Best Laptops For Mechanical Engineering Students

Initially, people who studied mechanical engineering were limited to working on the Machines, and their main courses involved studying various types of systems and their mechanisms. But recently, with the development in the course syllabus, there has been a huge expansion. Nowadays, the course involves designing Machines and also produce various complex designs using designer software like CAD. This software is not simply because they have to run by combining itself with other software to provide a 3D visualization of their mechanism. In general, they are similar to the animation software, and hence every mechanical engineering student requires a specific laptop that supports this software and features. 

Most of the people will try to survive their course without using a laptop. But as an engineer using a laptop can save a lot of costs involved. With the help of the laptop, you can design the model without creating it physically. This concept will save a lot of time and energy and prevent you from creating a model for every design. Once you finalize the design, you can create a 3D model without worrying about the success rate. At the same time, you should also remember that this laptop will be used for or learning many subject-related matters, including certain fields like finite element analysis, fluid dynamics, and more. So having a laptop is essential for you as a mechanical engineering student. But for your subject, you need a specific set of laptops that will suit your requirements. While purchasing a laptop, there are certain features that you need to look into, especially like the screen size and processor model. Because purchasing a normal small screen laptop will be suitable for a mechanical engineering student. Let us now see in detail about the features that you need to analyze before purchasing a perfect laptop for your studies.

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You cannot just go on purchasing any brand of laptop. The brands are the most important thing while purchasing a laptop because a good brand like yours gives you quality and life from servicing. So some of the top brands have been trying to produce various laptops with features that will suit their profession. Companies like Dell, HP, and places have been producing laptop models that will suit a mechanical engineer’s requirement. It’s not just for the engineers, but there are laptops available for musicians, teachers, bloggers, and various other professions. This condition is because the brand concentrates on the satisfaction of the customer rather than their comfort. So purchase a laptop from one of the good brands for good quality and comfort. 


One of the biggest challenges you will face while purchasing a laptop is the budget of the laptop. Fixing a budget might come as a challenge for you because you have to restrict yourself to a particular amount and also purchase a model that will be suitable for your requirements. When you are purchasing a laptop for mechanical engineers, you have to go a bit on the costlier side. So fixing a budget below rupees 50000 (680 $) will not be sufficient to meet the mechanical engineers’ requirements. So you have to purchase a laptop that costs between rupees 70000 (952 $) to 80000 (1088 $). This budget will allow you to use the laptop even after completing your studies at a professional level. 


The processor is responsible for or processing the inputs and outputs and producing proper results. With a good type of processor, you will run multiple software with good speed and proper support. As a mechanical engineering student, you will have the requirement to install some of the essential high-end software. The best option is to go for Intel Core i5 or i7 Processor. The Core i3 processor is also suitable, but there will be a better option for basic level operations. If you are on a budget, you can go for the Core i3 processor. But it is better to choose either i5 or i7 for good speed and support for the software installed within the computer. You can also choose the AMD Ryzen 5 processor model, which also has the ability to support the designing software and other 3D modeling software. While purchasing a processor, make sure that you are purchasing the one with dual-core or quad-core technology because this will allow you to operate on multiple software simultaneously without reducing the speed. Every core will have the ability to take a single software and function independently without affecting other software or programs’ functions.


Understanding the requirement of RAM is quite straightforward. RAM, otherwise known as Random Access Memory, is useful for storing the software and operating systems’ temporary files when the system is in the running condition. Once the system is shut down, all the memory within the RAM will be wiped away. So for you to run multiple programs or software at the same time, you should have RAM with good storage. Having a 4GB ram will be sufficient, but if you run more than two programs, then the RAM will be blocked, creating the software’s slow functioning. So having a minimum of 8GB RAM is necessary for the proper functioning of the laptop. If possible, you go for a higher version. Having a good quality Random Access Memory storage will allow you to experience a fast response system from the software and also while booting the system. 


As a mechanical engineer, you will be doing a lot of Designing and 3D modeling on your computer. So you need to have a system with a screen size of a minimum of 15 inches. This will allow you to enjoy designing to a greater extent. You can also go for a screen with greater size but always avoid low-sized screens like 13 to 14 inches. The screen size has a huge role, and it allows you to use multiple files at the same time by placing them side by side. When you have a large screen, you can open four different files on the same screen and operate on them simultaneously. But with a smaller sized screen, you will be limited to 2 files or sometimes a single file. The 15 inches widescreen will be comfortable for you while working on Computer-aided design software, otherwise known as CAD, and other animation related software that will be useful for 3D visualization and machine development. 

