Laptop Buying Guide For MBA Students

Most of the students in the country try to perform an MBA course for experience in the business field and also to increase their knowledge. As a student, you will have the requirement to complete projects and most of the MBA related projects will depend upon data collecting and management. As a student, there are certain requirements that they need to consider before purchasing a laptop. Most of the students will survive on a particular budget so purchasing a costly laptop will not be suitable for most of them. Also, most of the MBA students will travel a lot, especially to various companies. In such situations having a laptop that has the ability to withstand the pressure of the luggage and travelling will be more useful. While purchasing the laptop all these features including portability should be taken into account. Let us now see about these features in detail and then purchase a suitable laptop for a future business person or CEO. 

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Try to set a decent budget

When you are trying to purchase a laptop the first thing that you do is set a budget. Deciding on the budget of the laptop will allow you to purchase the correct model without overspending your money. You will also be able to narrow down the selection criteria using this particular budget. As a student, your budget will be limited but try to purchase a laptop that will fall between the category of rupees 50000(679$) to 60000(813$). This will allow you to purchase a decent model laptop with the essential features suitable for an MBA student. When you go for the models below 40000 rupees most of them will have low-quality processors and low memory RAM. This in turn will affect the speed and computation of the laptop and reduce the outcome quality in the end. Also going for a laptop about the price of rupees 80000(1085$) will be useless for you. Most of the laptops that are available about this price range will be of high quality and mostly used by programmers and professional musicians. As a student, you do not require such a high-performance laptop which will be a waste of money. 

Decide on the brand and style

So when you are purchasing a laptop you have to make certain decisions regarding the brand of the laptop and their style. For example, when you go to purchase a laptop with a specific budget there are only certain brands that you can choose. For example, for the budget mentioned above, it would be impossible for you to purchase a Sony or an Apple model laptop. Their price range is usually above 100000 (1600$). The brand of the laptop should be selected within the budget you have chosen and for the above budget, you can get some good quality brands like HP, Dell, Asus, and Acer. Most of these brands have a separate service centre answering in most of the high tech cities of the world which allow you to purchase them with confidence. For the selected price range you can choose at least two or three designs from each model and then make a final decision at the end. As a student, it is normal for you to worry about the style of the laptop. But remember you are a professional student and hence your laptop should remain professional with a decent neutral appearance. So purchase a laptop that is available in a neutral colour like black, white, grey, or silver. Reduce the design on the surface to a minimum level so that you can enjoy the performance of the laptop and make it look decent.

Choose an operating system

If you are going with the fixed budget then it would be impossible for you to purchase an Apple laptop so you need not worry about having an IOS operating system. But there are other types of operating systems that come along with the laptop in a pre-installed version. You can either choose a Chrome OS for the Windows 10 OS. The concept of Chrome OS has been introduced recently and hence most people are not aware of their advantages and disadvantages. So unless you are the person who is into exploring you can always go with the safer option of Windows 10 OS which is user friendly and common. But if you are choosing a higher budget try to understand the advantages and disadvantages of all the operating systems before making a final decision. 

A fine screen for viewing

Even though you are a professional student you won’t be closing the laptop just for learning purposes. You will try to be a bit flexible with the choices available. So it is necessary for you to have a good screen that allows you to perform multiple activities at the same time. You can now complete your projects, watch videos, and have a chat with your parents through a video call if you have a decent-sized screen.  Buy a laptop with a screen size of 15 inches so that they will be small enough for you to carry them around and large enough for you to view projects and videos. Most of the thin model laptops have this screen size to facilitate portability. This screen size will allow you to view multiple files on the same screen by placing them side by side. This will allow you to compare the data and compile them according to your wishes. 

The resolution of the screen should also be good. Most of the laptops that are available in the market come with an LED screen. They provide a perfect resolution of HD quality. But if you have to make a choice whether to choose a model with 720p or one with 1080p then the best choice will always be the 1080p. This will allow you to view even the small size letters when you are viewing multiple screens at the same time. Along with the resolution, the colour produced by the screen is also important and it plays a crucial role. The colour of the image produced should be exact and there should not be any alterations in the images and videos because even minute details can change the course. The perfect colour with adjustable brightness is the key to a perfect screen.

