Even with the invention of mobile phones and tablets, people have always preferred using computers for their modern version called laptops. People of all age groups prefer these laptops because of the comfort they provide. They also offer portability and other facilities. Even the school-going students nowadays prefer using laptops to complete their projects and learn their subjects through online classes. Most of the assignments provided by the schools in secondary and Middle School involve the requirement of computers. Also, when you move towards high school and try to take a subject related to computers and programs, you will be forced to use a computer or laptop for their daily practice. When the students are from the secondary level, their laptop requirements will involve listening to online classes and working on their projects. But when they move towards the higher secondary level, they will start to rely more upon the laptop, especially if they have taken computer related electives for their higher studies. They will require the laptop for learning online classes and entrance related classes after completing their higher studies. In such situations having a suitable laptop will be perfect. A laptop, when maintained properly, can last for at least 7 to 10 years. So when you are purchasing a laptop during your Secondary School, make sure that they are advanced enough to be used in the higher secondary school and university. This technique will save a lot of time and money from your end. So understand that purchasing a high-quality laptop for students until university is not essential. You can always buy a medium-level laptop with satisfactory features suitable for regular usage and install some basic programs that can be used to complete projects and learn programming languages. Certain features are essential for a laptop that will be used by the students. Let us now see the features in detail. 

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The brand of the laptop you are purchasing is essential, especially for the students because sometimes they tend to handle the laptop with harshness. So to have the ability to withstand the pressure having a branded laptop will be useful. Sometimes the students will carry the laptops and the other books, which creates pressure on the laptop. Purchasing high quality branded laptops will provide you with a good warranty and quality. When you are buying from a well-known brand, you can obtain service directly from the company service center rather than submitting your laptop to non-professional services. You have to understand that the brand of the laptop does not talk just about the status. They also show their quality combined with the service these companies offer their clients. So purchasing a branded laptop will ensure quality and good service for a long time, even after the warranty period. 


The Processor is an essential part of the laptop, and they are responsible for processing the inputs and outputs. When you purchase a processor that is of the advanced model, then you can be assured that the laptop will be faster and suitable for high-end operations. Intel company processors have been used by popular brands worldwide, and they have been quite famous for their performance and access. The latest model of the intel company’s processors is the intel core i9 processors, but the performance they offer is suitable for professional gamers and programmers. As a student, your requirements are limited to some of the primary programming language tools and other semi-professional tools like a simple video editor, video player, MS Office, and other project-related tools. Some students will also use the accounts software for their higher secondary courses. But the requirement is pretty much limited to these tools. So purchasing a processor with necessary speed and quality will be suitable for your needs. Choosing an i3 or i5 processor with quad-core technology or a dual-core technology will be most ideal for the student’s needs. The i7 processors are a bit more advanced and suitable for gaming creators and other animation creators. If you feel that the laptops with the i5 Processor are a bit costly for your requirements, you can always choose the i3 core processors. 


When you choose a laptop for your kids who are high school students or below that age group, you will be concerned about the laptop’s budget. Purchasing a costly laptop will not be suitable and required for a school student. So purchasing a laptop within a budget range of Rupees 40000 (545$) to Rupees 50000 (680$) will be more suitable for this particular age group. Buying a laptop costlier than this will not be useful, especially for this specific age group’s children. This model can also be used by students’ college, especially if they are not computer students and need the laptop for primary purposes like videos and projects. Setting up a budget before purchasing the laptop will allow you to look at a specific range of models and choose the correct option. 

Disc drive

If you are a school student, then the requirement for installing multiple programs will be less, especially if you are a non-computer student. Even if you are a computer student, you will be exposed to some of the computer’s basic concepts and not the in-depth concepts. So technically, purchasing a laptop with decent memory storage will be enough for you to store the installed software and store other images and videos you wish to have. The disk drive is responsible for keeping the data and all the functions of the computer. Using an SSD disk drive will be useful if you need the laptops for the memory’s fast access. The software will run at a quicker rate, and the reboot option will be much faster. If you are using an HDD disc drive, then the process will be a bit slower comparatively. Still, you can store a large amount of data because the price of HDD drives are considerably lower, and they are available with memory storage of up to 1 TB. But when you go for an SSD laptop, remember that the storage will be only until 500gb and not more than that. Certain laptops have a combination of both SSD and HDD Drive. These laptop models will allow you to store the SSD drive software and the remaining images and videos in the HDD Drive. They will provide more speed and high storage at the same time. So while purchasing a laptop depending upon your requirement, choose the disk drive. Even if you have low disk space, you can always buy an external drive for storing the memories and save the space in the laptop. 


RAM, otherwise known as the Random Access Memory, is responsible for storing the temporary memory while the software is running. For example, if you are typing in a Word document until you press saves, everything will be saved in the RAM. All the running software details will be stored in the RAM, and the memory will be wiped clean when the system is switched off. Usually the RAM will be 2 GB, which is sufficient for basic operations. But if you are looking out for some greater processing speed combined with the good boot up technology, then having a RAM speed of 4 GB or greater will be good. Always remember the higher the GB of the RAM, the greater the laptop’s speed will be. So while purchasing a laptop, make sure that the RAM speed is at least 4 GB for good processing speed. If you are a student, you will have some programming software within your laptop combined with other entertainment software. With a RAM speed of 4GB, you can run multiple software simultaneously without worrying about reducing the computer’s speed. There are also particular laptops with a RAM of 16 to 32GB, which will be wonderful for usage, but it is unnecessary for students in schools. These high powered RAM are mainly used for laptops that perform hacking, software build-up, and other animation software. 

Screen size

The first thing that a student will look for while purchasing a laptop is the screen size because some people prefer large screens so that it would be convenient for viewing. Buying a small screen laptop will prevent you from running multiple programs simultaneously because it will not be comfortable watching two files at the same time. So the screen size should be large and clear for good viewing. Let us now read how to choose a perfect screen for your laptop. 


The screen size should be larger so that the students can view two files at the same time. This will be more useful when the students are trying to work on a project. The size of the screen can be between 14 to 16 inches. Having a screen of more than 16 inches will not be comfortable for the students and not required. The students mostly prefer carrying their laptops in a small bag, and hence having a normal-sized screen will be sufficient for their requirement. 


The next thing you have to look for while purchasing a laptop is the resolution. The clarity that the laptop provides will allow the students to watch them at ease. There are a variety of resolution options available in the market. Selecting a LED screen with a 1080 p resolution will be suitable for students because they provide an HD quality screen with utmost clarity. As a writer, if you wish to have a laptop for a low price, you can choose a LED screen with a 720 p resolution. The next model of laptop available is the one with OLED resolution. This type of resolution will be good for your eyes, but they are costlier than the other models, and they are not essential for the students of this particular age group. So while selecting a laptop, make sure that it has a good resolution and proper viewing angle. The brightness and the laptop color should also be perfect so that the videos you are watching will be good enough. Also, while attending the online classes having a good brightness with resolution will allow you to take the tests and understand the minute details. The laptop brightness should come along with easy adjustments. For example, if you want sudden brightness in the laptop, you should be able to do it easily by hitting a key rather than going to the settings and making the changes. The laptop screen should also come along with the proper UV radiation protection so that the children can view the screen without getting their eyes affected. 

Web camera

The laptop you are purchasing should have a proper integrated web camera so that it would be easier for the students to attend online classes. The web camera requirement will never cease to exist and hence always purchase the laptop with a good quality web camera. The laptop should have at least a 4MP camera for clear viewing of the image. The audio provided by the laptop should also be good enough so that they can enjoy watching movies without the requirement for the headset. The laptop should also have a well-integrated microphone to support online chatting and voice recording. 

Keyboard and battery

Sometimes the students might require taking the laptops to the school where there won’t be any electric connection. So purchasing a battery that can last up to 8 to 10 hours will allow them to use the laptop freely without any issues. If the laptop has an easy charging capacity, it will be an added advantage because the students will be able to quickly charge the laptop and use them. The keyboard should also be easier to operate with soft keys and feather touch keypad. All the function keys should be placed ergonomically for easy access. The keyboard should also have the ability to withstand fast typing without breaking. While purchasing a laptop, check for the warranty. Having a good warranty will ensure good safety. The design of the laptop also plays a huge role. Purchasing bright-colored laptops with a fingerprint scanner will be preferred by the students because of their specific security and looks. The laptops will be carried around along with other books, and they will not be handled carefully since the students have their ability to place them everywhere. So the laptop’s outer and inner surface should be made up of high-quality plastic that can withstand heavy pressure. The battery should be properly insulated to prevent electrocution. Always control the kids from working on the laptop when connected to the charger. If the kids are interested in using the laptop for the graphics function, then purchase an extra graphics card model. The touch screen facility offered by some of the laptops are also suitable for the kids of this age group, but their price will be a bit larger than the other models in the market. So depending upon your convenience, you can choose the touch screen model. Given below are some of the models that are commonly present in the market. These laptop designs are the most suitable models for the students. You can purchase these laptops for your children or go for another model that you deem the best. 

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