When it comes to the screen and the size, there is also another factor that needs to be considered. The next important factor that needs to be considered is nothing but the resolution of the laptop screen. When you are using the laptop for designing and animation purposes, then having a perfect resolution is necessary. LED laptop with 1080 p or an OLED laptop with high-level HD quality. Having a good quality screen will allow you to view the minute details and work on them efficiently. Combined with a resolution, the color and the brightness level should be perfect for enjoying a perfect picture on the screen without worrying about the design.

Touch screen

Most of the people are fascinated with the touchscreen technology that is available in the current models. But you should remember that it is not useful for all people. Some by the touchscreen-based laptops and hardly used them for their right purposes. As a mechanical engineering student, you will have multiple projects that will involve designing and developing 3D designs. For making the designs sometimes, you might feel comfortable having a touch screen laptop because you can draw them directly on the screen. So as a mechanical engineer, you can choose to have a touchscreen laptop, which will be more comfortable, but they are a bit costlier than the normal laptop. If you want, you can purchase a separate Digital Pen that will allow you to draw on the digital screen, which will be connected to the computer or laptop. Choosing one of these options will allow you to enjoy a good designing process. Though both are comfortable, the final decision can only be made by you.

Disc drive

One of the most important requirements in a laptop is the storage device. Though RAM is responsible for temporary storage, you need a separate storage device for permanently storing all the data of the software, operating system, and other extra details like your images and videos. When it comes to the option of a disk drive there are only two options available. One is better SSD or otherwise known as a solid-state drive, and the next one is the HDD, otherwise known as a hard disk drive. 

Though both the disc drives are commonly available, the solid-state drives are available only with Limited storage space up to 500GB. In the case of a solid-state drive, all the details are stored in the open. Hence they can be retrieved immediately without any waiting time. They also can withstand intense pressure. So the solid-state drives are more secure and faster than the ordinary describes that has been under usage for several years called hard disk drives. The hard disk drives can store a lot of data, and they are available up to 1TB. But when you are looking forward to retrieving data, it will take some time because they are made up of magnetic disks that rotate at a particular speed. The disks are also prone to damage easily and hence keeping a backup in an external device is essential for this model. If you want a laptop with both the features and then you can choose the one with both the drivers combined.

Battery and audio

Having a good battery for your laptop will allow you to work for longer hours without having to worry about searching for the charged want now and then. Students, you will be forced to move to college front and back, and in such a situation, it won’t be possible for you to charge them continuously. So having a laptop that can last for at least 10 hours will allow you to enjoy having a laptop in college without carrying the charger everywhere and searching for the plug-point. Also, try to find a laptop that has quick charging abilities so that you can spend your time freely without worrying about charging the laptop now and then.

The next important concept is the audio speakers and microphone present in the laptop. The speakers within the laptop should be of high quality, and they should have the ability to produce good quality sound. Though you don’t have to have a high-quality speaker, you can go along with the laptop that has a clear was a meeting speaker with a microphone that records the voice without any distortion. This facility will allow you to enjoy having a virtual chat with your friends and conducting meetings through video chat freely without worrying about the quality. Having a good web camera, and these features will allow you to have a perfect chat. Since you do not have a web camera in terms of professional requirements, you can have a web camera with 2MP pixel quality. 

Graphics card

The graphic card is responsible for displaying the data on the screen. In short explanation, it is responsible for whatever appears on the screen. The processor’s data goes through the graphic card before appearing on the screen, so having a good set of the graphic card will ensure proper designing. Most of the processes produced by Intel come along with an integrated graphics card of a minimum of 2GB. But sometimes, when you are using the laptop for animation and designing purposes, there might be a requirement for an extra graphic card. Having an extra graphic card of 2GB will be suitable for your requirement as an engineer for designing machines and other requirements. You can go for the latest model NVIDIA graphic card or other graphics cards in the market. A simple 2GB card will be enough because even the animators’ greatest will be using only a 2GB Graphics card within their laptop. 

Along with the things mentioned above, you should also make sure to have proper Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection to transfer the files easily. The laptop should also have proper ports like USB and HDMI for connecting them with other computers and external storage devices. Along with these things, the keyboard should be perfect with Feather Touch technology, and purchasing a laptop with fingerprint technology will allow you to store the details without worrying about having a password. The Touchpad should also be smooth, allowing the free flow of fingers. The keyboard should have the ability to withstand intense pressure. Having a screen with a 360-degree rotating ability will allow you to carry them easily and work on them by placing them anywhere according to your wish. The external design also plays a huge role. Hence, it makes sure that they are available in a neutral color to bring a professional look to the laptop so you can use them after completing the university in your office. 

We have searched the entire market for suitable laptop models for mechanical engineers and given a list below that we believe will suit your requirements. Most of these models are available for sale on online websites like Amazon. You can choose one of these models and purchase them easily or look for any other model that has features similar to the passage mentioned above. 

Products Buying Guide: