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Nowadays, with the increase in the amount of YouTube videos, most people are into video editing, and it has become an essential tool. Some of the most famous YouTubers try to set up a separate YouTube studio so that they can record their videos in that area and publish them for their clients. But preparing a video is not simple. It requires a proper set of software and a good knowledge of the software. You also need a perfect tool for editing the videos and making certain changes before publishing them on the YouTube channel. Of course, some simple editing tools can be used even on your mobile phone for making changes in the video, but they will not be professional. To make a professional YouTube video, you have to purchase a professional laptop with certain features that need to be taken into account. Along with the camera, lighting, and other setups, the laptop also plays an important role in performing video editing. The laptop you are purchasing should have the ability to withstand all types of video, including 4K, 6k, and even 8k video without crashing in the middle due to heavy load. You can use your iPad if it is a one minute or two-minute video. But for documentary and other YouTube videos that last for more than 60 – 90 minutes, then having a perfect laptop is essential. Before purchasing a laptop, decide on the type of video editing tool you want to use. If you are using normal editing software, then you can purchase a normal laptop, but if you are using tools like Final Cut Pro X, then choosing a Mac laptop would be more suitable. While purchasing a laptop for video editing, certain features need to be considered and let us now see them in detail. Let us now see these video editing concepts in detail.


Most people prefer purchasing Mac products for video editing because of its ability to store a lot of data and support a lot of software present in the software industry. But other branded companies provide equal support to these video editing tools. So the water brand of the laptop you purchased makes sure that it supports the software you are going to use and also choose a laptop with a good Windows or Mac operating system. Even though changing the operating system is a simple process, there is certain inbuilt software that might get corrupted by changing them. So purchasing a good branded laptop with good operating system software will enable you to work on them for a long time.


A processor is responsible for maintaining the speed of the laptop and also performs other activities. They are responsible for taking the input and providing the output. There are multiple sets of processes released by the Intel company every year. While purchasing a laptop, make sure that it has either an i5 or i7 processor so that they can support the video editing activity to a greater extent. If you purchase a laptop with the latest i9 processor model, then it will be more suitable for your requirement. One of the most important things while editing a video is the constant response and fast delivery of output, which can be assured while using an i9 processor. Having a good processor will allow you to provide timely delivery, especially if you have a tight schedule.

Screen size

Suppose you have operated a video editing tool before you understand that it is necessary to have a good screen size for playing the video and making suitable alterations in that particular video. The size of the screen should be at least 15 to 17 inches so that you can open multiple files, including audio and video files and combine them easily without worrying about the concept of overlapping. The screen should also have a high HD quality so that it will be easier for you to understand the quality of the video you are submitting to the clients who are uploading on your YouTube channel. The more large and clear the screen is, the higher the quality of the video will be. Larger screens will also allow you to understand some small details and make changes according to your requirement.

Expansion ports

If you are editing the video, you might also be required to connect that laptop to other external ports, such as an audio device and light pen device, so that you can insert graphical requirements within the video. For search extensions, you need to have a perfect porthole that can be used. You might also need USB ports to connect them to your mobile and other devices, including the camera. Make sure that it also has an MMC SD card port for getting the video from your SD cards in the video camera. To check the quality of the audio, you might have to play and see in such situations having up a port for connecting them to speakers will give you a perfect theatrical effect.

Storage space

If you are editing a simple video, then you might not need a large storage space. But if you are editing a documentary video like 60 to 90 minutes, you need to have a huge storage space. Along with these videos, the editing tools will also require good backup storage space to function properly without crashing. So while purchasing a laptop, make sure that it has a good storage space of at least 500 GB or 1TB to work perfectly. Using a hard disc is better than the solid-state drive because of how many high-level coding involved in this particular editing process. Having a good hard disc will allow you to install multiple applications and edit the videos perfectly without the requirement for external storage. 


The Random Access Memory is a type of temporary storage device that saves the changes you made in the video before saving it permanently within the hard disk. Also, the applications use the storage function from Random Access Memory while running. In such a situation, having RAM storage of 16 to 32GB will allow you to work on the lengthy videos without any crash in the middle. So while purchasing a laptop, make sure that it has a RAM of at least 16GB and avoid the 8GB RAM computer or laptop. Having good RAM will automatically increase the computer’s speed as they are directly proportional to each other.

In-built audio

Even though most people prefer to hear the audio of the movie you are editing using a special speaker, some prefer hearing them through the inbuilt speakers within the laptop. So in such conditions, it would be more efficient to have good internal speak up that provides clear volume without disturbances. One of the main qualities the speaker should have is to pick up the voice and provide them in a good format with background music in a low format. Sometimes certain speakers pick up the background music with the high-level volume normal human sounds will be available in a low-level volume. This might not be suitable for editing laptops, so while purchasing, check these features in advance.

Battery life

For every laptop, it is necessary to have good battery life. Because portability and the ability to perform without battery is one of the main features people use laptops rather than desktop computers. So while carrying the laptop outside, it should have the ability to hold the battery for a long time, especially while using powerful software like video editing tools. So before purchasing the laptop, make sure that it has a battery life of at least 7 to 8 hours before recharging them again. 

Along with these features, the laptop’s style and design are also important as they play a major role. Sometimes people prefer recording their videos using the web camera. In such cases purchasing a laptop with a good internal camera will allow you to enjoy video recording and video editing to a greater extent. The laptop should be able to display HD quality e videos with at most clarity so that you can know how it works on other larger surfaces like television. The microphone and the speaker of the laptop should also be perfect so that people can insert the audio into the video editor directly through the laptop rather than recording them as a separate sample. All these features result in a perfect laptop that will assist you in video editing. Given below are some of the most commonly used laptops for video editing. It is not essential to purchase these laptops, but you can take them as guidance before selecting your own. They can be purchased directly from the website, or you can also purchase them through online website portals like Amazon.

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