How To Choose A Good Laptop Processor?

The world of digital media is growing to a greater extent, and you need to understand its functionalities in detail. One of the most common factors that you will come through by purchasing a laptop is the processor concept. The processor is an important feature, and understanding is required for or working with the laptop efficiently. The processor is responsible for maintaining the functions in the laptop and allow it to run smoothly. Generally, when the name processor is introduced, most people remember about the Intel Core processors because of their popularity and efficiency. Intel has introduced a wide range of processor designs into the market, and some of them are more popular than others. Initially, the company introduced a series of processes like Celeron and Pentium. But later, understanding the people’s requirement, they introduced the concept of core processes, which has the efficiency in operating with a duel on multiple cores according to the design. When you are purchasing a processor, you have to consider various features and let us now see them in detail. 

Features to consider while purchasing a processor

By purchasing a product from a well-known brand, you will receive multiple benefits. One of the major benefits is experiencing a high-quality product. At the same time, when you purchase a product from a well-known brand, you can submit them for servicing whenever required. Sometimes people also pay home visits for home-based servicing. Most of the people in the country prefer brand based products because of the security day provided along with durability. Even if the branded product is slightly costlier than the standard non branded product, they are always worth the price. So while purchasing the juicer, make sure that they are from a well-branded company. 


The first concept that you need to consider while purchasing a processor is the core of the processor. A processor is a part of the computer’s motherboard that is responsible for processing the input and producing proper output. Every activity you perform in a computer or a laptop passes through the processor before the action is done. The processor is responsible for providing commands to the other parts of the computer, and hence you need to have a good processor. Normally, people preferred using a Single Core processor, which was under practice for several years before Intel introduced the dual-core processor concept. In a single Core processor, all the activities are directly completed by the processor.  When it comes to the Dual-Core processor, the entire processor is divided into two different parts. Now, when you are running two software simultaneously, then each core will take up the software and act as a separate processor for faster outputs. Later with the increase in technology, Intel introduced the concept of Quad Core and multicore processors. Nowadays, based upon your requirement, you can purchase a processor with single to multiple cores (8 cores) based upon your requirements. So having multiple cores will allow you to function efficiently with faster response. 

So when you are choosing a processor, you need to choose the model with multiple cores so that you can run multiple programs simultaneously. So if you perform a simple activity, you can go for a normal processor with dual-core or quad-core technology. But if you are purchasing the laptop for gaming and designing purposes and programming, you must have at least 6 to 8 cores for fast functioning. But remember, when you are using multiple ko Technology, the other features like the RAM and storage should be sufficient to support the processor.


The next important feature that is responsible for the speed of the processor is the cache system. Every processor has a cache system that acts as a RAM and stores it within itself until the process is completed. The mini- RAM within the processor should have the capacity to store a large amount of cache for faster processing. If the storage space is smaller, than only a low amount of cache will be stored, and once it is filled up, the process will automatically be slowed down. So having a processor with a super-cache technology is essential. Combining a sufficiently powerful RAM with a super cache Technology will allow you to run the programs faster compared to the older model. 

Intel processors

The Intel processors have been gaining more popularity day by day, and most of the companies prefer using them for manufacturing their laptops. These processes are user friendly and highly efficient when compared to the other models present in the market. So purchasing a high-quality Intel Processor will be efficient for your requirement. There are various models available in the Intel processors, but the core processors have gained more popularity than the others. Every Core processor is different from the other in terms of efficiency and productivity. Let us now see about them in detail. 

Intel Core i3 processor

The Core i3 processor is widely used in most of the basic level laptops, especially the ones that are suitable for students. This particular processor comes with the hyper-threading technology that allows the processor to push itself forward even when a high powered software is running in the background. Threading Technology allows it to mold itself according to the requirement. The Core i3 processor also comes along with a basic cache Technology and allows them to function perfectly. This processor is suitable for multi-tasking, and they use the multiple threads on each core for proper functioning. They draw the lowest amount of power possible, making the battery last longer. 

Intel Core i5 processor

The Core i5 processor comes with multiple core technology that allows you to function efficiently combined with the super cache technology. This particular processor is faster and more advanced than the i3 processor, and they are preferred by the users all the time. Their price is reasonable, and they create a perfect balance between the low-speed processes and the high-speed processors. They are preferred by people worldwide and used by the students for projects and learning programming languages. They make the perfect laptop for educational and recreational purposes. They are also used as a basic laptop in professional areas. 

Intel Core i7 processor

This particular processor is otherwise popularly known as the gaming processor because they are widely used in the gaming laptops. It functions with a 5.1 GHz power speed, which is faster than the other processors in the market. The processor is used for the online streaming of games and various other applications, including 3D designing and rendering. The processor’s price is a bit higher than the other models, but if you are a professional user, you will understand the need for this particular design. So, technically, purchasing this processor for professional requirements is necessary, and they are widely used by the people in the software industry worldwide. 

Intel Core i9 processor

This feature is the latest processor in the Intel Core series, and people prefer using them for high-end purposes, including gaming and other computation related purposes. The Core i9 processor has an efficient RAM combined with multicore technology that can be extended to 18 cores. This particular processor is costlier than the other models used in the market, but they provide efficient output, and the reviews received so far are satisfactory. Along with these core processes, there are other types of Intel processes, like the Intel Celeron and Intel Pentium Core processor. They might look like ordinary processors, but the real truth is that they perform their jobs perfectly with correct outputs. The price of this processor is low, but they work efficiently for the purpose they were purchased.

AMD processors

The other common type of processor used in the market like Intel, is the AMD processor, which stands for Advanced Micro Devices. These processors have provided heavy competition for the Intel core processors with their multiple threading technology with increased speed and technology. Some of their processors are much stronger than the Intel core processors, and they have been well distributed in the market, especially among the basic level laptops. So understanding the technology will allow you to work efficiently and purchase a suitable model in the market. 

Factors to consider

When you are purchasing a processor, the main thing you have to consider is how they are going to be used. For example, suppose you are purchasing the laptop for basic activities like Surfing the internet. In that case, a basic level processor will be more suitable for you, but if you are purchasing it for programming, you need a high-level processor. So choosing the best processor depends upon certain factors that should be considered before making a final decision. 


The CPU or the processor you are purchasing should be personalized according to your requirements. The laptop should be personalized according to your work. For example, suppose you are purchasing the laptop for or video editing. In that case, you have to go for an Intel Core I3 or i5 processor to experience Good editing and faster export rates after editing. When you are using the laptop for programming and web page designing, purchasing a laptop with an i5 or i7 processor will be a food choice. You can choose the AMD Ryzen processors for projects, video chats, and for designing. When you are trying to purchase the laptop, compare and think about the work you will do. According to your work and requirement, choose the processor so that you can enjoy the functions for a long time. Initially, first, decide on the applications that you will be using on the laptop regularly. This feature will allow you to know about the processor you can choose. This feature is essential because working on a video and audio software for hours requires a different processor than working for hours on a spreadsheet or a word document. The load produced by the software is more important than the amount of work you are doing. Also, compare the processes depending upon your workload and performance but not on the model or version. For example, comparing an i7 model processor with the R7 model is not suitable, but instead, the better comparison would be between i3 and R7. 


The next important thing that you have to analyze before purchasing a processor is the amount of power it requires. For example, if you are going to use multiple video editing software combined with animation software, you can choose an Octa-Core processor for efficiency. The increase in the number of cores is directly proportional to the speed of the laptop. Hence, if you want a powerful laptop with excellent computing Technology, choosing an i5, i7 or i9 processor is the best choice. They have more power and allow you to work on multiple software at the same time. The power of the processor is also determined by its ability to store the caches. So like the previous one, you have to decide on your laptop purpose before purchasing it. For example, using a laptop for running all the MS office software like the excel and spreadsheet requires less cache than running an audio and video editor simultaneously. The caches produced by the MS Office software need low storage space than the other video editing software.

Gaming purposes

The next important thing that you need to consider while purchasing a laptop is games. Some people use the laptop for playing games and also for educational purposes. In that situation, it is necessary to have an efficient processor. If you are going to install normal offline games, then a normal i3 or i5 processor will be enough for your requirement. But if you are going to play online streaming games, you need to have an i7 processor so that the streaming will be continuous, and the game will not be interrupted in the middle or slowed down. Using an i3 processor for online streaming will stop the middle and slow down the game. 


One of the most important requirements you have to know when you are a hacker while purchasing a laptop is speed. If the laptop is slow on any level, your entire hacking process will be thrown into waste. The laptop’s speed can be increased by using good processes like i5 or i7 combined with quad-core or Octa-Core Technology. Purchasing a laptop with multiple threads will allow you to experience much more speed. The correct processes should be chosen for a good speed because to sing, and the i3 processor for animation-related software will slow down the laptop’s speed. 

Socket compatibility

The socket is the feature that is constantly checked if you are installing a processor separately that purchasing a pre-installed version. The socket provides the relationship that lies between the motherboard and the processor. The socket, please show that the processor can fit in perfectly and run efficiently. This condition is eligible only when you install the processor individually. 

Integrated GPU

The GPU, which is otherwise known as the graphic unit, is essential in a processor for producing a proper display. Every processor has a GPU that is sufficient to carry the normal display activities. But when you are going to use the laptop for gaming, graphic designing, and 3d modeling, it requires some extra graphic card to be placed within the motherboard. However, make sure that the processor you are buying has a good graphic card even when you are using another computer for normal utilities. 


The computer’s frequency is nothing but the speed of a processor that is mentioned in the form of Gigahertz or GHz. This feature is directly proportional to the computational speed of the processor. The processes like the I5 and I7 have higher frequencies, and hence they are more efficient than the other processors. The i9 processor is the greatest of all. There is no other processor in the market that has been created until now that competes equally with the i9 processor. But since their prices are high, most people prefer using them only for required purposes and not casually.


The processor is like the laptop’s heart, and without it, it is practically impossible for you to function efficiently. So despite the price of the laptop you are choosing, make sure that it has a high-quality processor with efficient functions. Whatever processor you choose, it should have the ability to withstand the functions you will perform on the laptop. Choosing a model without analyzing the functions will fail, and you might have the requirement to purchase another laptop with proper facilities. If you are not sure about the future and need to buy a laptop, then purchase the most powerful model available to manage well in the future.