Disc drive

The next important thing that needs to be considered while purchasing a laptop is the disc drive. Having a disk drive for a laptop is essential because it is used for storing a lot of data. From the small application in the laptop to the largest one every single thing about the laptop is stored in the disk drive. As a student who will rule a company tomorrow, it is necessary for you to purchase a laptop with good storage space. The projects and other lesson plans you are having will be stored within the laptop drive. If you are saving normal details in the laptop the first option is the HDD Drive which is otherwise known as the hard disk drive. This drive has the ability to store a lot of data as they are available in a variety of sizes and the highest storage goes up to 1 TB. Since this particular drive is susceptible to damages and retrieved information slowly some people do not prefer it. But technically SSD or the solid-state drive is more preferable than the HDD. This is because the SSD besides being costlier has the ability to retrieve the data at a faster rate. So as a student purchase a drive with the memory of 1 TB HDD which is suitable. The HDD card can be used when you need extra storage. The SD is used for storing a safe data that cannot be backed up. 


The RAM is otherwise known as the Random access memory. The RAM is responsible for storing the temporary memory. All the data within the software, while it’s running, will be stored in the RAM. Having a good RAM storage space will allow you to increase the speed of the output and the software. The RAM allows you to store the cache of the software in the background when it is running. Normally having RAM storage of 2GB will be enough for the laptops with basic features. Since you will have the requirement, you will include some extra software regarding your subject including video players and editors, having RAM storage of 4GB will be suitable for your requirement. But if you find a composition that has an 8GB RAM go for it because the bigger the size of the RAM the better will be the internal speed of the computer or laptop. The speed of the software and the booting up of the computer is directly proportional to the storage space of the RAM. This will be specifically useful to you when you are working on many software at the same time. 


Most of the people think that the composition of the processor is not important while purchasing a laptop. But the truth is that it is more important than any other feature on the laptop. Even if you are purchasing a basic level laptop it is necessary for you to look into the processor so you will understand how the computation of the software will perform. For example, using a core M3 or other types of the basic level processor will produce output at a slower rate when compared to the Core i7 or i9 processor. Since you are using the laptop for professional purposes it is necessary for you to have a processor with good quality. Most of the processors in the high priced laptops are of high quality. So choose an i5 or i7 processor. If you want to try a bit cheaper then you can go for an i3 model processor. Some people prefer using AMD processors than the intel core model. So going for the AMD Ryzen 5 model will be suitable in that category. 

Keyboards for night

As a student, you will have a lot of typing work which you will be required to complete at night. Typing the data during the night time will not be comfortable especially if you have less amount of lighting in your room. Having a backlit keyboard in such a situation will be useful for you. This type of keyboard will allow you to type as much as possible without straining your eyes and relax at the same time. When you purchase a keyboard there are certain things that you need to understand. Purchasing a keyboard with a Feather Touch Technology will allow you to type easily without straining your fingers. Because some of the keyboards will have low-quality keys that require a particular amount of pressure for the letters to be typed on the screen. If you are looking for a good quality keyboard always check and type before you purchase a model. 


A battery is an essential feature that requires proper investigation before purchasing. The battery should have the ability to last for at least 10 hours without any issue. The battery should be well insulated and have quick charging ability. This type of battery will allow you to enjoy long hours of typing without any interruptions. You can carry the laptops to school or university without having the necessity to charge in the middle. 

If you are going to have video chats with your friends and family with your laptop then purchase a brand with a good quality web camera. Else go for a design with a normal web camera, with a normal pixel range. The audio system within the laptop is also optional. Most of the laptops within the price range you have selected will have good quality audio which would be sufficient for you to have a music party in your room. But they won’t be good for a hall. 

As a student, you will also require the modern wireless technology-based connection like the Bluetooth and wifi which should be present in your laptop. Make sure the laptop is portable and comfortable with external ports that allows you to connect with other devices. All these features are necessary in a laptop but if you want your laptop to look more stylish you can go for some extra features like the fingerprint scanner lock system, stylish exterior with rotating screen or a movable screen. All these features are available with some extra money but if you are willing to spend it then you can enjoy the features as an extra accessory. They are not necessary but they will make your laptop look good. 

Getting a laptop with all the features combined is a difficult process. So understanding your dilemma we have searched the market and produced some of the models for your reference. These models are the best suitable designs for your requirement. You can either choose one of these designs or go with the model you find to be perfect. Most of the models that are given below are available on online websites like Amazon.

Products Buying Guide: