Best Affordable Laptops For Online Business & Freelancers

Nowadays, most of the people have turned their concentration towards the online business. With various types of dangers surrounding the world, people prefer working from their homes. Even some people who always go to the office prefer working from their home through online portals. But to work from home, you have to have a proper connection with the office or the client. If you are performing an online business, you need to have a laptop to connect your business and yourself with the external world and sell as many products as possible. There are various laptops available in the market, and choosing one that will be suitable for your requirement is a challenging task. You might have questions about purchasing a costly one or cheap one and what features will be suitable for your laptop. We have researched in detail about various online businesses. We have listed some of the common features that need to be looked upon while purchasing a laptop. As a freelancer or a person performing online business, you will have various job opportunities in the market. You might be a content writer, designer, or an editor. So whatever your job is, your laptop should match up your requirements and allow you to explore various fields in the freelancing network. Let us now read the passage given below for more detail.

Products Buying Guide:

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The brand is not just a status.

Most people think that purchasing a branded item is just above the status, and there is no difference between a branded and non branded product. But the truth is most of the branded products have the pressure of improving their quality to the people. So if any branded products are of low quality, the company will make sure that it is replaced properly with a good quality product. But a normal non branded company does not have these pressures, and hence most of them try to sell as many products as possible without carrying about the quality of the product. This is the main reason some new brands do not rise in the market. When you try to buy a branded product, you will be assured with a good warranty period, and you will also have service centers all over the country, which allows you to repair the laptop when there is an issue. So try to purchase a branded product for your future. 

Set a budget

The next important feature that you need to consider while purchasing a laptop is the budget. As an online business person, you will have a low amount initially, and it would be impossible for you to spend a lot of money on the laptop. If you are interested in purchasing a laptop, then initially budget so that you can purchase a decent laptop that will be suitable for all types of businesses. It doesn’t matter whether you are a programmer or website designer. Certain laptops can be used for all types of requirements without affecting the quality of the work. Purchasing search neutral laptops will allow you to expand your business without worrying about your laptop’s quality. For example, if you are a content writer and want to expand your business towards website designing, then having a good quality laptop with high RAM storage and a good processor will be a safer option. This feature will allow you to convert your laptop according to your requirements. Setting up a budget of 60000(815$) to 80000(1085$) rupees will be suitable for purchasing a good quality laptop for your requirements. 

Choose a screen

It doesn’t matter about the type of business you choose, but for all the online businesses, one thing that should be common is a good screen. You will be spending most of your time in front of the screen and performing your work. So in such situations having a good quality screen is essential. When you call a good quality screen, it means good size and resolution. Both should be present to make the laptop configuration complete. 

Screen size

It doesn’t matter what your business is. For all types of requirements having a normal-sized screen of at least 15 to 16 inches will be sufficient. Some gaming developers and animation developers use the 17 or 18 inches screen, which can be adjusted using a 16-inch screen. But do not go for a screen size below 15 inches unless your work requires only basic typing. Depending upon your requirement, choose a screen size that will fit all types of businesses and freelancing related jobs. You can easily set design multiple websites using this particular screen size. But if necessary, you can go for a screen size that is about 17 inches. 

Screen resolution

The next important component that you need to take into account while purchasing a laptop is the screen’s resolution. The resolution of the screen is directly proportional to the clarity of the objects present on the screen. So when you purchase a laptop with an HD quality resolution, you can be assured that all the objects you are designing or viewing on the screen will be clear without failure. So purchasing a laptop with the resolution of 1080p will be suitable for your requirement. But if you want to have a resolution more than that, you can go for an OLED screen. This feature will provide efficient lighting behind every pixel allowing you to see the screen clearly, including the smallest objects.  So if you are interested, you can purchase a high-quality screen resolution based laptop, especially if you are a designer working in the online platform. 

Web Camera and audio

When you are working on online business, one of the most important features is to have a proper size web camera integrated within the laptop. Performing an online business requires a lot of contact with your clients and employers. To explain the concept in detail and get information, having video chats will be a common requirement. So when you are purchasing a laptop, make sure that it has an integrated web camera with a resolution of at least 6MP so that people on the other side will be able to view your image and the screen image. Instead of buying a separate camera for conducting web meetings, having an integrated camera will be useful.  Also, when you are traveling, having an integrated web camera will allow you to conduct a meeting anywhere anytime, and also, you can travel light.

Along with the web camera, the next important feature that you need for an online meeting is the perfect audio system. The laptop should contain an integrated microphone and speaker of high quality. While purchasing, make sure that you have a normal audio system. The normal quality speaker will be enough to have a proper web chat. You do not need a high-quality speaker like in the music system. Similarly, the microphone should also have the ability to absorb your voice without any distortion and relay the sound effects to the other side. If you want more effectivity on the sound, you can use the headsets used by others in the market.


If you have a computer background, you will be able to understand what a processor is. But if not, then you need to know about them as a processor is the most important thing on a laptop. The processor is responsible for converting the input and processing them to provide an output. So from switching on the laptop to switching off, everything that happens within the laptop will be determined by the processor’s functionality. So while purchasing a processor, you need to make sure that it is powerful enough to withstand all the software you will install on your laptop. There are various Intel core processors available in the market, and some other AMD processors are also preferred. If you want a decent model processor, you can choose the Intel Core I3 processor, which is basic and suitable for your requirements. It can withstand most of the software. But if you want an upgraded version, you can go for an i5 processor, which is also good with the market’s software. So choosing one of them will be suitable for your requirement. Don’t go for cheaply priced laptops and choose the best option in the market as you will be using them for a long time. 

RAM storage

The RAM, which is otherwise popularly known as the Random Access Memory, is well known as a temporary storage device that can store the data in caches when software or computer is running. The storage will be wiped clean when the computer is shut down. Having good RAM storage will ensure a good speed among this software will allow you to run multiple software in the background without affecting the quality or the speed. Most of the mobile phones coming out nowadays have 2GB RAM. So the laptop needs to have at least 4GB to ensure speed and fast processing. But if you are going to be using your laptop with high-quality software like the programming tools and designer tools, then you need to have at least 8GB RAM or more. If you want to move fast between the software and have a good computing speed, go for a RAM with good space. 

Storage device

The next important component that you need to consider before purchasing a laptop is the storage device. There are various storage devices available in the market, and they include both internal and external storage devices. Two types of internal storage devices can be present within the laptop that you purchase. Some of the laptops have an SSD storage device, while other laptops have an HDD storage device. The solid-state drives others, otherwise known as SSD storage devices, more preferred by the people nowadays because of their quality and ability to withstand pressure without losing the data even after damage. There are a lot of  SSD models available in the market, but their maximum storage capacity is up to 500GB. So if you are looking for a laptop with higher storage, you have to go for the HDD. Otherwise known as a hard disk drive with a storage capacity up to 2TB.  So depending upon your need, you can choose the storage device for your laptop. 

Keyboard feature

As an online business person or any other person, you will have the requirement to have a keyboard that will last forever. The keys should be strong enough to withstand pressure because some of the keys will lose the feather touch and cause issues after a few years of usage. Having a feather touch technology keyboard will prevent you from having finger cramps and other types of issues. This condition will ensure fast typing and quick solutions. The touchpad present on the laptop should also be of good quality so that they can be used easily by all the people without carrying whether they are experienced or a novice.

The external ports present in the laptop should be of high quality and have the ability to connect themselves with the external storage devices and other devices. There should be at least 4 or 5 USB ports to connect them externally and an HDMI port to connect the laptop to external projects for a clear image. The battery should have the ability to last for hours and charge quickly. So having a good battery life will assure you to work efficiently and carry your laptop everywhere. If you are looking forward to protecting your laptop with the password of purchasing a laptop with the fingerprint or Iris scanner will be a suitable requirement. This way, all the data within your laptop will be protected, and they cannot be hacked easily. Finally are certain models of laptops available with touch screen technology. If your business has anything to do with designing and animation, purchasing a touchscreen Technology laptop will be useful for drawing directly on the screen. Otherwise, go for a normal model as you can save a lot of money from that. The touchscreen can be fun and easy to operate to a certain extent but not always, especially when you don’t need them. Understanding your requirements, we have given a list of laptops in the market that will be suitable for online business and freelancing. You can choose one of the models from the list below or select any other laptop according to your desire. The design given below is available on online websites like Amazon to purchase them easily from home.

Products Buying Guide: