Best Laptops For Students

When you are purchasing a laptop, the requirement plays the most crucial role. For example, if the laptop is for a student, then a simple, medium-branded laptop will be more than enough, but for a programmer, the laptop features will vary differently. Most of the students nowadays use laptops to learn a lot of concepts and perform their projects simultaneously. Most of the students use their laptops also for entertainment purposes, which is a given. So while purchasing a laptop, make sure that it meets up with your requirements. For a student, certain features need to be noted while purchasing a laptop. These features are essential to be taken care of because even if it is a basic model laptop, it is still a bit costly, and hence while purchasing, it is essential to make sure that it can be used for a long time. While studying in colleges, most of the students will require laptops for or completing their projects, performing coding ( if they have chosen a degree letter to software), playing online with their friends, watching movies, and storing their important details photos and videos. A laptop for all these purposes will require a good screen with decent processing speed. So while purchasing a laptop, all these features should be taken into account. Most of the laptops can be purchased directly from the brand showrooms, but if you are looking for a variety from different brands, then online websites are the best options. Websites like Amazon on Flipkart will give you several options, and you can use them for purchasing a laptop. Let us now see the features that need to be noted while purchasing a laptop.


Most of the people prefer branded products while purchasing because of their quality and durability. When a brand of a particular product is established among people, it means that it has been under protection for a lot of time, and people have already tested its quality and durability. A particular product will only be considered a brand only if it has satisfied the people’s requirements. So if you are purchasing a product from a well-known brand, you will be insured with good quality and warranty. So while choosing a laptop, make sure that it is from a good brand that has been selling laptops for more than a decade and is famous worldwide.

Video camera

Websites have grown a lot during these past few years, and even ordinary people have been involved in web chatting. If you are a student staying away from your home, chatting on the web with your parents and friends will be a common requirement. In such situations purchasing a laptop with an integrated webcam will be more efficient for your requirements. Rather than purchasing a separate webcam, make sure that the webcam within your laptop is of high quality and resolution. This process will save a lot of time and money. Along with the camera, the laptop should also have proper audio features even without using a headset. The laptop’s speaker should also be efficient so that you can hear the voice from the other side. 

Design and style

The next important thing that needs to be taken care of while purchasing a laptop is a design and style. Even though most of the laptops of stylish students always prefer their objects to be unique and special. Show the design and style of the laptop should also be taken into account while purchasing them. Always purchase a color that does not get dirty quickly. Most of the dark colors are suitable for students because they will be exposed to more scratches and roughness than other professional laptops. Show the laptop should be styled in such a way that it can withstand all the external pressure. Most students prefer carrying their laptops in their book bags, so the laptop cover should have the ability to withstand external pressure. 


While purchasing a laptop, make sure to take a note at the style of the keyboard used. Most of the students using the laptop will handle it roughly, and they will also not be aware of the typing strategies. So in such situations having a keyboard with easily accessible keys will facilitate them in quicker typing. For example, if the backspace and enter key are more significant than the others, it will be easier for the students to identify them and click them. The control and other function keys should also be easily accessible and placed separately away from the other keys. The keys should be soft, and the entry should be made even by a slight touch rather than pressing them forcefully. 


While purchasing a laptop, it is essential to note the size of the screen and its clarity. The laptop should have a proper resolution and, if possible, by an HD resolution laptop so that the movies you are watching will be clear. Also, while typing for a project and pasting images, a high-resolution screen will be more useful than the other standard laptops. The size of the screen should be between 14 to 15 inches so that it will be easier for you to view your projects and handle them efficiently. Most of the students spend a lot of time on their mobiles and laptops. So while purchasing, make sure that the screen has a proper protective cover to prevent them from getting eye-related illnesses. 


The price of the laptop also plays a vital role while purchasing them. Even though it is common for you to be attracted to a laptop at a higher price, you need to remember right now you do not need those kinds of laptops, especially for carrying around in your college. So the best option is to choose a low priced laptop with essential features and durability. Remember the quality of the laptop and its requirement is more important than the special price.


The next important thing that needs to be taken care of while purchasing a laptop for a student is the processor. If the student is pursuing a degree in software, it is essential to have an i7 or i5 processor that will assist them during the coding process. If the student is doing a Management related subject and requires the laptop only for typing and storing other details, they can use it on a standard processor. The CPU present within the laptop should also be from an upgraded version. While choosing a laptop, make sure that you have selected the processors of the upgraded version, and they should also be flexible. Most of the students, while purchasing their laptops, do not give equal importance to these processors. But in reality, it is essential to understand them to connect more with your laptop and install applications without worrying about it. 


The memory of the laptop, otherwise known as Random Access Memory, is responsible for accessing the files and sifting between them faster. Purchasing a laptop with proper RAM storage will allow you to have a faster laptop. When you move from one file to another, individual files will take time to load, which can be prevented if you have a larger RAM. So while purchasing a laptop, make sure that it has a RAM of 8 to 16 GB storage space. 

Disc space

The hard drive places within the laptop should be large enough to store multiple files so that you can access them when required. Most of the students prefer storing the year videos and images along with movies on their laptops. In such a situation, having a decent disc space will allow you to perform multiple activities and install applications without thinking about that. The hard disc that is placed inside the student laptop should also have the ability to be split into two in case the user decides to go for a double operating system. Show purchasing a laptop with 500 to 1TB internal memory would be more expensive. All these features mentioned above are essential for purchasing a laptop. If you are a student, go for a laptop with a reasonable price and brand rather than go for higher brands as they are not useful in this particular stage of life. Ensure that the laptop is made up of good quality material so that it can last a lifetime without getting damaged. There are a variety of laptop models available in the market, and choosing one from them will take a lot of time and energy. For more details, you can always search for laptops on online websites like Amazon for understanding the models and their features before purchasing them. Given below are some models that are preferred by people all over the country.

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